Thursday, April 05, 2012

Selecta Magnum: Chocolate Truffle

Filipinos nowadays are going crazy about a famous ice cream brand by Selecta called Magnum. It is an ice cream bar on three different flavors (in the Philippines) with thick chocolate coatings. Popular internationally, it was just recently released in the Philippines this year. In spite of its talked about expensive-for-its-size value, it was still on trend and people even take pictures with it then post them on different social networking sites.

The first and so far the only one I have tasted is the Chocolate Truffle flavor, made of what they said Belgian chocolate mix, the taste is extremely sweet and delightful. Expensive to buy for a lot of people but for ice cream enthusiasts, a must try.



  1. Annyeong! Blog hopping! That flavor was the first one I tried too,,,pero too sweet! I love the almond and classic better...kasi Vanilla ang loob. Hihi! Thanks again for dropping by my blog! :)

  2. I like Magnum too except that it's too sweet for me. Thanks for the visit. Sorry, I didn't visit back right away. Happy Easter! :D