Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Advices on how to have a very meaningful Lenten Season (Holy Week):

Lent is a period in the Liturgical year mostly of Catholic Christians in which they commemorate Jesus Christ’s Death and Resurrection for forty days. Christian countries celebrate Lent with great devotion and importance and consider it as a legal holiday as well. There are mass, prayer meetings, reflection sharing, TV stations play inspirational and faith oriented shows and in the Philippines, the traditional Visita Iglesia (visiting different churches), Pasyon (Hymns), Seven Last Words and prayer meetings.

Most people spend their Lenten season holiday relaxing and amusing themselves on a vacation because it is their only rest from stressful work periods. Here are some advices on how we could have a very meaningful Holy Week:

Read the Bible: The word of God is the bread of our soul as it feeds our spirit in preparation for eternal life and salvation. Without God’s words, life is meaningless. It would teach us, inspire us and protect us so why try reading some/more verses n a rest day?

Pray: Praying is our way of communicating with God and telling God our thoughts will make us closer to Him. God always listens to us.

Spend time with family members and friends. Show them how much you love them: Time is precious and we could not pull it back so spend it wisely. Tell your parents, siblings, cousins and friends that you love them or if you are not showy enough, then be sweet and make them feel special.

Listen to inspirational songs: Music heals and boosts our mood and spirits. Try to listen to some Christian music as they could lift you up when you are sad and motivate you when you are hopeless. I would recommend Hillsong songs for this.

Reflect: We are all living in a very sinful world that each of us has our sins. In this time, remember that Christ had died on the cross in order to save our sins and what we can do is to offer ourselves and admit that we are sinners. After reflecting, try to analyze on how you can change yourself in order to avoid committing the same sin again.

Make peace with enemies and make peace with yourself: It is really hard to forgive enemies but doing so could produce inner peace of mind and soul.

Go to a quiet place: If you have enough bucks, you could plan a vacation on different atmosphere like beaches, rest houses of the like as long as it is quiet, relaxing and stress free to charge and rejuvenate your mind and body.
May we not forget the LOVE of Christ He showed by offering Himself on the Cross, His eternal LOVE that SAVED us and will save us again.

Matthew 27:27-56, John 19:16-37, Luke 23:26-49.


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