Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Visiting Al-Soudah National Park in Abha

Al Soudah National Part is a part of a tourism village in Abha, Asir Region in Saudi Arabia. A vast place surrounded by huge mountain ranges you will enjoy sightseeing if you want a good joyride. Some do trekking and mountaineering within the terrains. Visitors enjoy the cool and humid climate due to its high altitude, a perfect summer destination.

We left Abha, City at evening then arrived on the mountains before twilight. We were amused by the geographical mountain structures surrounding the place with all the Juniper trees. Those rocky roads gave wonder on how they were formed.  It feels like a slow roller coaster ride while the sunset was approaching. There were fogs all over. One thing I love were the baboons, a huge number of these monkeys were playing and running around the edges of the mountainsides. Be sure to lock up your car window of they might go inside. You can bring bananas if you consider feeding them.

I advise you to visit the place before sunrise so that you can enjoy a clear view of the mountains as well as appreciate the setting sun. Truly, Al Soudah is a wonderful attraction worth visiting.

Photo Credits to Ms. Mei-Ye Madarimot and Ms. Rachelle Lagura.

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