Saturday, December 05, 2020

Four Words to describe Boracay’s Famous Sunset

It is no surprise that from the discovery of Boracay Island in the 70s to being a multi-awarded world-class destination, the island’s fame rose to the pedestal putting the biodiversity and its environment at risk from overcrowding of tourists. After its six months rehabilitation last 2018, it remains glorious as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Who would not be captivated of its powdery white sand, clear waters and one of a kind sunset? As we had this Paraw (double outrigger sailboats) Sailing Tour, I dared to take hold of my camera along with the heavy flashes of water as we sail in the middle of the sea. There would be no exact definitive word to describe the feeling of facing the sunset while you are in a boat but here are the five words I could give after witnessing this majestic nature spectacle.

UNIQUE. They say that Boracay’s Sunsets are not the same day after day. This might be literally true; hence, in my four days stay in the island watching sunsets every dawn, there are different forms. In the first day, it was fiery red orange while in the second day it was yellowish-pink and so on. It was like looking on a different artwork day after day.

ENCHANTING. Watching the beautiful Boracay Sunset makes you feel like you were being enchanted by Mother Nature. There is some kind of a magical feeling making you feel like you were in a different world.

BREATHTAKING. The moment the sun start to set is a show like no other. It will surely take your breath away.

PHOTOGENIC. For sure you want to put your memories on photos. Taking photos of the sunset in Boracay does not need to you to out on filters. The natural colors of the sky is enough to put away picture-editing tools to enhance it. It is must in your travel goals to take good photos of you with the island’s sunset when visiting.


I have been blessed to have taken good shots while we are on a Paraw. I was a beginner in using a DSLR back then but here are the settings:

Camera: Canon 600D

Lense: 35-55 mm

ISO: 400

Aperture: f5-22

Shutter Speed: 1/200 sec

Boracay Station 1

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