Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Nurse Life: Boosting the Immune System

These times of the Pandemic, healthcare workers are considered heroes but that honor cost them to work harder as the cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in most areas all over the world. Every day, nurses face a lot of stress, wear thick PPEs for the whole shift making them give more effort to breathe under N95 masks, skip meals when there are ample of admissions and compromise their sleep cycles because of abrupt irregular shifting changes as well as overtime duties. As nurses working in the COVID-19 Isolation Unit, we have to take precaution to maintain our health and immunity. Being exposed to patients with Coronavirus and taking care of them is a big responsibility to handle that is why we should stay strong holistically to do our sworn duty to our patients and care for our well beings.

Protecting our Immune System is a must to maintain our body health as we are working in a stressful setting. We protect our immune system by having nutritious foods, enough sleep of possible, wearing complete PPEs and precautions and taking some supplements that boosts our immune system for extra protection not just for COVID-19 but for other communicable diseases as well. At times, we tend to eat late because we want to finish everything in our work without delays and our sleeping patterns were compromised due to shifting hours, these are some of the factors that lowers our immune system and raise our stress levels.

Taking supplements every day helps protect Healthcare Workers from acquiring diseases and maintain the adequacy of the levels of vitamins and mineral in my body in case I am not getting enough time to have nutritious foods. Some of them were Vitamin C, the most important as it gives me stronger immunity to communicable diseases, and Vitamin E to make me glow as working as a nurse could at times make you look haggard due to extreme stress, Fish Oil to maintain my Cardiovascular Health. Beta Glucan is a fiber known to prevent the risk of having Heart Diseases and lowers blood glucose. It is also beneficial in the Immune System as it stimulates the white blood cells when there is a pathogen that could invade the body, this results in stronger immunity of the body. One example of a food supplement containing Beta Glucan is Royale Immuno Boost Premium. This product is good for frontliners like us, nurses for boosting our Immune System.

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