Sunday, April 01, 2012

Sad Little Houses by: Amparo Asuncion (Poetry Review)

Sad Little Houses

Amparo R. Asuncion

The sad little houses, the poor little houses
Crowded by the riverside.
The holes in their roofs, the cracks in their walls
Vainly they try to hide.

The stench of the river, the dark, muddy river
Is with them night and day,
Pure, fresh air may be had for the moving
But they can’t move away.

They can only stand by the bank of the river
Buried knee-deep in clay.
They can only stare at the drifting garbage
Until they, too decay.

And, pass away into ghosts of houses
Killed by burning sun,
Smothered with dust and then forgotten-
Forgotten by everyone.


As I look at those slum houses within the urban areas of my country, I just can’t help to thank God for giving me enough comfort to afford a simple, clean and comfortable home. Poverty is a disease in the Philippines, many are starving, begging for come clean water and most of all, a safe and proper house to stay. Some were nor homeless at all, they just decided to choose living in depressed areas because or proximity to the economic capital not minding how rich their land in the province that they just don’t know how to utilize.


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