Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Review)

November 19, 2010- movie releasing day the story of the last book of the epic series that conquered not only the Britain but the world with its rich story and spell like charm upon its readers and viewers. A decade of magic and conquest into the hearts of different races of people who supported Harry on his adventures, battles, mysteries, struggles and growing up made him a very notable icon of this generation also Daniel Radcliffe who portrays his character. Who would never know about the very adorable characters of brave Ron and witty Hermione, great wizard Albus and Harry’s godfather Sirius who’s death made HP fans mourn on its fifth installment/book and of course the Dark Lord Voldermort? The seventh book is divided into two movies which I would agree upon because of numerous notable important and heart stopping scenes which should never be missed.

Among the scenes, my top pick is that one when Dobby apparated from the cellar and rescued them risking his own life. To intense that it struck the emotions of its viewers as evidenced by the elf being a Twitter trending topic for days. I always find the elf lovable because of its loyalty to Harry and his friends who had given him so much gratitude and respect unlike the cruelty of his former masters. “Dobby has no master! Dobby is a free elf and Dobby came here to save Harry Potter and his friends!” as stated by the elf. His death scene was very poignant that almost every viewer finds him to be a real hero.

I’m anticipating for Kreacher’s tale about the locket and how the trio appreciated the elf’s effort to support the cause of his master Regulus who changed heart before dying, its not included in the movie which is impeccable to react knowing that it only have so limited time to play all the scenes in the book.

Harry and Hermione’s dance simply I would say is amazing though did not flicker my nerves because I know she’s been thinking of Ron, hence it’s cute when Harry held his hands and she smiled for a while.

The animation of The Tale of Three Brothers was very artistic and alive with Hermione’s voice in the background reading the tale vividly.

Ended up with me on my seat wanting more with a spirit so much excited to see the other horcruxes and the hallows as well and the Battle of Hogwarts which is so much action packed. Though hanged up, still glad to see the motion picture I’m waiting for more than a year. There were missing parts, short cuts and add-ons to make it spicier and to emphasize the important parts as well and I’m all set for part two.


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