Monday, February 18, 2013

I am PGH - A Person Giving Hope

“Health is wealth.” –This famous saying says in three words that being healthy is a treasure all of us should take care and value. Healthy people are happy and productive people. Not all people could afford to go and stays admitted in the hospital and maintain their doses of expensive medicines because we live in a country where there are high mortality rates on some diseases.  The main basic needs being focused on some economically depressed families are food and shelter rather than stay in the hospital to have their appropriate treatments.

The Philippine General Hospital (PGH), our national hospital provides services for all Filipinos especially the poor and needy but it doesn’t mean that it could cater all needs and facilities in just a snap. The institution also needs support from us who are willing to give some of our little fortune to support them in providing quality healthcare for our poor countrymen. Isn’t it fulfilling with pride that in a small way, we helped our country’s top healthcare institution not just to help but to be more globally competitive at the same time? Just like many of us, I too had a medical check-up at the institution years ago because my doctor referred my condition for confirmation. Also, I stayed there for almost a month as a watcher for my aunt who has had a Stroke (Cerebrovascular Accident) last year. In my free times, I always wander within the hospital grounds. My aunt stays in pay room but I also saw other patients in charity ward. I could say that the services were just the same as in pay room but the difference is that charity patients should buy almost all their medicines at the pharmacy. What if they have no money in hand?

For them, a little help from a great number of people could help lengthen their lives or give them a second chance to recover and live better from their conditions. Healthy citizens could yield a very healthy future for the country.

Leandro Fernandez, Asi Taulava and Mijo Solis. [Photo By: Mr. Jose B. Baylon/Bing Basit]

Charles Tiu, John Sacro and Chris Tiu. [Photo By: Jose B. Baylon/Bing Basit]

Alex Crisano and Leandro Fernandez. [Photo By: Mr. Jose Baylon/Bing Basit]

Mr. Ren Cayetano. [Photo By: Mr. Jose B. Baylon]

From this situation emerged a very eager man- Mr. Jose Bayani Baylon, a maroon. From working at Coca-cola Bottlers Inc., to his present work at Nickel Asia Corps., he has been raising funds for the hospital with a drive to raise an overwhelming  100 Million Pesos and search for 1 million Filipinos to share their not-so-tight the pocket  100 pesos. An article said that the institution had been a great part of his life. Donating is not just for the rich; we ordinary citizens could also help. -faf

Southridge High School Representatives. [Photo By: Bing Basit]

The campaign was launched last January 30, 2012 at Makati.

You can contact them here:


Hotline: 554-8400 local 3061


Facebook Fanpage: