Wednesday, August 16, 2006

First Ever RLE Duty as Juniors: UPHRMC Delivery Room

Hi there blog readers! All I have are headaches on how to edit this blog and make it presentable for the visitors.Do you want me to tell my first duty experience this semester? Una kaming nagduty sa UPHRMC sa DELIVERY ROOM kase sa Maternal and Child care ang focus nitong prelims. My groupmates were kath,charolyn, kennenth,rhea, vincent lester at elaine. Our clinical instructor remind me to be more, let me just say courageous next time. Ikaw ba naman first time to see someone who delivers a baby. Ang hirap pala maging mommy, you could see the facial grimace when having labor. The baby was cute though!
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These are my groupmates, kasama si Mrs.Culanay na clinical instructor namen that time.

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