Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bogart Bear

Its the thought that counts. My friend Karen gave me a cute gift, a small brown teddy bear was underneath an angry birds gift wrap. Though not that surprised because I have been pressuring her these past days to give me one, I was super touched and appreciated the effort so much. She knows why I wanted that kind of stuffed animal and what it means to me. There was a person who I used to call bear because of his looks and he has this special place in my heart. Sadly, the feeling is unrequited but at least there is now a source of displacement for all the emotions. I named him Bogart because of his response to my group SMS, "Anong magandang pangalan for a boy?" Suggesting that name seems old fashioned and silly but the cuteness of the bear could compensate. Bogart might be bought in a not so expensive price but for me he is the cutest teddy bear in the world.

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