Sunday, February 28, 2010

Perdition's Endearment

Perdition's Endearment

-Flordeliz Fullo, RN
[October 01, 2009]

Yesterday I sat beside a tree of greatness and height;
Trinkets of memoirs hushed my false delight;
Watching those flying leaves cradled by wind at my sight;
How I wish I were like them, blown away with might.

Caressing my cheeks, the breeze with warm tears;
Endearing my soul are bundles of unknown fears;
Endearing is that orange dreary whimpering sunset;
Losing my momentum, the past till I see death.

Repentance with a sullen degree to contemplate;
Loss, a gambled product and its too late;
Embraced with dementing anger of yourself, you hate;
Love, a battle of win or lose given by fate.

Abandoning something that might not conform you,
Lamenting for desired courtesies, a dead end though;
Walking over sentiments, thy grace unto;
Pausing that those stars had lost their shine too.

The euphoria brought by dose of fervor stifled me,
Bursting intensities of heartbeats dreads truthfully,
To where is my hiding place? To where will I find me?
Break up the air, my ego moans constantly.

Striking bliss of contagions were evanescent;
Voided reliance, sullen in senescence;
Gray pictures of momentum were at once incandescent;
Evenings walks by over sorrow's sense.

If the rain would fall again to wash away disdain;
Standing over, I am, easing my own pain;
Perdition had eaten my face, my being and vein.
Must I stroll in? Even with sore feet wounded and nearly slain?

Luminous sparks of hopes from the above;
Declaring to conquer jeopardy and freedom as a dove;
I must continue said He, the one with His Holy Love;
Flutter, with historic reveries, leaving bitterness of every stab.


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