Friday, February 08, 2013

Planting Hope: A Lifestyle Asia and Tagaytay Highlands Tree Planting Event

Event Invitation. [Photo Credits: Tagaytay Highlands]

Mother nature nurtures our lives but we need to nurture her too. One of top leisure development complexes, Tagaytay Highlands maintains its role not only being a premier leisure center in the Philippines but a friend of biodiversity. Being awarded with the title by ASEAN Center  for  Biodiversity on 2011, it aims to help mother nature by planting trees to conserve its beauty.

Belle View Drive. [Photo By: Stephanie Denise Credo]

Arrival. [Photo By: Stephanie Denise Credo]

My newly planted tree seedling and my baby bear. [Photo By: Me]
Last November  17, 2012, in partnership with Lifestyle Asia, the country’s premier lifestyle magazine together with the non-government organizations, Pilipinas Ecowarriors which vision is to conserve and protect the environment and other sponsors held an event called “Planting Hope” in which participants would plant their tree seedlings which is specifically, African Tulips within the pathways of Tagaytay Highlands’ Belle View Drive leisure complex.

Chris Tiu giving his talk on how the youth could contribute in helping mother nature. [Photo By: Me]

Club members, some homeowners, officers and staff as well as the editorial team of Lifestyle Asia were present to support the cause. Mr. Willy Ocier, the founder of Tagaytay Highlands gave the welcome remarks, emphasizing the event’s mission. After that, Club president and One Mega Group Chairmain, Mr. Jerry Tiu, with all his wit and charm thanked the participants for their presence and time. Pilipinas Ecowarriors ambassador, TV Host, basketball icon and entrepreneur, Chris Tiu, also gave a speech on how the youth could help by utilizing and empowering the campaign of caring for mother earth on the social media and internet.

My seedling. So proud!

Lovely Jumpshot! [Photo By: Anna Karanina Alfonso]

Lovely group shot at the midlands. [Photo By: Anna Karanina Alfonso]

The event started at 8am, when we arrived, the ushers gave us small laminated cardboards and asked us to write our name, and this was to be tied after our trees were planted on the soil. The ambiance exclusive view of Tagaytay Highlands is truly breath taking because all you can see is the beauty of nature without pollution and congestion. I fell in love with those old green trees, and the views overlooking Taal Lake. Planting trees had never been that good and enjoyable mixed with giggles and high spirits of my friends. As an ecowarrior, it was really fulfilling that you have planted a tree after your name in one of the Philippines’ exclusive nature heaven. Special thanks to our idol/co-ecowarrior, Chris Tiu who toured us around. -faf

Slideshow Photos: Anna Karanina Alfonso, Peachy Octavo and Me



  1. Awwww memories! One of those days we'll never forget! Mishu Floree!!!

    1. I hope someday we could have another chance to visit TH again :)