Thursday, October 14, 2010

Walking in the Dark

Walking in the Dark

Somewhere along a rocky road I walked
I met an old lady who is scowling and tired
“Where am I?” I asked with a sigh
She gave no answer for she is mute and shy

Languidly I moaned until twilight comes
The crow spread its wings as the cricket chants
No light in the wilderness of woods and grass
“Awooooo!” cried the wolf; my soul pants

Frightened of the unknown my heartbeat fluttered
Puzzled of how can I go back home, where I fled
There were branches of paths as heaven’s spark dies
Nobody’s replying to my calls and cries

Dubious of my senses and sweating profusely
Alone in the wilderness I’m no intrepid at all
Where is my Father who conjured me here?
I felt a sense of whimper in that clouded sphere

My tears fell like falls from the mountain tops
Frozen in confusion like unmoving leaf drops
No trace of someone not even a scarecrow for crops
The brisk wind continues to caress my face’s sobs

I closed my eyes mumbling; “I’m dead…”
Opened it again, more appalling darkness
Sore feet lead me under a tree and sat there
A sense of relief made me cross my fingers

It was black all over; no colors at all with melancholy
Breathing in and out and quivering in the cold
My lips lulled me singing my mother’s song
As my shuddering is diminished, I had fallen asleep

Someone is carrying me with strong and mighty arms
Blue skies surprised my eyes with the golden sunlight
“My son, you are safe now…” muttered the voice
It’s my father taking me back home

--Flordeliz A. Fullo

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