Wednesday, November 23, 2011

World Vision 12 Hour Famine 2011

12 Hour Famine is a movement in which the participants, mainly the youth was tasked to fast for 12 hours eating no solid food and join in some worthwhile informative activities, presentations and story sharing by various World Vision ambassadors, hosts and volunteers. The funds earned for the said event aims to help children in poverty who experiences hunger and malnutrition.

Me and my friends meet at SM Megamall and came there 8AM. There are lots of youth groups in there and I can feel the warmth of their awareness and willingness to support the movement. Some celebrities also gave speeches and performances in order to make distractions of hunger we are experiencing.

Somehow I realized that I am so lucky to have regular meals a day and felT guilty that sometimes I am grumbling at the kind of food served at me because I'm choosy at times and always had leftovers wasted. The children is our future so could we just imagine? If our present is hungry there is also possibility of a more hungry future.

Photo Credits:
Pewy Carandang
World Vision Phils.

Gief Flamigo

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