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Sunday, March 26, 2017

[Events] Introduction to Honeybee Farming Training by Zoomanity Group

Mr. Albee Marcia doing a lecture about the Introduction to Honeybee Farming.

What comes into your mind when you think of honey? Probably we will say that it is expensive, nutritious and delicious. Last March 11, 2017, Zoomanity Group gave us the chance to be part of a training about Honey Bee Farming with an expert guest speaker in the person of Mr. Albee Marcia, an entomologist expert in commercial bee keeping and honey bees. The event was held in Paradizoo, Mendez Cavite as a part of the three month long Power of Three program that aims promote basic training education in different fields of Agriculture that could inspire not only the students but those who are interested to venture in this field.

Mr. Albee Marcia is an expert in commercial Honeybee Farming.

Flow Hive System.

Mr. Albee gave educated us about the basics in Honey Bee farming with demonstrations about the equipments and essentials we need to have. He also enumerated the types of honey bees and history of Bee Farming. Here are the lessons I learned from the training:

1.  Honey Bees are very useful insects. They have this important role in the ecosystem and food chain because they are responsible in pollination and propagation of plants.

2. In commercial Bee Keeping, you should attend a complete seminar because venturing in this business is very risky. You need to maximize and develop your potential in farming and culturing the bees and also takes years.

3. Honey is a food that is part of the history since then. The history of Bee Keeping traces back in 1930s.

4. Bee Keeping is an art and science to produce honey, learning of the bees’ behavior, process and biology.

5. The full seminar for Honey Bee Farming lasts 2-3 days with 1 day for theory and 1 day for hands on application.

6. The reasons why people are interested in Honey Bee Farming are curiosity, production of honey, investment, business and as a hobby.

7. The three species of honey bees are the Apis Dorsata also called pukyutan in the Philippines. These are large type of honey bees found in forests; the Apis Cerana are the Asiatic honey bees that lives commonly in dark places the Apis Adreneformis that lives in subtropical regions in Southeast Asia, specifically in Palawan; they are the smallest species in Asia and the European Apis Mellifera that are breed from wild kind of bees to being domesticated.

8. There are three kinds of bees in one colony. The Queen Bee the female that lays 1,500-3000 eggs. Second are the Worker Bees that we commonly see as performer of duties like honey makers and stingers. Last are the Drones, the male bees that mate the queen and carrier of genes.

9. Bees are important in nature’s biodiversity so we should conserve and preserve the bees.

10.  Honey is the food for the bees.

11. The younger the queen, the better the colony.

12. The best months to start honey bee farming are BER months (September-December).

13. Bubbles in honey indicate that it is not good and fermented.

14. Pure honey is so viscose that it exhibits pressure when poured.

15.  Honey is a simple sugar means it will burn fast inside the body. It is also a natural steroid and has calming effect.

16. There is no expiration for honey.

Very nutritious lunch!

At Lunch Break, we were served sumptuous nutritious foods (vegetable salad, adobo, fried fish and honey juice). The ambiance overlooking the Paradizoo Farm is so relaxing. After lunch Mr. Albee brought us to the Honey Bee House to witness how he demonstrates the collection of honey in colonies and how to operate the machines to extract. Also, he taught us the uses of Bee’s wax, the wax produced by honey bees and discarded into their hives.

Sir Albee harvesting honey from a colony unit.

Perfect Hexagons!

Bees Wax

Flowing Honey.

Honey filtered from solids.

Our mentor taught us the new innovation called Flow Hive. It was like a tap for water where you will harvest honey after you turn it a number of times giving you less effort in harvesting honey and less stress for the bees because you will not open your hive frequently.

For my readers who are interested in this kind of investment, it is estimated to cost less than 20,000 PHP for a flow hive, a whole unit for 35,000 PHP and a colony for 9,500 PHP.

I would like to thank Ms. Grace B. Nicolas for having me as one of the bloggers to cover the event and I hope this blog will help my readers in the Philippines who are thinking of agricultural business to start. Want to visit Paradizoo? You can contact Ms. Grace of Tag Media at or text 09166299381.


Tuesday, March 07, 2017

[Travel] Zoomanity’s Zooper Cruise: History and Environmental Awareness

The view from Valenzuela Ferry Boart Station.

March 04, 2017 – Manila, Philippines.

Long time ago, during the early Philippine History, there was a magnificent river that served as the center of economic activity as well as livelihood with its clear waters, abundance of fishes and a venue of trade and travel in the heart of the country’s most powerful city, Manila. Sadly, most millennials today, including me that was born in the late 80s, never got the chance to witness its glory. As the economy and industrialization progresses over time, the once clean and living river became polluted leading to its demise in 1990s leaving traces of rich history along its banks. How can the generation today appreciate its value? Why some groups like the Zoomanity Foundation still hoping that this nature treasure be revived and conserved?

Zooper Cruise offers a very unique experience under the Zoomanity Foundation with an aim to educate its participants about the rich history and beauty of Metro Manila through a journey along Pasig River via ferry boat cruise. Throughout the cruise were lots of trivia, activities and sumptuous snacks and dinner while seeing the historical edifices along the river’s banks providing more expanded consciousness to participate in the government and Zoomanity Foundation’s aim to conserve this heart of the city, to make it alive again for our generation as well as those generations to come. It is one of the newest projects of Zoomanity Foundation which comprises of four pillars: Education, Entertainment, Environmental Conservation and Exhibit.
Last March 4, 2017, I was one of those who were blessed to be invited for a Zooper Cruise experience. I could say that it was one of the most educational even I have attended. Most of us know how highly polluted the Pasig River is, so who wants to cruise along? After reviewing Zoomanity’s mission and vision, my interest was captured more because of my love for Manila and Philippine history, I knew the Pasig River has a lot to tell.

With the very accommodating Engr. Grace of Tag Media, co-blogger Nikko and my mother.
Arrived early at the ferry. Cozy ambiance.

The captain and owner of the ferry, Engr. Ed Bondad giving a talk.

Mr. Robert L. Yupangco, CEO of  Yupangco Group of Companies.

Coast Guard Station Pureza

Escolta Station.

Plaza Mexico.

My fellow bloggers Nikko and Rhodora.

The meeting place was at the Valenzuela Ferry Station located in Makati and the starting point of the tour. Looking through the windows gave me a feel of amusement seeing less to no garbage and water lilies floating in the river area. I wonder how beautiful this river back to the Spanish Era. The hostesses of the cruise then introduced Engineer Ed Bondad, the captain and owner of the cozy air-conditioned ferry bus we are in. He gave us information about the brand new ferry boat that could cater almost 152 passengers and how ferries could serve as an alternative transport throughout Metro Manila. Thinking about keeping away from traffic on EDSA or Manila? Why not? Also, the captain of the boat taught us so many historical trivia as the ferry cruised to different boat stations, bridges and historical buildings. This event is a great way to know more about renaissance history of Metro Manila which could be promising if given attention by both local and foreign tourists. The CEO of Yupangco Group of Companies to where Zoomanity Foundation is included, Mr. Robert L. Yupangco also gave an encouraging speech for us to support the advocacy.

Post Office Main Building.

Our first significant landmark is in front of the Malacañang Palace, the official residence of the President of our country. We were warned not to take pictures for security. He mentioned some interesting stories about the buildings that we passed by. Among these are the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, St. Jude College and Parish, Hospicio de San Jose, old Department of Budget and Management Building as well as the bridges like Ayala Bridge, McArthur Bridge and Quezon Bridge. Did you know that the person who designed the Quezon Bridge and Eifel Tower were the same? It was Gustav Eifel. The crew and staff also let us experience the river in the outside balcony of the ferry to take pictures and appreciate it even more as we approach the Escolta Station in Binondo and tour the area.

Polland Hopia Factory.
Sta. Cruz Church.
The inside of Crown Prince Seafood Restaurant in Escolta.
Some of the foods served in Crown Prince Seafood Restaurant. The soup and the chicken dish were not included because I have no decent picture of the two.

Mr. Robert Yupangco, CEO of Yupangco Group with the cruise staff and crew ended the night in closing remarks.
Upon arriving at Polland Hopia Factory, a very good delicacy store in Escolta, many of the tour participants fell in line to buy Chinese and Filipino food delicacies specially their many flavored hopia. We then headed to the beautiful and classy Sta. Cruz church to have brief prayers and respect. I was indeed awed by the classic buildings in Escolta, the architectural designs were timeless with the knowledge that this district was once the center of economy and trade in the country. To top it all, dinner was served at Crown Prince Seafood Restaurant with authentic and delicious Chinese Cuisine from appetizers to desserts.

Heading back to the ferry with smiling faces, we received an extended ice cream dessert followed by a trivia contest. Prizes were given to those who can answer the trivia questions correctly. Engineer Ed gave another speech about more learning of how important is the role of Pasig River not just in the environment but for the country’s economy and tourism. Zooper Cruise is a way to educate the students as well as every one of us of to be aware and help conserve the Pasig River and its huge contribution to Philippine history. Grateful guests gave donations with a happy heart.

Some of those notable guests were former secretary of Tourism, Mr. Vince Carlos and Presidential Appointee (Board of Directors) Mr. Ed Santos. The last remarks were given by Mr. Robert Yupangco himself thanking everyone with encouragement to support Zooper Cruise for the Pasig River. Along with Engineer Ed and the crew volunteers, the night ended in good spirits in everyone.

Attending such event served as an eye opener for us to value mother nature, to conserve and try to revive the treasure we once had as well as to appreciate the history behind. This cruise is recommended for the youth to engage in to develop their awareness of the advocacies.

I would like to thank Zoomanity Group and Tag Media for the amazing experience. For more details and inquiries, you can contact Tag Media, the public relations of Zoomanity Group at (02) 899-9819/ 899-9824/0917-9521371 or at their website For events and services, send inquiry to Ms. Grace Nicolas through her E-Mail: or call 09166299381.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

PLDT Ultera Brings Volleyball Fans and Supporters Closer to their Favorite National Team Players and Sport in General Trias Cavite

Heads up to Team Amihan and Bagwis National Volleyball Teams! [Photo Credits to Ms. Bianca Frost aka Beverly Hawksworth]

Long ago, volleyball used to be a quiet sport in the Philippines, in a country who patronizes Basketball and Boxing as main focus constantly eyeing to win in international competitions and in Olympics. We had Smart Gilas Team Pilipinas that got it big on FIBA and the Philippine AZKALS Football Team that rocked Asia and made Filipinos proud. Now, Volleyball is rapidly winning each of our hearts. Let us give credits to the fantastic and highly talented collegiate players of UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines) and NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association of the Philippines) and the experienced and very skillful players of Shakey’s V-League. From these athletic groups, our very own Volleyball National Teams: Amihan Women’s Volleyball Team and Bagwis Men’s Volleyball Team are now in spotlight as Filipinos were now embracing the sport in tighter grips than before. To add, the line-ups of the players are more promising that we could pray and hope for a brighter future for Philippine Volleyball for these national teams to achieve greater heights and make us more proud in competing internationally.

The prettiest volleybelle Rachel Ann Daquiz on the motorcade. [Photo Credits to Ms. Bianca Frost aka Beverly Hawksworth]

Pinoy fans are the best!  [Photo Credits to Ms. Bianca Frost aka Beverly Hawksworth]

Last February 22, 2015, PLDT Ultera spearheaded their first stop in the series of events that aims to bring the sport closer to the Filipino masses for them to meet their National Team idols in person and also to the players to express their gratitude on the continuous support and bringing them where they are today. Through this event, the Filipinos especially the youth would be inspired to play and appreciate Volleyball more. With happy hearts and warm welcome they played and interacted with the very humble players they admire and love.

Bagwis!  [Photo Credits to Ms. Bianca Frost aka Beverly Hawksworth]
Amihan!  [Photo Credits to Ms. Bianca Frost aka Beverly Hawksworth]
Drills and Warm-Ups by Phenom Eagle and Iron Eagle.  [Photo Credits to Ms. Bianca Frost aka Beverly Hawksworth]
Game with the locals.  [Photo Credits to Ms. Bianca Frost aka Beverly Hawksworth]

The Youth.  [Photo Credits to Ms. Bianca Frost aka Beverly Hawksworth]

This first leg was held in General Trias, Cavite at 9am and the venue was in General Trias Sports Complex after a motorcade attended by popular Volleyball Players like Jen Reyes, Aiza Maizo and Peter Torres followed by drills and learning the basics of volleyball as taught by star members of the team. There was also a game between the two teams and the Gen. Trias citizens and the sought after meet and greet where smiles surrounded the place as they had this chance of meeting their favorite players in person.

Powerhouse.  [Photo Credits to Ms. Bianca Frost aka Beverly Hawksworth]

The two captains. Rivalry?! What rivalry?!!! :)  [Photo Credits to Ms. Bianca Frost aka Beverly Hawksworth]

Present in the event were the star studded members of both Men’s and Women’s National Volleyball Teams (Amihan and Bagwis) who shared their time and effort to impart some of their knowledge and inspiring talk. To mention a few, what gave people so much bliss were the presence of the icons of Philippine Volleyball today namely Rachel Daquiz, Jovelyn Gonzaga, Mary Balse, Dindin Santiago, from the MVT Peter Torres, Howard Mojica and Mark Alfafara, and the very famous star collegiate players of the UAAP today: AdMU’s Alyssa Valdez and Denden Lazaro as well as DSLU’s power trio Victonara Galang, Mika Reyes and Kim Fajardo. I love those pictures when these five girls were bonded together like a barkada amidst the very intense rivalry of their schools in the court.

These kinds of events are truly inspiring and empowering especially for the youth. Let us wait for updates of when will their next legs would be. -FAF


Ms. BIANCA FROST | BEVERLY HAWKSWORTH (For the article and slideshow pictures)
YSABELA SIDOCON (For some of the pictures in the slideshow)


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda): What could a typical netizen do to help?

Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda):  What could a typical netizen do to help?

International typhoon Haiyan (also known in the Philippines as Yolanda) devastated the South East Asian nations such as Micronesia, Southern China, Vietnam and the Philippines. The second deadliest typhoon that killed an estimated number of 3,633 people and still counting, destroyed houses and properties and collapsed transportation and communication lines in the country.  Arriving with strong 10-minute sustained winds of 230km/hr, the terror of the days between November  3-11, 2013 broke the hearts of Filipinos as evidenced by the bodies of casualties on the streets, lost children searching for their parents and vice versa, extreme starvation and lack of clean water to drink and destroyed shelters. This cyclone terrorized the Visayan Islands and the most dreaded affected areas were Samar and Leyte.

Photo By: NOAA/AFP/Getty Images/ National Geographic News (No Copyright Infringement)

Photo By: (No copyright infringement intended)

Concerned countries, NGOs and International Organization donated what they could offer to help those victims to provide food and basic needs for their survival. So if you were just an ordinary person with no riches and checks to donate but still want to help, what could you do? Or what could we do? Being connected to the internet with just your typical computer or smartphone on hand could mean a lot. All we have to do is be aware and share information that could help and bridge people to reach out the calamity victims of the typhoon. Here are some:

  • If you have a Twitter of Facebook account, you can RETWEET tweets from OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS of government agencies, organizations, and concerned individuals assigned and those information fed by media personalities and agencies like updates about missing people, conditions of the families there, electrical lines and so on.
  • You can re-post videos of news clips from television stations and institutions but make sure they were from a credible official source.
  • You can lead or form a group and team up to gather things that you could donate or volunteer by group by using the social media as a tool for reaching your friends and relatives.

In these times, social media can be used as a helpful tool to reach and help others, all we have to do is think of smart and spread the correct and helpful information for a good cause.

Here are some links of my favorite/trusted institutions in the Philippines case that you guys are searching.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

2013 Wow Korea Supporters Orientation

The country where art, music and beautiful scene and people live - KOREA. Nowadays, Filipinos patronize the country's culture and beauty through it's media (K-Pop music and Korean drama series) and these aspects makes us curious about what other wonderful things the country is having like more of their food, technology and beautiful nature and cultural sites found in this country of cute and talented people rich in history.

Korea Tourism Organization Manila was established to promote Korea as a leisure destination among Filipinos who dream of getting a chance to step their feet on the amazing land someday and to discover what more wonders it could give as a very beautiful and rich country.

Last October 10, 2013 at the Korean Wave Hall of the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines, K-Pop fans/ Korea Supporters were gathered to be appointed as Wow Korea Supporters at the 2013 Wow Korea Supporters Orientation. Their aim is to promote the country's tourism and culture within the best of their passion and love for the country. Among the lucky chosen ones was my dear friend, Grachelle Valencia aka Ylla who loves the country as though as it was her alter ego nationality. Here are some of the photos from the event, all credited to her and KTO as well. More great works and good job to the Wow Korea Supporters. Aja! --faf

You can Visit Korea Tourism Organization Manila Office at 26th Flr Tower 2 The Enterprise Center 6766 Ayala Avenue cor. Paseo de Roxas, Makati City.

Ther Facebook Fanpage:

Photo By: Grachelle Valencia

Photo By: Grachelle Valencia

Photo By: Grachelle Valencia

Photo By: Grachelle Valencia

Photo By: Grachelle Valencia

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

SHANE FILAN Live! In Manila Tour at Skydome

Photo By: Karen Feaster
Shane Filan performing at the Skydome. PHOTO CREDITS: Myphotographics and Shane Filan Fan Club Philippines Fanpage

Westlife has been a part of our musical world since late 90s up to present. The boyband made impact to the world of music with their sweet to live pop songs and even their covers and remakes. To the adult to young adult women of today's generation, these lads were prince charmings who serenaded their radio and ipods and so were the concert grounds all over the world. All things they say should come to an end for the better and just last year, they decided to disband and go on separate ways and one of them is their front man who possesses  amazingly powerful voice, Shane Filan. Just last September 28, 2013 at SM North EDSA Skydome, the nightingale lad graced his Filipino fans for the fifth time but as a solo artist promoting his album. There were a hundred lucky fans who had a chance to meet him face to face before his performance. 

The event started at 6PM, with a front act from acoustic artist Sabrina. Shane serenaded the crown with his first song "Everytime" from his "Everything to Me EP". Girls from every age stages shouted and screamed due to the ecstatic and euphoric mood. The night ended with the song "Everything to Me", hi debut song. Following that was the autograph signing that completed the day and made fans' hearts tattooed  with happy hearts. -faf