Thursday, August 20, 2009

conquer myself with GOD

We nevertheless didn't expect somethings in our lives. It might be bliss or pain and sometimes sudden clashes with our emotions. Fighting with our own ego means a lot because we have to give our best effort to protect ourselves from hurting and be guilty of whatever life may bring. However these surviving and fighting might be priced to tears, heartaches, insensibility, instability, despair or disappointment and we have to accept these life's game, we are what we made by ourselves not by destiny of fate but by that thing in our hearts that encourage us to go far and continue-GOD.

I've been writing with my past few blogs about despair, about being broken and disappointments. Lately I had came to thought about those stupidity and insanity-Its no useat all. Thinking that I am a very precious human being is not narcissisim at all, it's optimism and self esteem building. Why do I have to worry about those thins that doesnt matter anyways? Are they really significant in me? What's their worth at all? Why do I have to be the same when unconsciously I am agonizing and complaining? Do I have much better things to save my mind for thinking though? Whats the real sense at all? So many questions, so hard to answer. The fact that those are things that my ego always craves and tempted to get in are the ironic sense of my weaknesses.

God is always my guide. He is my strenght and with Him I could/would get through my intricasies and dilemmas in life and by His love, my love for those whom I loved is guided with His'.

----Flordeliz Fullo

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