Friday, April 20, 2012

Pottermore: An online world that will take you to the magical world of Harry Potter

Harry Potter has been a huge part of today’s generation and youth all over the world including most young adults as well love the character as well as the book series with all it’s adaptation movies to actors. JK Rowling did not only create a phenomena but a world as well.

After the showing its extravagant last movie adaptation, the whole world wept because it has been almost 10 years of living with Harry and the Wizarding World but it’s not yet the end, the magic will still continue as JK Rowling made a website created to fill our longing and experience the magical world online.

The site is named Pottermore in which all of us could relieve Harry’s story, play like a student wizard, read exclusive trivia, be sorted in one of four Hogwart’s Houses, make friends, brew potions, cast spells and experience many more surprises. We can also purchare E-books and Audiobooks there.

I was sorted in Gryffindor and it made me happy to be included in the most famous and important House. The colors of the settings as well as the graphics are so cool that it provides a great feel to the members. Each chapter and part does have surprises in which we could enjoy and learn. Brewing potions and casting spells may look hard at first but it was really enjoyable. We should thank JK Rowling for making Harry Potter World to penetrate in our hearts forever.


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