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Sunday, March 08, 2015

[Sports] DLSU's Ara Galang Shook the whole Philippine Volleyball Community and Social Media after having Major Injuries

In pain.
[PHOTO CREDITS: Mr. Josh Albelda. No Copyrights Infringement Intended]

Stars do shine giving us light to guide and inspire but what if that bright light all of the sudden vanish? That was what we felt last Saturday (March 07, 2015) when De la Salle’s star player, Ara Galang suffered a very painful blow after an ugly landing from a hit to their opponent resulting in major injuries in her left knee which were then specified as MCL Tear, ACL Tear, Big Bone Bruise and Medial Meniscal Tear as the article on ABS-CBN sports website posted. It was indeed very painful for all when they saw the Queen Spiker on the floor crying hard with grimace as her pain level was reported as 10/10 which is the maximum.

Ara doing her show with a big smile and energy.
[PHOTO CREDITS: Mr. Joseph Nebrida of No Copyrights Infringement Intended]

The heavens were in favour of the green girls as they were dominating the sets (26-24, 21-25, 25-18, 25-21) versus National University Lady Bulldogs that beat them on their first game of the twice-to-beat stepladder format that would decide what team will compete with Ateneo in the finals. The incident happened in the fourth set in the middle of her intense energy and ruling the court with her A-Game.

Ara was rushed immediately to the dugout and the worried Lady Spikers continued with Justine Tiu who replaced her finished the game making them qualified for the Finals for eight straight years. The volleyball community as well as their fans were in shock and disbelief of what had happened to this very promising athlete. A mix of heartbreak and concern was all that we felt as they lifted her on a stretcher crying in severe pain. The social media was flooded with tweets and posts hoping and praying for her recovery as well as hard feelings of sadness and disbelief of what she went through.

Those sweet smiles and powerful spikes she gave showed how she wanted her team to win, to inspire her teammates and show the world that she can lift her team as a captain. She gave all her best in it. What overwhelming was that the hashtag #PrayForAraGalang trended for a day and a half on Twitter being twitted by big names in the Philippine Volleyball nowadays, no rivalries and competitions. All for Ara. All those posts in social media prove that she is a very good and inspiring athlete by touching all of our hearts on that evening.

Ara trended on Twitter for almost a day and a half.

 But there was a sad reality all of us who support and admire her would have to face – her season 77 is now ended and will not be able to play in the finals anymore due to the severity of her injuries. Reading those updates added more to the heartbreak, the Aramazing passionate and very promising spiker was out. They said that the estimated healing time is 8 months, that means that there is no possibly for her to play in U-23, SEA Games and still uncertain for Season 78. We all know that she worked and trained in all her best just to give her team championship redemption this season. She is truly a sports superhero by all respects.

Earlier, Ara posted on her Instagram account that she still believes in her team and will be with them spiritually also thanking those people who are encouraging and motivating her. I love how she is handling things in her condition today by praising God and feeling so blessed for the love and care she receives from everybody.

Resting well with her partner and good friends.
[CREDITS to Kim Fajardo on Twitter]

We love and support you for always Ara.

Way to go captain! What you have shown us by your perseverance, dedication, passion and humility is more than any individual awards or championship titles an athlete could achieve, you may have lost your playing times this season but to your fans, you are the champion, the most valuable player they will look upon with respect and inspiration. -FAF

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

PLDT Ultera Brings Volleyball Fans and Supporters Closer to their Favorite National Team Players and Sport in General Trias Cavite

Heads up to Team Amihan and Bagwis National Volleyball Teams! [Photo Credits to Ms. Bianca Frost aka Beverly Hawksworth]

Long ago, volleyball used to be a quiet sport in the Philippines, in a country who patronizes Basketball and Boxing as main focus constantly eyeing to win in international competitions and in Olympics. We had Smart Gilas Team Pilipinas that got it big on FIBA and the Philippine AZKALS Football Team that rocked Asia and made Filipinos proud. Now, Volleyball is rapidly winning each of our hearts. Let us give credits to the fantastic and highly talented collegiate players of UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines) and NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association of the Philippines) and the experienced and very skillful players of Shakey’s V-League. From these athletic groups, our very own Volleyball National Teams: Amihan Women’s Volleyball Team and Bagwis Men’s Volleyball Team are now in spotlight as Filipinos were now embracing the sport in tighter grips than before. To add, the line-ups of the players are more promising that we could pray and hope for a brighter future for Philippine Volleyball for these national teams to achieve greater heights and make us more proud in competing internationally.

The prettiest volleybelle Rachel Ann Daquiz on the motorcade. [Photo Credits to Ms. Bianca Frost aka Beverly Hawksworth]

Pinoy fans are the best!  [Photo Credits to Ms. Bianca Frost aka Beverly Hawksworth]

Last February 22, 2015, PLDT Ultera spearheaded their first stop in the series of events that aims to bring the sport closer to the Filipino masses for them to meet their National Team idols in person and also to the players to express their gratitude on the continuous support and bringing them where they are today. Through this event, the Filipinos especially the youth would be inspired to play and appreciate Volleyball more. With happy hearts and warm welcome they played and interacted with the very humble players they admire and love.

Bagwis!  [Photo Credits to Ms. Bianca Frost aka Beverly Hawksworth]
Amihan!  [Photo Credits to Ms. Bianca Frost aka Beverly Hawksworth]
Drills and Warm-Ups by Phenom Eagle and Iron Eagle.  [Photo Credits to Ms. Bianca Frost aka Beverly Hawksworth]
Game with the locals.  [Photo Credits to Ms. Bianca Frost aka Beverly Hawksworth]

The Youth.  [Photo Credits to Ms. Bianca Frost aka Beverly Hawksworth]

This first leg was held in General Trias, Cavite at 9am and the venue was in General Trias Sports Complex after a motorcade attended by popular Volleyball Players like Jen Reyes, Aiza Maizo and Peter Torres followed by drills and learning the basics of volleyball as taught by star members of the team. There was also a game between the two teams and the Gen. Trias citizens and the sought after meet and greet where smiles surrounded the place as they had this chance of meeting their favorite players in person.

Powerhouse.  [Photo Credits to Ms. Bianca Frost aka Beverly Hawksworth]

The two captains. Rivalry?! What rivalry?!!! :)  [Photo Credits to Ms. Bianca Frost aka Beverly Hawksworth]

Present in the event were the star studded members of both Men’s and Women’s National Volleyball Teams (Amihan and Bagwis) who shared their time and effort to impart some of their knowledge and inspiring talk. To mention a few, what gave people so much bliss were the presence of the icons of Philippine Volleyball today namely Rachel Daquiz, Jovelyn Gonzaga, Mary Balse, Dindin Santiago, from the MVT Peter Torres, Howard Mojica and Mark Alfafara, and the very famous star collegiate players of the UAAP today: AdMU’s Alyssa Valdez and Denden Lazaro as well as DSLU’s power trio Victonara Galang, Mika Reyes and Kim Fajardo. I love those pictures when these five girls were bonded together like a barkada amidst the very intense rivalry of their schools in the court.

These kinds of events are truly inspiring and empowering especially for the youth. Let us wait for updates of when will their next legs would be. -FAF


Ms. BIANCA FROST | BEVERLY HAWKSWORTH (For the article and slideshow pictures)
YSABELA SIDOCON (For some of the pictures in the slideshow)


Friday, February 13, 2015

[Sports] A List of 10 Most Attractive Women's Volleyball Players ofUAAP Season 77 (2014-2015)

What makes a woman attractive? It may be the looks, charisma or being smart but what more when we see them play?

Since then, Men’s Basketball used to be the only mainstream and much anticipated sports event in the Philippines as well as in collegiate sports. People were in such frenzy whenever they support their Alma matters or just their favorite players.  These past few years, Women’s volleyball slowly is becoming main stream. Last year’s Season 76 was indeed very historic due to the intense excitement we had seeing very enthusiastic and passionate girls play their best for their thirst to become champions, we fell in love with them for that and volleyball rose to become the next big thing in Philippine sports. A game that requires speed, strength and mental toughness, these women captivated our hearts winning our support and admiration whenever they battle in between the net.

In this article is my list of ten incredible young volleyball ladies whom we love and admire. Forgive me for the order, they were all the best. We may have different rankings based on our personal favorites. Peace be with everybody! *smiles*

Court Nickname: Nicole
SCHOOL (TEAM): University of the Philippines (Lady Maroons)
POSITION: Open Spiker

Photo By Arvin Lim for ABS-CBN Sports [No Copyright Infringement Intended]

The great thing to describe the Maroons is that they were a fighter no matter what the results or difficulties they were facing. A known great scorer and fatal attacker, Nicole never fails to make us see how strong and smart she is, aspects that make her attractive.

Court Nickname: Kim
SCHOOL (Team): De La Salle University (Lady Spikers)
POSITION: Middle Blocker

Photo By: [No Copyright Infringement Intended]

Aside from her cutie pie mysterious chinky eyed serious stare, this charmer is an achiever since her junior days. She was UAAP Season 73’s junior MVP.  More charming and attractive when in serious mode for me, a kind of aura with intense enigma and at the end of the day, our eyes would thirst to see her more.

Court Nickname: Mela
SCHOOL (Team): University of Sto. Tomas (Lady Tigresses)
POSITION: Open hitter

Photo Credits to the owner. No Copyright Infringement Intended. [Sorry owner, just found this without watermark. Thank you.]

Almost all of us get easily attracted to meztiza girls but morena girls they say could nail their sex appeal on us. There is no wonder why Mela is one of the most popular Tigress nowadays. This kalog but sweetheart kind of a darling transitioned into a cultured young woman from baby fats. In between her sophistication as a student as part of her reputable school and pang masa Filipina beauty, we will miss her in yellow and black when her college days end.

Court Nickname: Bea
SCHOOL (Team): Ateneo de Manila University (Lady Eagles)
POSITION: Middle Blocker

Photo Credits to Arvin Lim. [No Copyright Infringement Intended]

At this very moment, I am claiming that Bea, the most promising rookie of all will become the next volleyball superstar in the future. As part of the team where all hearts are strong, there is talent and greatness in her might.

Court Nickname: Jaja
SCHOOL (Team): National University (Lady Bulldogs)
POSITION: Middle Hitter

Photo Credits to MB Sports Digest [No Copyright Infringement Intended]

Statuesque with towering height, we see her gentle ness and enjoying aura inside the court, a very lovely lady indeed with a bulldog’s drive.

Court Nickname: Alyssa/ Aly
Moniker: Volleyball Phenom
SCHOOL (Team): Ateneo de Manila University (Lady Eagles)
POSITION: Outside Hitter

Photo By Ramil Basical for Yahoo! Sports Philippines [No Copyright Infringement Intended].

What is the best word to describe Aly? Phenomenal. This young woman is undoubtedly the current face of Philippine collegiate Volleyball and we would expect her to be in the whole Philippines in the future. Highly gifted and passionate, we will never ever forget when she led her equally heartstrong fellow Lady Eagles to victory last season. A name dominating almost all individual awards tally and talk of the town in terms of her sport, an academically excellent student in her school and an always humble smiling face, who wouldn’t love Aly?

Court Nickname: Amanda
POSITION: Outside Hitter
SCHOOL (Team): Adamson University (Lady Falcons)

Photo Credits to MB Sports Digest [No Copyright Infringement Intended]

The kind of look that we always see in movies due to her “princess like beauty”, imagine a princess inside the arena spiking hard and running fast? Well, we are not in a storybook, it is just Amanda’s charm bewitching us. Charming eyes and glowing skin, aren’t we on a daydream?

Court Nickname: Mika
POSITION: Middle Blocker
Moniker: Taft Tower
SCHOOL (Team): De La Salle University (Lady Spikers)

Photo Credits to Ms. Tin Pe Benito and [No Copyright Infringement Intended]

Immeasurable charisma, strong personality, rosy white skin plus deadly blockings are just some of the factors why this Ms. Taft Tower since her rookie days has won the toasts of collegiate volleyball enthusiasts. Her charm is natural and without efforts, she could turn heads. The simplicity and genuineness in Mika make us adore her more and more.

Court Nickname: Denden
SCHOOL (Team): Ateneo de Manila University (Lady Eagles)

Photo Credits to [No Copyright Infringement Intended[

They say that you couldn’t have it all. When we think of Denden, surely we will doubt that thought. Athleticism? She’s the best digger and receiver in town. Brains? This gal is a BS Biology student aspiring to become a doctor someday. Attitude? She is Confident and heart-strong. Beauty? Need I say more? Oh  Denden, ikaw na!!!

Court Nickname: Ara
Moniker: Aramazing, Taft Talent
POSITION: Open Hitter
SCHOOL: De La Salle University (Lady Spikers)

Photo Credits to The Score of ABS-CBN Sports. [No Copyright Infringement Intended]

Photo Credits to Scooper Ong and [No Copyright Infringement Intended]

Many of you may expect someone like Mika or Denden to top the list but I am sorry for not being sorry. Please give me this moment to explain. Back in season 74, we saw this sweet humble rookie playing like a pro, no wonder she won the ROY from the start of her playing years. Her greatness today had been expected by some of us in the past and is not surprising as her hits on the court. We remember how cute and sweet she smiles on her braces back when she was younger to a very captivating sexy smile she gives us today and whenever that happens, our hearts melt in chaos of kilig and faster heartbreats. To add, her humility and quiet but excellent qualities are exceptional. She may be different compared to some of the girls in this list in terms of her outlook and preferences but my reason of why she topped my list is that she has this thing of capturing the hearts and attentions of not just boys but girls as well. Whenever I browse the comments of her Instagram posts, statements of admiration and even sexual identity crisis were all that I see and I can’t blame them. That is one thing that makes her exceptional among other girls.

Some aspects of being a winner, requires hardwork, dedication and learning but seeing Ara? SHE WAS BORN TO PLAY. Her form when giving those deadly spikes and service aces leaves us always gaping and asking “Is she human?” She has this strong sex appeal that just gives justice to her famous moniker “Aramazing.” --FAF

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

TIUperman Chris Tiu is the new PBA All Stars 3-Point Shootout King for 2013

How high a starting PBA rookie could fly? Last May 03, 2013, PBA’s Annual All Stars Event for 2013 was held at the amazing province of Davao del Sur. After the star studded motorcade and opening ceremony, players from different teams competed in the very tough 3-Point Shootout game. Darling of the masses and one of the newest and most popular rookies, Chris Tiu of Rain or Shine Elastopainters was one of the power cast participants and viewed as the dark horse of the said competition. Tiu had won in various the same championships when he was still playing for the elite Ateneo Blue Eagles in UAAP-NCAA All Star Games but winning in this contest gained him numerous praises and added admiration from basketball fans and enthusiasts.

Photo Credits: Mr. Nuki Sabio for PBA Images [No Copyright Infringement Intended]

Photo Credits: Mr. Nuki Sabio for PBA Images [No Copyright Infringement Intended]
After being away from the ball since their team’s loss on a knockout quarterfinals game versus Ginebra, his morning shoot around at Camp Genesis added by confidence and good form paved his way to winning the 3-Point Shootout Crown. He scored 17 points in the elimination which also happens to be his legendary jersey number from Eagle days, Smart Gilas days to playing as an Elastopainter, a good omen to consider. As a fan, I felt like my heart halted because he continued shooting in good form beating Nino Canaleta of Air 21 with 18 points and his former Gilas team mate/ college basketball rival Jayvee Casio of Alaska Aces who earned 13 points by his record tying 21 points.

Screenshots By: Ms. Leigh Ann Mora

Screenshots By: Ms. Leigh Ann Mora

This is a good sign for Mr. Tiu’s very promising basketball career. What more could TIUperman show in the future? We will continuously anticipate for more. I am a super proud fan!

-Flordeliz A. Fullo

Friday, February 22, 2013

Milo Best Graduates for Milo TV Commercial 2013

"Champions are not born, they are raised."

"Champions are not born, they are raised." [Photo By: Milo Philippines]

Early this year, the leading chocolate energy drink for youth and adults in the country, Milo Philippines launched their newest TVC featuring Milo BEST Graduates (From Milo Basketball Clinic during the past years with their respective caring and loving mothers as they share what they have on raising their successful children within the field of basketball. They are Chris Tiu (1992), Keifer Ravena (1997) and Prince Carlos (2006).

Chris Tiu by Mrs. Lianne Tiu. [Photo by: Milo Philippines]

The Phenom Kiefer Ravena. [Photo By: Milo Philippines]

Prince Carlos. [Photo By: Milo Philippines]

As said by the slogan, I agree that the foundation of a person is his childhood and how we were raised on these stages will reflect what we would become in the future. These three dynamic and lovely moms indeed are currently having their trophies on hand which is seeing their kids grew up well, competitive and excellent in their fields especially in sports. As for Milo, a child with enough energy and nutrients is an energetic and smart. -faf

Two of the greatest Ateneo Blue Eagles and their moms. [Photo screenshot by: Official TIUnatics]

Chris Tiu and his mommy Lianne BTS. [Photo By: Ms. Cheryl Tiu]

Friday, February 08, 2013

Ateneo de Manila's ONE BIG FIVE BONFIRE 2012

One Big Five! October 13, 2012, a day of blue blast, fireworks and a bonfire held  in one of the premier universities of the Philippines as they celebrated championships, lasting friendships, alumni memories and excellence in collegiate sports. Ateneo de Manila University’s eagles once again bag numerous achievements in this year’s UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines). Students, alumni, faculties, staff and supporters gathered to celebrate the event on a night of music, fun chitchats and pictorials with the players, booths, reminiscing and saying good byes.

Ateneo Blue Eagles Men's Basketball Team being interviewed on stage. [Photo By: Karen Feaster]

One of the most notable parts was when the community lead by the Ateneo Blue Eagles Men’s Basketball team paid their tribute to their coach who lead them to five consecutive championships –Coach Normal Black. Coach Norman bid goodbye to the team because he of his plan to go back on coaching into professional basketball. It was a very touching part. They played a photo slideshow and sang “Hey Coach”, an improvised version from the song “Hey Jude”. Also, five players were about to leave: Oping Sumalinong, Luis Gonzaga, Justin Chua, Greg Slaughter and their two time finals MVP, Nico Salva.

Enjoying the night with friends! [Photo By: Kimberly Ann del Pilar]

Blue Girls! [Photo By: Grachelle Valencia]

Coach Norman Black giving his farewell speech. [Photo By: Karen Feaster]

"Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat. Lalaban lang. Itatry namin ang six-peat para sa inyo.," as said by Kiefer Ravena, last 2010’s Rookie of the Year. [Source:]
Indeed, Ateneo community is not just a home for academically excellent students but also those with great passion and perseverance for sports and athleticism. -faf

Friday, January 25, 2013

PBA Rookie Draft 2012

The newly drafted PBA Players. [Photo Banny Bravante for AKTV-on-IBC13, No copyright infringement intended.]
The country’s professional basketball league Phillipine Basketball Association (PBA) held their Rookie Draft Event 2012 last August 19, 2012 at Robinson’s Place Manila. Players, coaches, PBA officials and hundreds of PBA fans gathered to witness the unveiling of new promising players which would soon grace the court with their exceptional playing skills.


Most awaited and talked about draftee Chris Tiu picked by Rain or Shine Elastopainters. [Photo By: No Copyright Infringement Intended]

TIU-natics. Super proud of their idol. [Photo By: Flordeliz Fullo (Me)]

Chris Tiu talking and taking pictures with his supporters after his first dinner as a PBA Player. [Photo By: Flordeliz Fullo for OfficialTIU]

 Among the top amateurs waiting to be picked were June Mar Fajardo from University of Cebu and was selected by Petron Blaze Boosters being to number one overall pick; Calvin Abueva with his beast-in-the-court image from San Sebastian College-R claimed the second spot as a new member of the Milk Republic –Alaska Aces. Also, all eyes in that evening were glued the former king Ateneo king eagle, Smart Gilas 1 former team captain, GMA TV host, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Christopher John Tiu who did not only conquer the hearts of girls but also the basketball world as well with him trending on twitter when he filed his application for drafting on August 13, 2012 which was also the last day of filing. Tiu landed on the 7th spot and was selected by Rain or Shine Elastopainters.

With my buddies. Hah! Our feet never got tired of standing there for hours! [Photo By: Flordeliz Fullo (Me)

 This year’s draft was indeed exciting because these players were seen with passion in the sport that basketball analyst, players and fans experienced some kind excitement of what these players could bring and exhibit this year. Our friends never missed the chance to witness this event and though we stood there for many hours within a congested environment of different people who also went there to see the players, it was indeed bliss to hear Chris being picked with pride as we supported him since his Ateneo Blue Eagle days. There were great UAAP players too who had been a part of our basketball-fangirling world since then. -FAF

Here is the list of all draftees with their corresponding teams:

First round
1. Petron Blaze – June Mar Fajardo
2. Alaska – Calvin Abueva
3. Petron Blaze – Alex Mallari
4. Meralco – Cliff Hodge
5. Barako Bull – Aldrech Ramos
6. Ginebra – Chris Ellis
7. Rain or Shine – Chris Tiu
8. Ginebra – Keith Jensen
9. GlobalPort (from B-MEG) – Vic Manuel
10. GlobalPort – Jason Deutchmann

Second round

1. Air 21 – Yousef Taha
2. Barako Bull (from B-MEG) – Dave Marcelo
3. B-MEG – Jewel Ponferrada
4. GlobalPort – AJ Mandani
5. Barako Bull – Lester Alvarez
6. Barako Bull – Emman Monfort
7. Meralco (from Rain or Shine) – Kelly Nabong
8. Barako Bull – Woody Co
9. Alaska – Ralph Reyes
10. Talk ‘n Text – Jaypee Belencion

Third Round
1. Air 21 – Simon Atkins
2. Alaska – Karl Matthew Dehesa
3. Barako Bull – Ryan Boado
4. Meralco – Janus Lozada
5. Petron– Mark Sarangay
6. GlobalPort – Mark Acosta
7. Rain or Shine – Bacon Austria
8. Ginebra – Jerick Canada
9. B-MEG – Gian Chiu
10. Talk ‘N Text- Jason Escueta

Fourth Round
1. Alaska – Passed
2. Air 21 – Passed
3. Barako Bull – Kokoy Hermosisima
4. Meralco – Erick Suigitan
5. Petron – Passed
6. GlobalPort – Jan Colina
7. Rain or Shine – Jewel Palomique
8. Ginebra – Paul Zamar
9. B-MEG – Ramon Mabayo
10. Talk ‘N Text – Passed

Fifth Round
1. Air 21 – Passed
2. Alaska – Passed
3. Barako Bull – Passed
4. Meralco – Passed
5. Petron – Passed
6. GlobalPort – VJ Serios
7. Rain or Shine – Passed
8. Ginebra – JR Buensuceso
9. B-MEG – Passed
10. Talk ‘N Text – Passed

Sixth Round
1. Ginebra – Elliot