Friday, October 29, 2010


-Julio F. Silverio

1. Forgive others, with no sense of condemnation. A clean, clear state- not forgiveness on the installment plan. I love you today but can’t stand the sight of you tomorrow- that is not forgiveness. A difficult habit to learn but worth fighting for.

2. Forgive yourself for errors or blunders. Another difficult task, but you can do it. Forget the blunders of yesterday and make a habit to live fully today. To err may be a human failing, but to forgive is a human achievement. “To forgive is divine.” Still, who is asking you to be divine? Be human and achieve your fulfillment as a human being.

3. Keep up with yourself, not with someone else. Trying to imitate others merely forces you to play second fiddle. Remember, you can’t be someone else without tension. Every day you must try to make your self image grow; this you can do.

4. See yourself at your best. Stop concentrating on your worst. You are most wicked energy when you torture yourself with feelings of frustration every day. You are at your best when you practice confidence every day. You have a choice, select wisely. Remember you must forget yesterday through substitution; thinking and working toward your present goal. The more you think of your present goal, the less time you will have for the worries and heartaches of yesterday.

5. Conserve your energy, don’t race your motor.

a. Do not rush- work, eat and play leisurely
b. Do not get overtired at work or play.
c. Be moderate in eating, drinking, working-everything you do
d. Do not hesitate to refuse to take on unimportant burdensome tasks.

6. Stay calm and serene. Do not fret or worry or allow yourself to become unnecessarily involved in situations fraught with emotion.

a. The past is past.
b. Do your best today and let it go at that
c. Do not be apprehensive of tomorrow- it will take care of itself- most worries
d. Put your trust in God and forget all fears. He has a plan for you and in such a situation who can be against you?

You can have peace of mind and with it the power to live more effectively.

SOURCE: Silverio, Julio F., Book of Tips; National Bookstore Inc., 1981

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  1. Stress, anxieties, worries, fear and panic start in the mind. They start as thoughts, which grow in strength and affect your behavior, actions and habits. Your thoughts and attitudes act like a filter, a screen or lenses, through which you see the world in a particular way, which does not always depicts reality.

    Ilchi Lee