Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chris Tiu's Birthday Build [Habitat for Humanity Philippines]

July 17, 2011, Mr. Christopher Tiu hosted and organized an event in celebration for his birthday with those people important in his life- family, friends and the Tiunatics. It was indeed a very fun and fulfilling day as everyone offered their hands and strength in order to help build homes with the help from Habitat for Humanity Philippines located on their site 2 in Pasig City. Inspiring, the event, because not all celebrities would spend their time and celebrate special days under the heat of the sun with all those gravels and shovels to help build houses for our homeless countrymen.
I felt somewhat enjoyable working with my beloved Tiunatic friends; I consider them as family and my idol for the longest period of time, Mr. Tiu. Though I am sick that time I still managed to smile and seeing some of my fellow fans see Mr. Tiu for the first time, it is priceless. Of course there were the activities, my group participated on Sand Sheaving and we worked it out with laughter and coziness never minding the intricacies whenever the wind blows. The construction workers just can’t help but to grin teaching amateur ones like us, it was first time to do such things.
After those activities the birthday celebrant, Mr. Tiu being caged by interviews and spending quality moment with the Tiunatics finally blew his cute birthday cake and thank every person who came, everyone shared smiles and nothing but smiles. The event ended with blissful hearts and lesson learned that it is not that easy to build houses (physically and financially) and not every famous people like Mr. Tiu values helping poor countrymen and promote such an example to his supporters.

Karen Feaster/Ann del Pilar
Christine Viaje
Habitat for Humanity Philippines
Venice Marielle Diaz (@chris_tiu, @cheryltiu)

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