Monday, October 17, 2011


Flordeliz Fullo

Here in the middle of nowhere a heart is longing;
Searching for unseen things and repressed dreaming;
For those kind of memories were painful yet endearing,
Fearing of knowing things left my heart wandering.

My love for you came unexpected but I embraced it;
Unrequited forever will be though at times I still had hopes.
You were my shallow bliss in this obscure world we sit.
Beat by beat my heart summons tears with this reverie I grope.

Everyday, every hour and every minute there were sparks and sears.
Should I blame you for feeling this way all these years?
Seems like endless momentum this ghost inside me re-appears.
Like the stars, the visage of your smiles and laughs always endear.

Nothing left of being intrepid hoping you’ll feel the same way.
I just want to stop this heartache and be happy someday;
To keep you as a friend forever as I want my heart to lay,
Near or far, here in my heart forever you will stay.

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