Sunday, October 24, 2010

shouting it randomly...

I’m at the moment in a solitary state that I can’t think of a way to express what I’m fumbling into my mind at this time. Perhaps I want to make my blog a BFF for sharing information I can’t even open up with my pals wholeheartedly. This is just a random blog entry for shouting what is what or what not. Having this heart pulling emotics and whirlwind moods, maybe it’s just because I am bored or I’m thinking of someone in the other side of the world. There are lots of statuses and this fiery icy hand was magnetized again when I saw something new. What is with those petty little things?

Okay, to be direct to the subject, when your hands and heart conspires, your mind will become weak thus inducing you to follow the two. Whatever you choose to do, you should stand up on it. Grip it not minding your pride. I think I’m not a person full of stale auras though I'm childish at times as what I’m always projecting; therefore I’ll do what I want including liking FB stuffs but commenting? Not so sure is this anxious being in me.

You know what? I feel envious of whom and what but never mind. It’s just nonsense. Strangers are meant to be looked at not blah blah blah even though I’m inquisitive at times. Rationalize and cogitate, this is a product of… of…. (Laughing out loud).


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