Thursday, April 05, 2012

Top 20 most favorite Switchfoot Songs from 1997-2011

There are thousands of bands in the world but only few of them produce such enigmatic approach with lyrics about of life, love and faith combined with modern genre of rock and pop. This American rock band from California touches their listeners with their unique Christian Rock. Being highly favored in their genre, they yield beautiful albums with meaningful songs over the years. I have been a fan since college and first heard their music on the movie A Walk to Remember.

The band’s extremely talented members:

Jonathan Mark “Jon” Foreman [lead vocals, guitar]
Timothy “Tim” David Foreman [bass guitar, backing vocals]
Chad Matthew Butler [drums, percussion]
Jerome Earl Fontamillas [guitar, keyboard, backing vocals]
Andrew Philip “Drew” Shirley [guitar, backing vocals]

Their great albums:

The Legend of Chin [ 1997]
New Way to Be Human [1999]
Learning to Breathe [2000]
The Beautiful Letdown [2003]
Nothing Is Sound [ 2005]
Oh! Gravity [2006]
Hello Hurricane [2009]
Vice Verses [2011]

With eight albums so far from 1997 to 2011 with numerous recognitions and awards, here is my list of TOP 20 Switchfoot songs of all time (so far):

1. Only Hope (New Way to be Human 1999)
2. I Dare You to Move (Learning to Breathe 2000)
3. Restless (Hello Hurricane 2009)
4. Learning to Breathe (Learning to Breathe 2000)
5. Meant to Live (The Beautiful Letdown 2003)
6. You (The Legend of Chin 1997)
7. This is Your Life (The Beautiful Letdown 2003)
8. Selling the News (Hello Hurricane 2009)
9. Vice Verses (Vice Verses 2011)
10. Free (Hello Hurricane 2009)
11. Stars (Nothing is Sound 2005)
12. New Way to be Human (New Way to be Human 1999)
13. Home (The Legend of Chin 1997)
14. Oh! Gravity (Oh! Gravity 2006)
15. Awakening (Oh! Gravity 2006)
16. Life and Love (The Legend of Chin 1997)
17. After Life (Vice Verses 2011)
18. The Original (Vice Verses 2011)
19. Lonely Nation (Nothing is Sound 2005)
20. More than Fine (The Beautiful Letdown 2003)

Wishing for more albums to come and concert tours here in the Philippines!


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