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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Benefits of Orange Peels

Benefits of Orange Peels
Flordeliz A. Fullo | March 22, 2013

Photo By: Flordeliz A. Fullo

Oranges are one of the most common fruits in the world and grown in almost every countries. Since then, we are all aware of the fruit's vast nutritional contents and its popularity as a flavor among juice drinks and other foods as additives. Most often, we use to discard the peels due its not edible flavor without knowing that it contains so many medical and aesthetic uses. Here are some things to learn about orange peels.

1. Flavoring for Foods: A food ingredient called "zest" is yielded from scraping or cutting the outer part of citrus fruits and is used mostly as flavoring for pastries like cakes, dishes like salads, condiments and some liquors.

2. Fragrances and Scents: Orange essence is being used widely in making perfumes because of its d-limonene, the chemical compound which is responsible for its striking aroma including the fruit's citrus family members. Its smell is popular among colognes because it gives a fresh and tangy smell.

3. Aromatheraphy: The fruit's aromatheraphy properties includes reliefs for mood instability and high blood pressure. Orange oil is being used as a massage for people with indigestion, depression and insomnia.

4. Cleaning Solution and Soaps: Because it has some chemical called "Pectin" is is also helpful as a cleaning agent due to its antibacterial properties. You can made some home made cleaning solution by the use of orange peel leftovers. Try to hit the search bar on the internet and you will find lots of suggested formulas to make yours.

5. Medical Remedies: Dried orange peel tea is said to have special properties to aid in some common gastrointestinal irregularities and illnesses like heartburn, insomnia and constipation. It's precious chemical content called Pectin, as I said a while ago promotes normal bacterial flora growth in the intestine thus could prevent unhealthy pathogens from multiplying. Flavonoids Phytonutrients, on the other hand helps lower LDL (Bad Cholesterol) and Trygliceride levels which are bad for cardiovascular health.

6. Skin Care: The chemical d-Limonene which is also responsible for its aroma is also beneficial in preventing skin cancer and inhibits the growth of skin tumors.

Special Precaution: Too much orange oil could result in irritation of the skin and mouth.

Vitamins and Nutrients found in Orange Peels: Protein, Potassium, Riboflavin, Vitamins A and C and Calcium.

Notable Chemical Compounds found in Orange Peels: d-Limonene, Pectin and Flavonoids.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

PENSHOPPE LIVE with Ian Somerhalder at SM Mall of Asia May 24, 2012

"Thank you Manila for a most surreal day!Look at this pic of me&6,000 of my new friends in The Philippines.Whao" -Ian Somerhalder  [The photo Ian  Somerhalder posted on Twitter via Twitpic:]

 Recently, a scorching fiery hot vampire rocked the Filipina girls making the top clothing brand, Penshoppe trend worldwide for days. Welcoming the newest addition to the Penshoppe All Stars has never been this frantic and so much to say. Yes, Damon Salvatorre of the famous TV series “The Vampire Diaries” himself – Ian Somerhalder.

After his environment inspired photo shoot in our country’s wonderland, Palawan, Penshoppe have given a chance to his fans to see him in person and experience his magically sizzling presence last May 24 at SM Mall of Asia. The influx of girls going high and screaming like there is no tomorrow dominated the blissful air

Before the vampire arrives. [Photo By: Anna Karanina Alfonso]

Filipino Fans going insane! Oh my !!!that's a huge crowd indeed! [Photo By: Haw Santiago on SM Mall of Asia Official Fanpage]
 "I will be back here. I'll go to all 7,107 islands of the Philippines!" said he in an article by [click this link for citation]

Ian Somerhalder on the seat! [Photo By: Anna Karanina Alfonso]

Damon Salvatorre enjoying his warm Filipino Fans. [Photo By: Anna Karanina Alfonso]

After the event, he tweeted, “Trying to tweet pic of today in Manila!Amazing time,thanks Philippines for your love,screams and smiles-I'll try to send pic from Singapore!”

Can't measure the width of their smiles! [Photo By: SM Mall of Asia Official Facebook Fanpage]

Ian Somerhalder is the third member of the Penshoppe All Stars who visited the Philippines next to Ed Westwick and Mario Maurer. Dear Damon, Please come back soon! ---faf

The vampire up close with his killer blue eyes to die for! [Photo By: SM Mall of Asia Official Fanpage]
Photo Credits:

Anna Karanina Alfonso (my dear friend)
Haw Santiago in SM Mall of Asia's Official Facebook Fanpage (with no copyright infringement intended)
Mr. Ian Somerhalder's tweet via Twitpic (

MAYBELINE Clear Smooth All in One Foundation: Asian girls' must have!

 For those women on the go and always find a hard time retouching and also looking for a quality brand with lesser price, here is the one for you. Maybeline Clear Smooth All-In-One foundation offers a package of multiple benefits a woman could enjoy.

  • SPF25 and PA++ to provide more protection in sunlight.
  • Hides spots, covers spots and blemishes.
  • Keeps the skin matte because it is oil repellent.
  • Smooth finish, so you won’t expect a cracked cackey look.
  • With four shades designed for Asian skin color.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Long standing.
  • Contains Vitamin C which helps the skin become more fairer and healthier.
  • The pink case with rectangular mirror looks so cute and in case you have consumed it already, all you have to do is buy a refill.

The price in the Philippines is PHP249 and the refill costs PHP149.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Super Junior Choi Siwon and Lee Dong Hae's EDSA-Guadalupe BENCH Billboards

Combination photo of the four huge billboards.

A picture paints a thousand words and a billboard could melt a thousand hearts!- Just recently, thousand of Filipino ELFs (Everlasting Friends), the enthusiastic Super Junior fans which is Korea’s most famous boyband went in such frenzy staring and taking pictures as well as videos of their biases, the heartrobs Lee Dong Hae and Choi Si Won. In response to the ELFs’ constant support and love for the Korean cuties, the biggest clothing brand here in the Philippines have given the opportunity to get them closer to their Pinoy fans with advocacies to save mother earth.

That area at EDSA Guadalupe-Boni overlooking the Pasig River had been a home of Bench’s famous huge billboards in a way that it is located in a national prime road where commuters from north and south of Luzon exchange their ways. Former billboards gained so much attention because of their size and motorists tend to focus on them while on the road that it is considered to be an indicator of fame when a certain celebrity had his face on such giant billboards.

I and my ELF friend got a glimpse on a night time. We saw lots of ELFs there indicating we are not alone and it is so much happy seeing them exchanging smiles while taking pictures of their idols overlooking the Pasig River. My favorite one was that of Dong Hae wearing that green “Sorry Sorry” shirt, he looks like a doll and that of Siwon wearing a combination of grey and red top in the right.

Isn't the Pasig River looks endearing on a typical night will all these billboards? :)
Pasig River may look polluted and dirty in some way but for the ELFs, it is such an enjoyment just sitting in there enjoying the visage of their well loved Super Junior biases.

Filipina ELFs enthusiastically taking pictures of their beloved biases.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Medicol Advance Softgel Capsule (Product Review)

Filipinos are hard working and always encounter body work from physical stresses of everyday life. Medicol Advance offers analgesic and antipyretic effects as a Non steroidal inflammatory drug. For a softgel cap Remember to always consult your physician before taking any drug. Please check the indications and contraindications before using the drug.

INDICATIONS: headaches, toothache, muscular rashes, minor arthritis pain, backache, menstrual cramps, fever reduction

FORMULATION: It contains Ibuprofen in 200mg

DESCRIPTION: Red, transparent softgel capsule containing a red clear solution.




  1. Patient’s with allergy to Ibuprofen, Aspirin or other NSAIDs.
  2. Patient who have undergone any heart surgery, heart attack, uncontrolled hypertension or congestive heart failure.
  3. Patient’s who have asthma, urticaria, or allergic-type reactions after taking aspirin or other NSAIDs. Reported severe anaphylactic reactions.
  4. Patient’s with bronchospasm, angioedema, or nasal polyps precipitated with NSAIDs.
  5. DO NOT INITIATE with Ibuprofen of any NSAID in patients with ADVANCED KIDNEY OR LIVER DISEASE.
  6. Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Allergy: Ibuprofen may cause a severe allergic reaction which may include: hives, shock, facial swelling, skin reddening, asthma and skin blisters. If allergic reaction occurs, stop use and seek medical help right away.

Stomach Bleeding Warning: This product contains a nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDs) which may cause severe stomach bleeding.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Make-up Cosmetics: To wear or not to wear?

Cosmetics are special products/substances which are used to beautify, enhance or correct an appearance of a physical part of a human. From perfumes to make-ups, they play an important role in a person’s (especially in women) psychological physique and upbringing their physical selves. It is dated that the use of cosmetics started since the ancient times by Greeks and Romans to princesses of China and Geishas in Japan. Being a symbol of social status in some countries but despised by some feminist, people around the world still develop new way to enhance and empower its use.

Being a young adult and a former teen, some of my friends were saying that simplicity is beauty and the use of make-ups is not really necessary when you are really beautiful which I think is very irrational in some way. For me, using make-up is just a way to show the world some different sides of you and exhibit yourself with many types of looks such as dressing up in different clothes. Wearing make-up won’t change your look, it would just enhance it not like having cosmetic surgeries that would literally change your body parts. We all have different principles and it is up to the person especially in a woman whether how she would develop herself and whether to use make-up or not.

On my personal note, I love wearing make-ups for two main reasons: It’s no that I view myself ugly but my face looks dull and lifeless without wearing them, yeah, I’m not born a goddess of beauty and all and second, I love colors, and so applying more colors on my face has been enjoyable for me. My mother is a direct selling cosmetics dealer for years so it was super easy for me to access buying some and my aunts working abroad used to send me occasionally. For a not-so-rich girl like me, drugstore marketed make-up are the products of choice but I admire the quality of those local brands. My favorite are those that enhances the eye like liquid eyeliners and colorful eyeshadows because I always have dark circled dull insomniac eyes, concealer stick for hiding pores and blush on for more tinted alive cheeks look. Eyelash curlers and mascaras were used scarcely due to laziness and time constraints.

What is also important is to select your products and kind. Please choose cosmetics that have good dermatologic reviews and trusted brands to prevent contracting skin allergies and toxicities. Seek some advice from you mother, sister, friends and stylists of what colors suites your face to enhance your beauty. Reading reviews before considering buying some products should be necessary.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Men's Health Magazine April 2012 Issue Launch featuring Enchong Dee

Famous young actor/athlete/endorser, Enchong Dee once again graced the cover of Men’s Health Philippines Magazine for April 2012 as he shares his new interests and trivia about becoming and staying fit.

Men’s Health held a launch at Glorietta 5 last March 25, 2012 with Enchong Dee answering questions and sharing more about his personal lifestyle and work together with the media, bloggers and his most enthusiastic supporters. I would like to thank again his most popular and warm fan group, EDW (Enchong Dee World) for hooking me and my friends. Enchong is really a nice and handsome man, no wonder he is well loved by his fans.

These are some things from Enchong that he shared during the event:

1. “I will not be who I am today without swimming.” he states.
2. He has new fitness goals like Triathlon and Muai Thai. There are also plans of trying Jujitsu too.
3. Swimming vs. working: He is now currently prioritizing his showbiz career.
4. No guts on wearing underwear cover or pose for the fashion line he is now currently endorsing.
5. His morning exercise revealed as he demonstrated it in our very own eyes.

Men’s Health magazine in now available on bookstores and news stands for only 140Php.


Photo Credits:
• Karen Feaster
• Teya Valencia

Youtube Video By: Orange Magazine TV

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Coke 100 Years [Coke-Bench Fashion Show]

Coca-cola, the most famous soft drink brand in the world celebrated its 100 years in the Philippines with a fabulous fashion show in collaboration with Bench, the top global clothing line in the country held on Ayala Mall Trinoma in January 28, 2012. It was indeed overwhelming to get a VIP seat as one of the supporters of one of the most celebrated young matinee idol, Enchong Dee. His fans club Enchong Dee World was very warm and amazing just like their/our idol. Thanks to a friend for pulling me.

The event started with flashing of great Coke TV Advertisements on screen e.g The Truck of Happiness, “The OFW Project” and one of the most endearing ad I ever watched in my whole life, “The 100 Year Old Man’s Secret to Happiness”. The brand has been a part of Filipinos daily life as it is indeed the No. 1 soft drink in the country and also famous for producing such TV creative advertisements like those I have mentioned earlier.

Hosted by MYX VJs Chino and Bianca, the event showcased captivating performances by UE Pep squad, Philippine All Stars and the main event then the fashion show featuring specialized Bench apparel for Coca-Cola called “Coca-Cola originals by Bench”. Shining on the ramp were promising teen stars like Enzo Pineda, Roco Nacino, Steven Silva, and David Chua.

Of course the jewels of the event, Coke’s four main endorsers, the two gorgeous young ladies of Philippine TV, Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes, girl magnet, Joseph Marco and the reason why I had the chance to experience the event, the very humble, gorgeous and down to earth, Enchong Dee who surprised everyone by doing somersault in the air making his girl admirers berserk.

Indeed, it was a night of fashion, surprises and happiness which also happens to be the main theme. The red and white torrents of confetti added warmth to the night. Happiness feel all over made the event super awesome. -faf

Photo Credits: Karen Feaster

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Belo Essentials Moisture-Rich Whitening Toner (Product Review)

The Filipina women always values fair complexion as well as hydrated skin. Factors affecting mainly are weather and pollution in the country which makes their skin prone to darkness, large pores and dryness. I got my first Belo Essentials Moisture-Rich Whitening Toner almost a month ago when a charity program made it as a give-away for those who attended, the company is their sponsor. The product promises a lighter skin and by its Dermalight system by shedding off dead skin cells and promote cell renewal. This worked on me giving me softer and illuminated skin.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea

Launched in 1999 this fragrance of citrus aroma essence with an energetic, mood reviving and exciting to the senses scent, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea is my favorite perfume of all time. I have been using the fragrance from college until now. My aunt gave them to me as a gifts.