Sunday, October 02, 2011

Mulan (1998)

Fa Mulan is just an ordinary girl who dreams of proving herself so that her parents would be proud of her. Daughter of Fa Li and Fa Zhou. She took place of her father's position in the army because he was too weak and not in good health because of old age. She then met in the camp Captain Li Shang who is her love interest and with the help of lucky cricket, Cri-Kee and dragon Mushu she encountered battles like a man proving that she can do what her heart tells.

The story is based on a Chinese Legendary Character, Hwa Mulan who is told in ancient Chinese poetry and legends to be a courageous female soldier who took place of her elderly father in the battlefield.

I love the story very much that it proves that no matter what your gender is if you will believe in yourself and follow your heart to prove something, there is nothing impossible. Mulan is an inspiration of young women out there to believe in themselves.

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