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2011 PBA Commisioner's Cup [Random Experiences/ Supporting Smart Gilas Pilipinas]

I always find it so hard on how to start writing a blog about Basketball, a sport in which I have no trace of interest before and finds it always boring when players struggles their hearts out just to get that ball and shoot it into the ring and make the crowd cheering out loud. Well, this write up is about a PBA Season in which I’m proud to say gave me new experiences and more let’s just say enjoyment about the said sport not just because of Tiunaticism, which I would say the main reason of it all but also supporting our National Basketball Team which is called Smart Gilas Team Pilipinas, sounds mighty isn’t it? I am really proud of team in spite of my close basketball fan friend saying “Bano… Kulang sa Speed… daming kulang…” and my father and brother chuckling “Naku kawawa sila sa Olympics….” Oh well, I think we Filipinos should be supportive behind those negativism of some and criticisms on our sportsmen struggling. How pathetic! Because of that and Chris Tiu’s undying charm magnetism, I grabbed every opportunity of watching a live game, too bad there were hindrances, financial ones tops them all that I didn’t make it to watch all the Elimination games. So ironic that I failed to watch their match against those splendid teams like TNT, Alaska and that B-Meg whom they failed to bag and yes, it’s so boring to watch on TV, I just realized it recently. One of the best parts of live game watching was seeing friends and having new friends whom I comfortably share the cheers with. The team was as I said earlier, mighty because of their visible passion and perseverance to win and do their best, not good in Basketball analyzing though, I admit I’m just a novice but the hell I care? Everything could be learned if you enjoy what you are supposed to be learning. Well, as I’ve said I’m still a novice so I couldn't give more of Basketball Terms and commentaries for now, sorry for that, I just know the basics, poor me. Me and my courtside friends were so excited that they made it on Semis, Jeez, that’s awesome not like last 2010, oh well, haven’t seen those events because I’m in the mountains for hospital work. Aside for Tiuperman, the well love gorgeous and skillful Chris Tiu and other players mainly Jayvee Casio, a fantastic intellectual one in my own viewpoint as well as Mark Barroca for his speed, imports Marcus Douthit and Chris Lutz, all were awesome.

Semis Playoffs was a bit bitter and sad. Game 1 had close scores with just a point of difference, that’s heartbreak. So glad in a sense that I met one of my favorite Tiunatic friends, Krystine and made her dream of seeing CT happen though so much wasted from door to door measles vaccination campaign. I had an experience with Karen to walk from Cubao to Ortigas and spend the rest of the night chit chatting and that was not a joke, it made me dizzy and limp though we enjoyed each other’s company. Game2, the second heartbreak game was terrible, the difference was so far and it’s really upsetting like “Roaaarrr!” with BGK Fans’ cheer with some sarcasm and insults. The aftermath was an epic fail, so the other unrelated catastrophe, I wouldn’t mention it, that day was the most depressing of all Playoffs game. Game 3 is luck, we all wore blue as a sign of loyal support and even made a tarpaulin banner so huge that a significant person needed to smuggle it out and fought with security guards in order to display them, it’s an epic battle. Seeing BGK fans walk out with scowling faces is amusing. It’s also the day when TIUnatics FB Group Admins were complete and it’s really nice to see to pictures of us four. At last, Easter Sunday, crucial day, I almost failed to watch it live because of being impoverished, thanks to a friend for filling it up and I’m really grateful for that. It’s a super HEARTBREAK. I thought they would be able to maintain the lead till the 4th but BGK is very lethal and it’s like a slow poison eating them up. I hate those BGK players who act very physical and its nerve racking seeing them slowly and slowly beaten up. That’s a major fail! The banner tarpaulin was shown on the screen with me and my mates holding it but I failed to see it because of multi tasking eyes. That depressed us, so much that I felt sad all those minutes of transporting home. I was so emotional but I never cried, will miss watching live and seeing those faces whom I enjoyed company but it’s never a lost after all. The support and love for the team will always remain and for now, we are so much excited for FIBA.


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Karen Feaster
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  1. Eynah 유6:27 AM

    I love this. :)) Okay lang kahit hindi nakapasok sa finals ang GILAS. What's important is you never fail to show undying support for the team. That's what they mostly need at the moment. And also, new companies to keep, new friendship. Dun pa lang winner na.

    I'm praying for their FIBA game. Good vibes lang. Let's go GILAS! :))