Wednesday, September 23, 2009



By: Flordeliz A. Fullo, RN

Precious one, beloved one
Where are you only one?
Distant you may have been
Waiting, I want you to be seen

Those countless nights I included you in my dreams,
Those days my mind was stagnant like streams;
Dear one, could I still touch you?
Dark as the night, could I still see you?

I am standing here, I am just here;
Those intricate nothings that may seem unclear,
Those inexplicable barriers lost the sheer;
Precious one, all I wish is you to be near.

I could feel the storm deep within;
I could feel the coldness of the snow freezing;
I could feel the thorns of those roses stinging;
I could fell the heat of the sun burning.

The thick invisible line that divides me to you;
The seas that might drown me when I dare touch you;
The fire that could burn me when I would touch you;
The perishing and striving heart can't get through.

Time made the iron be rusted;
Time made the leaves fall;
Time of bliss that had lasted,
Time of change for all.

Precious, as what you have been, your shine struck me.
You're once like the sun, that warmed thee;
You're a jewel in shining chips of connection.
Your shine eluded me, thy presence inspired me.

The road to realization is over;
The way to imagination had ended.
The promising winds had gotten its way.
The collision of elements hurled.

If only clock would stop,
Then I would turn and whirled like a top.
Insane, how would I crop?
Myself, would I still dare slap?

Little did I know about you,
Little do I had you though,
Little things you made me learn to,
Little somethings as gigantic as you.

Do the mysteries could explain?
That somehow sun would stop and rise again.
Do the phenomenons could show?
Of how this aches in me happens somehow.

For those times when I admired you,
For those times that connected me to you,
For those times I feel loving you,
Those times would remain in me, I'll be treasuring though.

Those battles between me and myself,
Those stifling nights of feeling my chest collide,
My love, my heart was in a shelf,
Find your name, find me- I'm by your side.

In my dreams you're there,
There in my beating heart, you exist.
Somehow, my world, would you exist forever?
Meeting you, though vague is still in my list.

Can't deny the fact that maybe you're borrowed from God,
That anytime would vanish away, would be so sad.
Fear, I'm feeling so bad.
Though still haven't viewed you,
Meeting you in this life's journey made me glad.


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  1. commenting to myself~~ stupid! :) hahahaha :)