Friday, March 08, 2013

Three Factors to Prepare When Planning to work Abroad

Nowadays, there is an increasing rate of OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) in every side of the world. Working in a foreign land is very promising and could make you earn more but it has sad aspects too. Are you one or planning to be one? Here are the three essential factors to keep in mind if you are planning to spread your wings to work in a foreign land.

1. Your Heart: Working outside of the country would means temporary separation from your loved ones, pet, room, hobbies and culture you have. Being prepared emotionally is a must and essential because surely, you will feel the homesickness on your first few months of stay in the other country. You will miss the people and the usual things you get along with every day of your life so before you decide on taking the risk, be sure to think if you are purely ready to leave them for quite a long time because it will cause conflicts on your work and stay if you are disturbed by thoughts of loneliness and longing. Don’t forget to always pray for your loved ones.

2. Your Mindset: As connected to number 1, you should also prepare your mind that you will now face new environment, stressors and people. Things would be different now and you should really think of how to survive and focus on your work. Your mind should be programmed that you are leaving to work, be good on your work and do this for your future. Optimism and patience should be your keywords.

3. Your Body: Before leaving you should make it sure that your body is healthy and fit. You will be working now in a different environment so you will encounter different climate, foods, water and products. The body must stand these changes to survive, work well and prevent sickness which could compromise your quality of work. -FAF

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