Sunday, April 29, 2012

Make-up Cosmetics: To wear or not to wear?

Cosmetics are special products/substances which are used to beautify, enhance or correct an appearance of a physical part of a human. From perfumes to make-ups, they play an important role in a person’s (especially in women) psychological physique and upbringing their physical selves. It is dated that the use of cosmetics started since the ancient times by Greeks and Romans to princesses of China and Geishas in Japan. Being a symbol of social status in some countries but despised by some feminist, people around the world still develop new way to enhance and empower its use.

Being a young adult and a former teen, some of my friends were saying that simplicity is beauty and the use of make-ups is not really necessary when you are really beautiful which I think is very irrational in some way. For me, using make-up is just a way to show the world some different sides of you and exhibit yourself with many types of looks such as dressing up in different clothes. Wearing make-up won’t change your look, it would just enhance it not like having cosmetic surgeries that would literally change your body parts. We all have different principles and it is up to the person especially in a woman whether how she would develop herself and whether to use make-up or not.

On my personal note, I love wearing make-ups for two main reasons: It’s no that I view myself ugly but my face looks dull and lifeless without wearing them, yeah, I’m not born a goddess of beauty and all and second, I love colors, and so applying more colors on my face has been enjoyable for me. My mother is a direct selling cosmetics dealer for years so it was super easy for me to access buying some and my aunts working abroad used to send me occasionally. For a not-so-rich girl like me, drugstore marketed make-up are the products of choice but I admire the quality of those local brands. My favorite are those that enhances the eye like liquid eyeliners and colorful eyeshadows because I always have dark circled dull insomniac eyes, concealer stick for hiding pores and blush on for more tinted alive cheeks look. Eyelash curlers and mascaras were used scarcely due to laziness and time constraints.

What is also important is to select your products and kind. Please choose cosmetics that have good dermatologic reviews and trusted brands to prevent contracting skin allergies and toxicities. Seek some advice from you mother, sister, friends and stylists of what colors suites your face to enhance your beauty. Reading reviews before considering buying some products should be necessary.



  1. i think girls do need to wear make-ups every now and then.. although personally... i dont really like it... it makes me uncomfortable and I dont like the hassle of retouching every now and then... but i do put on some powder, blush and lip gloss... just to give my face a little life ... but on lazy days.. i wear a cap or sunglasses... LOL

  2. Thank you for the comment! Yeah. I think putting on even basic makeup could make a girl look brighter :)