Wednesday, August 18, 2010

write, write and write...

I love writing but at this moment I don’t know what will this pruritic for keyboard hands of mine could race including my ever hyperactive heart who’s always on verge of shouting to express and to collaborate it with my ever wandering mind which is bounded with so many queries about this ever intriguing and mystifying lives of people, the society and every perspective of everything in this kaleidoscope atmosphere. I am in solace for now and I don’t know if it’s advantageous that maybe I could deeply concentrate of how far my skills of writing and my banks of unconscious thirst for this little hands to reach the hearts of people I could inspire believing this delusion that I really could write like those feature writers in those broadsheet newspapers and high class magazines even those in tabloids. I do believe in that cliché “Pen is mightier than sword.” For me, writing is the noblest art human beings could perform. Even a kindergarten’s poem or short story written by a cute little innocent hand could show life itself earning her lots of stars, a Grade 6 student’s feature article written on a school paper could stun her English teacher making her say such compliments “Kapag siya ang nagsusulat, damang dama mo yung moral lesson ng story.” making her the pick to join a Journalism Contest 11 years ago. A teenage High School student writing secret love poems about her crushes and a college student who learned to blog four years ago definitely relied to this endearing hobby as a reflection of her soul and that woman now is me.

This profane society pushed to me so hard to study that course who made me who I am now; I should have been a Computer Programmer or a Law Student, an Architect or a Print Journalist maybe if my freedom was considered instead, fate locked me into which I couldn’t escape understanding that we lack financial resources and we are poor that my parents had to venture on my aunt’s offer of full assistance just for me to take Bachelor of Science in Nursing. There are nights when I’m asking myself “Ano kayang pakiramdam ng nakakapgasulat ka at naaapreciate ng mundo ang mga gusto mong iparating?” One of my goals whenever I get rich is to study literature and I guess that would be a star like when I’m in Kindergarten that I would stamp on myself.

I always love to write poems especially about life, love, failure, success and starting again. They often take time and brain juices to adjust their rhyme and other elements such as tone and color. Blogs were my internet addiction way back college, I always write about some stuffs like duty experiences, love problems, some societal issues, artists and media and I admit, some of those were a bit magulo because they were created to express my mood by any comfortable means. To view the proof, just visit Have pity, please don’t scowl.

Feature stories and essays were my forte in my Grade School years and I’m still thanking my Journalism Club for molding my young mind to write. I have this dream of writing a very polished witty article about street children’s lives, a cancer survivor, a disabled professional, mothers who squeeze every drop of their sweat and blood for their young and some celebrities.

To write is to express life.

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