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Monday, October 26, 2020

Ang Henerasyong Sumuko sa Love (2019) - Movie Review

No Copyright Infringement Intended

DISCLAIMER: This review contains spoilers.

The Millenials are the generation known to be smart, intelligent, passionate and extremely driven to achieve their goals. They are also outspoken and fearless to speak up their minds and do what they feel is beneficial to them. Unlike other generations, Millenials encounter struggles in their social lives as they have full control over their decisions. This film features a group of friends that formed during their freshmen days. The film started when they were on an outing after their graduation. They made a promise to visit the same spot every year no matter how busy and occupied they are. Each four stories revolves on how they handle each of their lives, how society and career had an impact on their views about love and relationships

Ma’an is a crush ng bayan type of a girl. Circumstances pushed her to do her own branding hopeful to be an influencer. Many of the youth of today’s generation is a reflection of her where popularity in social media sites struggling to be someone who does her own ways and getting paid by posting in different social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram. The pressure made Ma’an to wear revealing clothes and naughty image just to attract followers much more when she learned that her ex’s girlfriend is a more popular vlogger than she is. While she becomes popular, the more it made her want more just to feed her insecurities.

Denzel is a budding bar owner with charisma. He love casual dating and one night stands. His dates even offer him to be in a relationship but he always denies and ghosts them afterwards. Not until he met a guy whom he will fall for and changed his view about relationship now wanting to have a commitment. Things did not go well because the man he fell for only wants an open relationship with no exclusivity.

Juna Mae and Hadji were both attracted to each other but they decided not to put labels on their relationship because Juna Mae’s father hurt her mother in the past. They both agreed into living together and sleep on the same bed but no commitment, both are good with the setup until one day Hadji exploded realizing that he wants more starting the tension between the couple.

Kurt, the alpha among the group is a workaholic freelancer pressured by his mother to be the breadwinner of the family since his grandfather did the same. He told his mom about his depression just to scold him that his life is good and there is nothing to be depressed of. Whenever he was with his friends, he seems preoccupied thinking about work and does not seem to know their situations. When they had a reunion outing after a year, tensions arise from the group starting with Hadji and Juna Mae then vented out the disappointment to Kurt. They left him in the resort before getting a phone call from Kurt’s mother that they found a suicide note in his bed. Hurriedly, they found they friend in the dark safe then hugged each other.

All these situations reflects the struggles of young adults nowadays. They do not have time to succumb in classic sweet romance as they were busy facing their responsibilities. It must have been better if each stories were expanded for us to be more sympathetic of the way they behave. A runtime of 120 minutes may not be enough. There are a lot of possible queries a viewer may ask like “What would Kurt’s mother tell him after he comes home from the outing?” Will Juna Mae and Hadji decide for a commitment after they reconcile?” The actors exhibited good acting skills, no doubt. Something in the plot is lacking that makes the viewers wish to have more from the characters.  This movie lacks depth although the concept is relevant in today’s society.

TITLE: Ang Henerasyong Sumuko sa Love


Tony Labrusca as Kurt

Jane Oineza as Ma’an

Albie Casiṅo as Hadj

Myrtle Sarrosa as Juna Mae

Jerome Ponce as Denzel


DIRECTOR: Jason Paul Laxamana

WRITER: Jason Paul Laxamana

GENRE: Coming of Age, Romance, Drama, Friendship

PRODUCED UNDER: Regal Films, Largavista Entertainment



Friday, September 23, 2016

[TV Series] Doctors 2016 - Korean Drama Review

TITLE: Doctors

YEAR: 2016

TV NETWORK: Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), South Korea

DIRECTOR: Oh-Choon-Hwan

WRITER: Ha-Myung-Hee


Kim-Rae-Won as Hong-Ji-Hong

Park-Shin-Hye as Yoo-Hye -Jung

Lee-Sung-Kyung as Jin-Seo-woo

Yoon-Gyun-Sang as Jung-Yoon-Do


The story is about a girl named Yoo-Hye-Jung (Park-Shin-Hye) who experienced family hardships in her youth, the impact it made in her facing her past issues about forgiveness, falling in love, letting go and healing. In becoming a doctor, her life revolves in treating her patients as well as interacting with her colleagues; the different kinds of lives Doctors are facing.


Korean drama fans all over the globe know that this drama combined two of the most popular celebrities in South Korea. Having Park-Shin-Hye, one of the highest paid actresses of her generation and Kim-Rae-Won, the country’s prime drama heartrob in the 2000s; gives anticipation to their K-Drama that this drama will soar high with their superb acting skills and superstardom.

Actress Park-Shin-Hye portrays a teenage gangster who has issues surviving life’s adversities, found refuge in her grandmother, admired her high school teacher then turned into a successful neurosurgeon. This role embarked new heights for the fans as she has moved into maturity in her role from sweet teeny bopper flicks in the past. With her pretty looks plus a hard side in Hye-Jung’s character, viewers will surely sympathize. The character’s metamorphosis from a being a rebellious youth to a strong doctor transitioned gorgeously. Though seen as quarrelsome with fight scenes, her charming looks still penetrated the scenes. Her portrayal as an adult neurosurgeon older than her age showing strong will and confidence is remarkable.

The male lead, actor Kim-Rae-Won who play Hye-Jung’s high school teacher, Ji-Hong not only added star power to the tandem, he had a lot of contribution to the romance aspect of the story, and he supported his female lead effectively providing  balance in the development of their roles as the story progresses. Knowing that it would be a Shin-Hye, Rae-Won tandem before watching made a lot of Korean drama enthusiasts curious on how the two leads would produce effective romance feels in spite of their age gap. There is this masculine aura in Rae-Won that spices up the scenes like whenever they had a kissing scene. An icon of his generation, age does not seem to be a hindrance for pairing him with a much younger female lead.
Both of their acting is natural and effective.

About the Story:

These are the central themes in which the story revolves:

FORGIVENESS: The characters’ past are complicated due to pain imparted by close people in their lives. Forgiving themselves to forgive others is taught and the struggles they went through to overcome the pain.

LOVE: Loving someone in spite of age, sacrificing for someone you love, how it could make you healed and happy in the end.

FAMILY: Each character does have a messed up life. Having a support figures in their lives paved way for their growth as a person. They have been a big part of what the characters have become. They are the ones who inspired them but there are also who gave them pain.

MEDICINE: Viewers could learn how hard it is to be a doctor, how they handle medical situations to save lives. I really commend those operating room surgery scenes, Korean’s are so meticulous in their dramas that watching will make you feel that they are really operating in a true surgery room. They also have focus on the patients’ lives in spotlight and most of them made me cry.

The series is a good watch not only for its romance theme but those who loves watching medical related dramas. Its combined themes  could give so much moral lessons about life, love and letting go of hatred and pain. There also are light scenes that could make you smile. It is worth giving a try not only for Korean drama fans.

Monday, February 09, 2015

[Movies] Burlesque (2010)

Burlesque Official Poster


Cher as Tess
Christina Aguilera as Ali
Eric Dane as Marcus
Cam Giganet as Jack
Alan Cummin as Alexis
Peter Gallagher as Vince
Kristen Bell as Nikki
Stanley Tucci as Sean


GENRES: Romance and Musical

Age Group as per MPAA: 13+


1. Something's Got A Hold of Me [Christina Aguilera]
2. Welcome to Burlesque [Cher]
3. Wagon Wheel Watusi [Christina Aguilera]
4. You Haven't Seen the Last of Me [Cher]
5. Show Me Your Burlesque [Christine Aguilera]


Golden Globes 2011

[Winner] Best Original Song - Motion Picture for "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me" by Diane Warren

[Nominee] Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical

[Nominee] Best Original Song - "Bound to You."

The storyline started when Ali (Christina Aguilera) a waitress in Iowa decided to leave her homeland and went to Los Angeles to follow her dreams of becoming a professional singer. Well, like other cliche, she underwent into so much hardships and failures as she tried her luck in a different environment. By chance she saw a Burlesque club, setting her feet into a world where sensual and artistic performances were a living. Like the usual success tales, she was rejected, then tried again working as a waitress and when Tess (Cher) challenged her to perform like she owns the stage, the start of her sparkles came in. Seeing her memorize all those dance steps and songs is a great wonder to me. How could a simple girl instantly got "Wagon Wheel Watusi" in just a snap of time?

As a cinephile/ Christina Aguilera-fan-since-then, I could say that the movie has this excellent and unique musical scores as well as the dance scenes. Cher and Aguilera, were a great pair because they have their names in the music industry. Christina's voice is so powerful with all those high notes plus great choreography would make the viewers entertained. The impeccability of club scenes and musical numbers including to that of Kristen Bell's were really fantastic with regards to the costumes, the stage and the dancers.

Of course we could experience the drama revolving around the lives of our two women protagonists. Tess is having a hard time thinking how to save the club who had been a sentimental part of her life. In the midst of all her adversities, Ali came like a savior angel who by her talent and voice, gave new changes to the performances in the club because she can sing live. In the end, Ali is a hero by finding about the air rights and Marcus' evil plans to build a skyscraper making the contractor buy the air rights above the club. On the other side, while on her flourishing career, Ali was in the middle of attraction to Jack, her knight in shining armor who saved her homelessness and one of the main reasons why she had the chance to stay at the club as a waitress. When an infatuated Marcus lifts her up and gave her a gift, Jack tried to tell her that some people were just into her because she is famous. The theme of the movie is all about pursuing your goals and to overcome difficulties. These two woman have their struggles and adversities and what is common about them is that they were fighting. One is passionate and driven to make her dreams come true and would gamble for chances and the other one is fighting to prevent the most important thing in her life from vanishing.

The love story of Ali and Jack for me is commonplace but sweet. Comedic parts were infused, I like the scene were Jack repeatedly said good night and end up making love with her.

Overall, I would say that this movie is great regarding the songs and dance numbers that we would not forget the quality of songs and performances. The acting were not that superb but we should thank Christina and Cher's voices for bringing nourishment to the film that it made the movie soundtrack an A quality. If you loved musical movies, then I expect that you already watched this.

Why you should watch?
1. Christina's vocal range and dance moves.
2. Cher appeared in a movie after quite a long time.
3. The soundtrack is absolutely amazing. You'll love the songs.
4. Cam Giganet is hot.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

5 Centimeters per second [movie review]

Movie Poster. [No Copyright Infringement Intended]

How long would you wait for someone to be back when you know it had took you almost a lifetime of waiting, longing and being stranded in a world you created deep inside your heart? This anime movie adaptation of a manga/novel by Makoto Shinkai moved not only my heart but my soul as a person who loves and values friendship so much. The story encapsulates rich and realistic emotions from the colors, crisp graphics to its heart-warming soundtrack which gave me last song syndrome for weeks. Unlike other anime movies, this one has a lot of essence because of its realistic story all of us could relate and fetch viewers’ attention until the very last minute of the film even though it yields a not-so-expected ending for romantic viewers.

Do you guys agree to this famous thought? Adolescence is a stage where we were developing not just physically but also emotionally and mentally. The two characters met and established a close bond earlier of this stage so no wonder they became emotionally attached when time went by. Looking at the angles of them having only just each other as companions and do not mingle with other younglings within their age, feeling comfortable being just together and him always protecting her, their sudden separation was super stressful yielding more outburst of emotions which is longing.
The kiss captured my inner senses, never watched an anime kissing scene that affected me this much. Symbolic is that cherry tree for which at the start they always run in front of it going home from school, the heartfelt kiss on that stormy winter night and the presence of it in the last part when they crossed paths with each other again. Also, not all young loves remain constant and ends in happy endings because this was just the first except for Tono who became fixated on his feelings. I really was annoyed with him on the second segment where he always that kind of a deep teenager staring always at the sky with paralyzed eyes. Maybe it is because I can relate with Kanae more because I too experienced her shoes once upon a time.

Yes, his love is so strong but for years, he did not look at other girls nor let it go? Good thing he managed to be strong enough in the end to kill all that bitterness and move on. As for Akari, I have read in the manga that she confessed still loving him but she bid farewell through a letter too and that she will always love him, he cried. As we can see, deeply she still had her feelings about her childhood friend but she is getting married now, maybe she was just considering her future and not just to be stranded by memories, we see her not so sad that she didn’t end up with Tono because she knows that life goes on, I conclude that she loves her future husband too and happy with him. First love really never dies but not all will end up the way they dreamed of.

As we can see, the story started in early 90s as young children to early puberty and the modes for communicating from a long distance were typically through a snail mail and old style telephone lines. Being on the same generation, I could say that love/friendly letters are much more sweeter and more exciting than today’s e-mail, social networking sites or video chatting despite the convenience, receiving a sincere hand written letter moves the heart and you can keep it on your cabinet too or under the pillow with the thrill of imagining how the sender wrote it with appreciation of his/her efforts. I began to fall in love with the story at the first segment when two childhood friends exchange letters especially when Akari’s letters were being narrated. On the negative side, it was indeed a hindrance of the two characters to communicate after the two of them moved into farther places. When Tono's letter was blown by the wind and Akari's letter was kept for years because she failed to give it to Tono- these circumstances wrecked their romantic bond. If they lived today where smart phones and social networking sites dominates the world of sharing and keeping in touch, maybe they could still be together now. With just one search on Facebook, Skype or even people finder sites, Tono could have found Akari not considering her choice to move on with her feelings after they parted ways. The film exhibited the development of technology from those mailbox days to cell phone age. We indeed are so lucky now living in the world of modern day methods of communicating and socializing.

For me the ending was not a sad end at all. When they crossed their paths each other again and almost recognized each other, they stopped but a speeding train appeared, we could clearly say that Akari never mind if it was Tono she have seen or not while he on the other side waited but smiled when the woman he saw disappeared failing to check if it was really Akari. I love it when he smiled because it says that he is now ready to move forward into life and start to live outside of his haunted romantic love for her childhood friend for years. He had been imprisoning himself due to that fact that he never had the chance to tell her that he love her when they parted while she had managed to move on with her new life while she was just entered a new high school. At the end of the second and first segments there are parts of me wishing they could meet again in the end like every other happy-ending-up-together movies, never had planned reading the plot before watching. Though the characters did not end up together, there is still that twist of positivity and learnings that in life, not all lovers who love each other so much would end up together and fate may have something in store for us in the future different from what we wish, hope or expect. It teaches us that life is sometimes not fair and we have to choose to be happy even if it means letting go of something that we know would make us happy. Being stranded like Tono makes us view life dimly and fixed when there are lot of things or people within our reached that could make us complete if we just take a look at them.


"There’s another thing that I must tell you. I’m writing this down in this letter just in case I can’t say it out to you.

I love you. I can’t remember when I fell in love with you but very naturally, I had fallen in love with you before I knew it. The first time I met you, you were a strong and kind boy. You always protected me.
Takaki-kun, I’m sure you will be all right. No matter what happens, I know you will grow up to be a fine kind adult. No matter how far you go, I will always love you."

"Every minute felt like an eternity time, clearly as if it had malicious intent, slowly ebbed away from me, I clenched my teeth and keeping myself from crying was the only thing i could do…" –Takaki

Friday, February 08, 2013

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Movie 2012 (movie review)

Rurouni Kenshin promotional poster.
The popular manga written by Nobuhiro Watsuki about an assassin-turned-wanderer samurai came to life as a live action movie last 2012 and stopped the hearts of its manga and anime enthusiast not just in Japan but around the globe with its entire wonderful samurai clashing fight scenes and gorgeous cast.
The story revolves around the life of Himura Kenshin, a kind heart wanderer samurai who offers protection for people in need or trouble with his reverse-blade katana which could injure a person, not to kill. His past occupation as an assassin ended in Bakumatsu war when he decided not to kill with a sword anymore. One day, he met Kamiya Kaoru, a lovely lady who is in charge of the Kameya Kashin dojo and later had a deep friendship with her due to her acceptance in spite of his dark past.

What can I say about the movie? Well, the movie reached the hearts of its viewers not just because of the story’s popularity as a manga and anime but because of the justified casting of its characters’. Takeruh Satoh was definitely the best for the role due to his resemblance to the anime character and terse moves when fighting with a samurai. While Emi Takei as Kamiya Kaoru produced such very feminine but brave-hearted young lady perfect for the character. I also like Munetaka Aori though I expect Sano to be a drop-dead muscle sculpted man, anyways, it was still good.

Some of the movie's notable scenes. [Photo By:]

The settings of scenes were rich that it really gives color and feel of the Meiji Era. I love those brown-leaves places and the war scene at the start; you can absorb the feel of those scenes.  Also, students would then be amazed of one Japan’s culture and the samurai would top that.

Values of friendship, following your principles and moving forward to life were exhibited. Kenshin now values life shows that any person could change heart and choose to renew his future regardless of what he is in the past. Here I am, waiting for a sequel because his and Kaoru’s love flick was not fully emphasized, for sure romantic fans of the story are now anticipating. –faf

MAIN CAST: Takeru Sato, Emi Takei, Munetaka Aoki, Koji Kikkawa, Yu Aoi
DIRECTOR: Keishi Ohtomo

Friday, February 01, 2013

Alodia Gosiengfiao's iBilib Guesting :)

Alodia with Chris Tiu, Bea Binene, James and Roadfill with the Calet Boys in her guesting as iBilib co-host. [Photo By: Anna Karanina Alfonso]

There are three celebrities in the Philippines who I truly love and admire and two them were Chris Tiu, the all-around man (basketball player, TV host, entrepreneur, products ambassador, environment/hunger/charity advocate and amateur pianist) and Alodia Gosiengfiao (cosplay queen, artist, blogger, amateur pianist, photographer and TV personality). Well they have these similarities as they were both from Chinese blood lines, Ateneo Alumni, pianists and persons of style.

Alodia's fansign for me. :)
It was always a little dream for me to see them together maybe in an event, a picture and had been crossing fingers that Alodia would guest in one of Chris’ TV shows. My wish was granted a week ago when Alodia guested as a co-host in Chris’ top rated science-experiments themed show “iBilib: Featuring the Wonders of Horus”, a Japanese franchise show popular to students and kids. In every episode, a female guest would wear costumes so as to say, cosplay costumes. People wonder what it would be if the Philippines’ cosplay queen would guest in the show. It has been a request of many fans for so long.
At the guesting, Alodia wore her Doll Heart Hong Kong costume on an episode with Bea Binene and her cute Neko cosplay costume in the second episode with Julie Ann San Jose.

Sad to say, I didn’t make it at the taping because I am working outside the country right now but glad that my friends requested Alodia to have a fansign for me. The episodes were to be aired on February 03, 2013 and February 10, 2013. -faf

Friday, January 25, 2013

Suddenly it's Magic (Movie Review)

  One of life’s questions is “What would you choose between the life that you love and the love of your life?”  Suddenly it’s magic is a film produced by Star Cinema starring Thai superstar Mario Maurer and the Philippines’ sweetheart Erich Gonzales.  A story between a Thai superstar (who is not far from Mario’s true to life career) and a simple Filipina baker that fell in love in the midst of incompatibility of their worlds.

The plot of the story is no extraordinary for there were countless movies out there about ordinary girl falling in love with a prince-charming-like boy and became happy ever after, so on and so forth. What I like is how they incorporate the theme “giving up something in order to follow your dreams” in almost every main character. It is not easy to choose between your dreams and your heart and it’s hard when you have no choice but to do so.

Erich’s character Joey at first resembles weakness for she felt so bitter of what happened in her past relationship and about her father who doesn’t acknowledges her as a daughter in public because she is illegitimate. In the middle of her darkest days, suddenly Mario’s character Marcus changed them all exchanging the sorrow with smiles even though they only just met in a short period of time and her to Marcus as well. Obviously, that’s the title was about-MAGIC. Love is magic.

The stardom of Marcus in the story also gives me a sense of empathy though I’m not a celebrity but because I’m a fan. For me being a fan means accepting the reality that people in big screen or in such very high state doesn’t always resembles who they are just to please those people of admires them and happy of what they show or portray. Celebrities are humans too, they cry, laugh, become angry and fall in love, sometimes to the person fans doesn’t want for them because they like them to end it with their love teams or other celebrities they like. Sometimes they wish their idol would break up with their off screen partners because of what they want for them. They were humans too and it’s hard for them to pretend their emotions just to promote something they were doing to be loved and accepted by fans and supporters. I am a fan of a popular celebrity for the longest period of time but instead of making harsh remarks about his private-lived girlfriend, I respect what w they had because I am only a fan and whoever the love of my idol would be, I think it is just right to support.

Scenes in the movie are very light but cool to the feel. The scenery in Ilocos made such an impact to me including the windmills, the festivity and the sea, fresh to the eyes. Thailand on the other note is great including the plants and the temple. It’s really nice that the two countries’ cultures were both exhibited in the film.

About the casting, I would say that of all Filipina young actresses who were capable to be picked to play Joey, Erich had this unique "pinay beauty" and visage that would look awesome to portray simple provincial girl look beacs, that could be the reason why Star Cinema had chosen her for the role. The other female character in the story is a stabber for the agonist role was played by Mario's phenomenal "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love" leading lady, Bai Fern Pimchanok. Her character in the story as the leading man's ex-girlfriend isn't that hateful at all for me.

So what is my favorite part? The scene where Marcus’ mother talked to him after Joey left Thailand made the most impact to me. In that, there explained why she became tough on caring for his career and how it relates to his father who left them. Life is really not perfect and it is full of choices. What we choose would decide our future and it will make us who we are. From being a weakling at first, Joey now emerged into a strong woman who can accept things as they are with a degree of rationalization of why things are unfair and that we have to sacrifice something for the sake of what we want to become.
It’s balloon-flying ending scene gave justice to the theme as Marcus had this balloon on hand for a wish that he would win Joey again then boom!, the happy expected ever after happened. -faf

Diected By: Rory Quintos
Produced By: Star Cinema
Written By: Enrico Santos and Vanessa Valdez
Main Cast: Mario Maurer, Erich Gonzales, Baifern Pimchanok

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Memoirs of a Geisha (book and movie review)

Title: Memoirs of a Geisha.
Author: Arthur Golden


The novel, focused on a magnificent yet endearing life f a Japanese woman who struggled her life from being a daughter of a fisherman in Yoroido to becoming one of the most respected geisha in all Japan is a story of sorrow, love, deceit and Japanese culture as well.

Geisha meaning “artisan” were Japanese women trained and nurtured from their early years to become moving work of art. They perform various performances for entertaining mostly men. With exquisite elegance and talent, they move, sing, talk and dance to please their client’s delights. Masked with white face powder and extremely red painted lips clothed in artistically woven kimonos, they yield such mystery that their own life stories are forbidden.

Some people in the west as well as those from Christian countries view them as prostitutes for they are not allowed to fall in love and marry yet they have special relationships, may be sexual, with their customers. After reading the book by heart, I realized that they were just born in a different society with different norms. Their affairs may seem to be lacking in “intimate feeling” or what we call “love” but they are still treated with respect and admiration not just like prostitutes who are judged as dirty and low. A kept woman, as what the geisha Sayuri had implied on herself is someone who is being taken cared of like a gem though not bonded with marriage because geisha were not meant to be married those days.

Of course I am expecting that each reader have their different kind of perspective of the selling of Chiyo and her sister, Satsu by Mr. Ichiro Tanaka if it was condemnable or practical. For me, Mr. Tanaka was just thinking of means to make young Chiyo’s life better and that is to become a future geisha with all its splendid advantages considering her beauty and cleverness.

Reading the book also provided me with such new trivia and learning of some arts geisha do. The first one is music. At a young age, student geisha were being taught to play the shamisen, a Japanese guitar like musical instrument ad dancing, the most anticipated performance and well admired by men because of their sensuality.

Physically, becoming a geisha made Sayuri’s life better that she did not suffer starvation and experienced luxuries that she would not have received if she as not taken from their village by fate. When little Chiyo decided to run away from the okiya with her sister, Pumpkin resisted to come with her because she already knows what it is like to be hungry and homeless compared to being regularly fed and enjoy basic human needs in the okiya.

When Chiyo became a maid because she disgraced the okiya by running away, her life turned harder and her future, obscure because she would be spending her life being a maid paying her debts not like when she is a student geisha with more promising life. Mother and granny may be viewed as cruel but for me, they were just victims of their society, and it is passed from generations of geisha. Auntie, however is more sympathetic and comforting, maybe this was due to her past failure of being a failed geisha that she was just concerned of the two girls’ future.

"We must use whatever methods we can to understand the movement of the universe around
us and time our actions so that we are not fighting the currents, but moving with them", as said by Sayuri in page 127 implies that we should make our destiny not by doing all that we want of what our hearts really feel. Sometimes, fighting the currents may lead us to destruction and bravery to endure and oppose what the universe will give us. Moving with the currents will make us safer as we travel along time because we have no choice or else we will suffer. This viewpoint differ from that in the west is due to their culture, we all know that geisha were limited of making their own choices in life.

Sayuri’s focusing of attention to Nobu was obviously not her choice but of Mameha. From the start, he did resemble an admiration of her cleverness that he was first attracted to a geisha knowing that he really disdains geisha. In some ways, I feel pity for Nobu the fact that having a feeling for geisha may lead to false hopes and deceits.

In comparing Japanese versus western eroticism, the main fetish of Japanese men is the neck of the woman as counterpart for legs in the west. This is the main factor the women in kimono show so much flesh in their neck areas.

Geisha are very superstitious and perform some rituals before going to the teahouse. One of these was sparking a flint stone as the geisha leave the house for good luck. They tend to always consult their almanac for guidance.

The narrative that Arthur Golden exhibited was indeed daring for an American man to do. Understanding Japanese women who differ so much in values, habits and attitudes from the west needs keen research and analysis to fully generate a translator’s note. The narration of Sayuri as the main narrative one voice character of the story captured all my senses that I, as a reader could place myself into hers and took me into a fictional yet sensual world of her mysterious and ardous life. As a woman, I could fully relate when she told how she fell in love, envied other’s kimono and admire beauty.

A geisha with a danna as what Sayuri have told is a “kept woman” but in my view of this relationship, they are still not free. Mameha’s full submission to her danna, who is the baron resembles being encapsulated into a world where the man have the complete power over the woman and she have no choice but to obey like when Mameha aborted three children as per requested by the baron.

When little Chiyo was given the name “Sayuri” in her debut as a new maiko, she felt that her young self died within her. The two differs in such way that she now has become more chained into another world, a world with deceit, suffering and beauty. She also had to submit herself to her younger sister and live according to rules. In the other way around, young Chiyo is still present in Sayuri because the water characteristics were still there like being clever, smart and a fighter.

The novel also has a lavish ingredient of World War II’s aftermath. We all know that Japan suffered hell-like deluge after losing from the axis forces. I have learned how it is like for the Japanese to suffer this event and how some geisha manages to survive though some of them died.

What I loved in this book is that as a woman, I can relate to Sayuri, we may be different in our life stories but I know what it felt like being imprisoned to a world you are forced to be in and you have no choice but to be good. Women are very mysterious beings yet powerful, they are stronger than men in terms or emotions and sufferings. Geisha may be looked upon differently by other cultures but for me, they should be admired and respected for they endured so much sacrifices and sufferings just to perform arts. They are the one of the most durable and magnificent kinds in this world of women.

Title: Memoirs of a Geisha [2005]
Cast: Suzuka Ohgo, Ziyi Zhang, Ken Watanabe, Gong Li, Michelle Yeoh
Director: Rob Marshall
Written By: Arthur Golden (Novel), Robin Swicord (Screenplay)

This movie adaptation of Mr. Arthur Golden’s celebrated novel has been a center of attention and criticisms of its viewers. The cast provided such a very powerful impact and realistic adaptation of its characters that they give s much justice to the roles especially my favorite actress Ziyi Zhang, a Chinese superstar and the two main geisha roles portrayed by Michelle Yeoh as the magnanimous Mameha and sexy Gong Li who played as Hatsumomo, the main character’s deadly rival. One thing is noticed is that these three main roles were given to actresses in Chinese descent not in Japanese which is the antiquity of the characters in the story. In spite of this, the cast emerged successfully depicting their roles as geisha with all its elegance and sensual effect. I so much loved Zi Yi’s makeup the she looked like a real Japanese woman with blue grey eyes which is the character’s most emphasized feature. The kimonos in the film colored my eyes and made me more amazed this Japanese clothing. Michelle Yeoh effectively portrayed Mameha with all her regal and grand posture as well as Gong Li who gave Hatsumomo’s character with disdainful yet dreary feel.

Throughout the movie, we can see that the “water” element was given emphasis whenever the scenes and settings change. At the start, the scene was that of the sea with Chiyo’s father and Mr. Tanaka speaking. The element were also present in Chiyo’s first bath in the okiya, meeting the chairman at the bridge, Sayuri washing fabrics during the post war and the last scene, after the chairman proposed to be her danna. For me, this is mainly because; the main character’s personality is seen with too much water which in Chinese astrology is smart and could endure sufferings just to achieve their goals.

Some scenes in the books were bypassed but the complete essence of the story was still there. My favorite scene was that of Chiyo by the training of Mameha transformed herself into a magnificent maiko looking in the mirror amazed at her self and that of her dancing with fans in her debut. The movie effectively exhibited the colorful, mysterious and captivating life of Japanese women artisans.


Saturday, May 05, 2012

The Avengers (Movie Review)

For comic book/superheroes fanatics, it was such a dream com true to see marvelous super people on the big screen showing up their different fighting skills and crisis being united as one team. I am personally impressed by Iron Man who bluffs his extravagant steely powerful outfit in great pride. Captain America on the other hand is as gorgeous as his captain leadership skills when they were fighting with the Chitauris. When people with unique superpowers are gathered in one bowl, the scenario of being whirled in a conflict is such a difficulty.

 Oh well, after such confrontations and silly but superb arguing with each other, the team then became an amazing council at the Manhattan alien war scene at the climax. I love the notion that none of them were more powerful, intelligent or skillful because they all fought with cooperation and equality of task.

Robert Downey’s acting hit my attention the most banging up his team mates with airy approach and when he’s on that powered red and yellow suit was such a stunner. A sizzling hot Scarlett Johansson melted the eyes of men as a beautiful fighting spy with Captain America’s battlefield leadership skills and Hulk’s anger management smashing. The number of Thor’s screen appearance though was lesser than what I have expected.

My Rating: 4/5

Here is the cast:

Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man/  Tony Stark

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/ Captain America

Mark Ruffalo as  Dr. Bruce Banner/ Hulk

Chris Hemsworth  as Thor

Scarlett Johansson as Thor

Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/ Hawkeye

Tom Hiddleston  as Loki

Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury

Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill

Directed By: Joss Whedon
Written By: Zak Penn, Joss Whedon and Stan Lee and Jack Kirby (Comic Books)

Photo By: Marvel Studios and Walt Disney (No Copyright Infringement Intended)


Friday, April 20, 2012

iBILIB: Wonders of Horus Taping

iBILIB Wonders of Horus (Philippines) is a weekly show featuring magical science experiments and trivia on how bizarre things happen like magic correlating them with science. A popular show in Japan, GMA Network got the Philippine franchise airing it every Saturday in primetime with Chris Tiu, Moymoy Palaboy and Isabelle Daza as hosts. The TV show was super entertaining and informative and very well recommended for students and kids.

Being invited to watch their taping was indeed a privilege. Thank you to the show's director Mr. Rico Gutierrez for allowing us through our friend Trisha. We are very grateful for such experience seeing Chris live doing hosting on for a rated TV show. The staff were warm, cheerful and very energetic as well as the gorgeous hosts. One word: SURREAL.

Photo Credits:

Trisha Pontillano
Arien Lopez
Karen Feaster


Pottermore: An online world that will take you to the magical world of Harry Potter

Harry Potter has been a huge part of today’s generation and youth all over the world including most young adults as well love the character as well as the book series with all it’s adaptation movies to actors. JK Rowling did not only create a phenomena but a world as well.

After the showing its extravagant last movie adaptation, the whole world wept because it has been almost 10 years of living with Harry and the Wizarding World but it’s not yet the end, the magic will still continue as JK Rowling made a website created to fill our longing and experience the magical world online.

The site is named Pottermore in which all of us could relieve Harry’s story, play like a student wizard, read exclusive trivia, be sorted in one of four Hogwart’s Houses, make friends, brew potions, cast spells and experience many more surprises. We can also purchare E-books and Audiobooks there.

I was sorted in Gryffindor and it made me happy to be included in the most famous and important House. The colors of the settings as well as the graphics are so cool that it provides a great feel to the members. Each chapter and part does have surprises in which we could enjoy and learn. Brewing potions and casting spells may look hard at first but it was really enjoyable. We should thank JK Rowling for making Harry Potter World to penetrate in our hearts forever.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Last Song [Book and Movie Review]

The Last Song (Book Review)

Title: The Last Song
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Date Released: September 2009

The book revolves on the life of Veronica “Ronnie” Miller, a teenager whose life is in a crisis regarding her parent’s divorce thinking that her father left them for no reason resulting in resentment and rebellion. Her relation with her father, Steve who failed to give his full responsibility as a father due to his divorce with his wife, Kim because of her affair is the center of the story as father-daughter love emanated the theme. The primary psychosocial task for an adolescent is to discover their identity and what to become in the future but in Ronnie’s case this stage wad deeply obscured by sadness and confusion thinking how her father left them for no reason. Despite of her rebellion, she still exhibited pure and gentle heart as evidenced by how she offered her hand to help Blaze, to save the turtles and appreciate her father bit by bit in the middle of the story. Falling in love is normal at this stage of life and her summer love flick with Will flourished her personality as she emerged psychologically into a young woman. Parents, no matter how imperfect and misunderstood they are always do have great love for their children and sometimes it is not felt due to misunderstandings and unknown circumstances. Steve Miller for me is a perfect father though he is not a perfect person. The author provides deeper meaning of fatherly love mixed with Christian values and sacrifice. We really should not waste time hating our parents because we never know how long it would take them to be with us in this world. In the end, the father and daughter bond was repaired by music which they also shared in the past.

The Last Song (Movie Review)

Title: The Last Song
Based on the Novel by: Nicholas Sparks
Directed By: Julie Ann Robinson
Date Released: March 31, 2010 (US)

Miley Cyrus as Veronica “Ronnie” Miller
Greg Kinnear as Steve Miller
Liam Hemsworth as Will Blakelee
Kelly Preston as Kim Miller
Bobby Coleman as Jonah Miller
The movie is a teeny bopper hit, with famous teenage pop star Miley Cyrus in the spotlight and the handsome Liam Hemsworth. Miley gave justice to the role with her musical abilities like that when she sang in the car with Liam. I also love the piano-in-the-garage scene which is my favorite scene. The setting of the movie with was in Georgia is nothing but perfect for the adaptation especially the volleyball scenes. Some important scenes in the book were also deleted like when Ronnie found out her mom’s affair which resulted in their parent’s divorce and the most emotional playing of the piano in the hospital which depicted the title of the story though they still didn’t made the movie less. A very lovely soundtrack with the song “When I Look at You” by Miley Cyrus provided much demeanor and depth to the mood of the viewers because it fitted the story so much. This movie is more than what teens should watch but for the whole family as well.


Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Hunger Games 2012 film (movie review)

“May the odds be ever in your favor.”, favorite line from book series’ film adaptation making it a worldwide phenomenon as it conquered not only the youth’s interest but of everyone who admired its rich plot, characters, settings and actors.

The first book of The Hunger Games trilogy, “The Hunger Games” written by Suzanne Collins with a genres of action, sci-fi and drama was released in September 14, 2008 and made such phenomenon and has been translated into 26 different languages all over the world.

It tackles the theme of love, oppression, starvation, politics, society and rebellion.

Released mainly on selected countries last March 21, 2012 and globally last March 23, 2012, it ranked third as best opening weekend box office regarding sales with $152.5 million in North America alone.


Jennifer Lawrence- Katniss Everdeen
Josh Hutcherson- Peeta Mellark
Liam Hemsworth- Gale Hawthorne
Woody Harrelson- Haymitch Abernathy
Elizabeth Banks- Effie Trinket
Lenny Kravitz- Cinna


1. The Reaping: Katniss’ act of saving her sister from harm by volunteering as a tribute touched my heart. She loves her sister so much and seeing her so weak, she courageously shouted in the crowd that she just want to take her place. Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal gave the scene so many emotions.

2. The parade of the Tributes: Katniss’ and Peeta’s fiery costumes raised my hairs. I think it produced such stimuli of courage and hope.

3. Rue’s Death: Teary eyed, I was when little Rue spoke to Katniss that she should win. We can see there the value of true friendship and care. I super love the kid!

4. Katniss and Peeta’s Kiss: We are not sure if Katniss really meant it or she has her full heart for Peeta that time but the kiss was just arousing. Love in the middle or a brutal game indeed served as their strength and power. Love conquers all!

5. Announcing of the winners: After deferring the new rule of two winners from the same district, emerging new love flick between Katniss and Peeta came to a very crucial conflict. Peeta decided that he should be the one who will sacrifice but Katniss’ wisdom of thinking they should die together defied the rule and the gamekeepers decided for the very first time that there are two winners.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Dream High (Korean Series Review)

Dream High, a Korean series produced by the country’s top television network, KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) in 2011. With all its contagious freshness and being infused into the K-Pop world it then conquered the youth, adults as well other nationalities. My friend recommended her DVD set to me and assured me that after I experienced watching this K-drama, I will appreciate K-Pop and K-Pop artists more so is the chance to get addicted to the genre. After giving it a try, my heart absorbed the essence of its music, characters, plot and the settings. The actors, who happened to be also mostly popular K-Pop stars, impressed my senses to the highest level. Six young people with different struggles and weaknesses endured fate by continuously dreaming within each of their goals met by chance and bonded with friendship with the help of their significant others.


1. The patience to wait for your turn as you strive and be stronger to face a brighter tomorrow. [Dream High Group]

2. Love endures all. Being in love could inspire even the most troubled person to rise again and follow his dreams. [Song Sam Dong, Hyun Shi Hyuk]

3. True friendship remains no matter what. Storms and terrible conflicts may seem to ruin, real friends stays at the end of the day. [Go Hye Mi, Yoon Baek Hee]

4. Being a star isn’t all about being attractive. [Kim Pil Sook]

5. If you want something, you should really work hard no matter how hard for you will surely reap your happiness in the end. [Song Sam Dong, Kim Pil Sook]

6. Your weakness could be your strength. Your disability is just a challenge. [Song Sam Dong]

7. No matter how strict or inconsiderable parents might seem, deep inside their hearts, they love their children so much. [Hyun Shi Hyuk, Yoon Baek Hee]

8. Prejudice is a thing for shallow minded people. [Go Hye Mi]

9. Life is like a comic book, you can choose who your character is and how will you end your story. [Go Hye Mi, Song Sam Dong]

10. No one is inferior. Sometimes, people just need someone or something to awaken your real talent and capabilities. [Yoon Baek Hee, Song Sam Dong]

11. You don’t need to be with famous people to shine and show your qualities. Being with someone you are comfortable with will unleash your heart and keep you comfortable. [Jason]


Go Hye Mi: Suzy of Miss A
Song Sam Dong: Kim So-Hyun
Hyun Si Hyuk: Taecyeon of 2PM
Yoon Baek Hee: Ham Eun Jung of T-ara
Jason: Wooyoung of 2PM
Kim Pil Sook: IU

I fully recommend this series to those young people who have talents but not so confident because of their weaknesses. You have my assurance that after you experienced this rich story and absorbed the values, it might become your inspiration to persevere.

Filipino fans should be really excited as this will air on ABS-CBN anytime this 2012.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chris Tiu's "Boy Pickup" Bubble Gang Segment Guesting as Boy Chicha January 27, 2012

Chris Tiu, one of the most celebrated basketball player, TV host, entrepreneur, product endorser and a youth role model captured the TV screens for another surprise. He guested on the most popular gag show in the country, Bubble Gang of GMA Kapuso Network on a famous segment lead mainly by Ogie Alcasid and Michael V. called Boy Pickup.

The theme is rap battle and each week, casts and guest exhibits their pickup lines and too bad for them, Boy Pickup played by Ogie Alcasid is always on the win. It was indeed a different and feel good moment for the Tiunatics watching their idol producing cool pickup lines and it trended on Twitter for the whole day after the said episode.

These were the pickup lines by Chris Tiu as Boy Chicha:

Birthday ka ba?
Dahil habang papalapit ka na e-excite ako.

Parang wala ako sa sarili ko...
Kasi nasayo na ako

Abs ka ba?
Dahil magpapakahirap ako makuha lang kita

Matalino ka ba talaga?
Kasi kung matalino ka talaga, sige nga sagutin mo na ako


Photo By: Official Tiunatics
Video By: GMA-7 as recorded by Dan C. Rivera