Friday, January 25, 2013

Suddenly it's Magic (Movie Review)

  One of life’s questions is “What would you choose between the life that you love and the love of your life?”  Suddenly it’s magic is a film produced by Star Cinema starring Thai superstar Mario Maurer and the Philippines’ sweetheart Erich Gonzales.  A story between a Thai superstar (who is not far from Mario’s true to life career) and a simple Filipina baker that fell in love in the midst of incompatibility of their worlds.

The plot of the story is no extraordinary for there were countless movies out there about ordinary girl falling in love with a prince-charming-like boy and became happy ever after, so on and so forth. What I like is how they incorporate the theme “giving up something in order to follow your dreams” in almost every main character. It is not easy to choose between your dreams and your heart and it’s hard when you have no choice but to do so.

Erich’s character Joey at first resembles weakness for she felt so bitter of what happened in her past relationship and about her father who doesn’t acknowledges her as a daughter in public because she is illegitimate. In the middle of her darkest days, suddenly Mario’s character Marcus changed them all exchanging the sorrow with smiles even though they only just met in a short period of time and her to Marcus as well. Obviously, that’s the title was about-MAGIC. Love is magic.

The stardom of Marcus in the story also gives me a sense of empathy though I’m not a celebrity but because I’m a fan. For me being a fan means accepting the reality that people in big screen or in such very high state doesn’t always resembles who they are just to please those people of admires them and happy of what they show or portray. Celebrities are humans too, they cry, laugh, become angry and fall in love, sometimes to the person fans doesn’t want for them because they like them to end it with their love teams or other celebrities they like. Sometimes they wish their idol would break up with their off screen partners because of what they want for them. They were humans too and it’s hard for them to pretend their emotions just to promote something they were doing to be loved and accepted by fans and supporters. I am a fan of a popular celebrity for the longest period of time but instead of making harsh remarks about his private-lived girlfriend, I respect what w they had because I am only a fan and whoever the love of my idol would be, I think it is just right to support.

Scenes in the movie are very light but cool to the feel. The scenery in Ilocos made such an impact to me including the windmills, the festivity and the sea, fresh to the eyes. Thailand on the other note is great including the plants and the temple. It’s really nice that the two countries’ cultures were both exhibited in the film.

About the casting, I would say that of all Filipina young actresses who were capable to be picked to play Joey, Erich had this unique "pinay beauty" and visage that would look awesome to portray simple provincial girl look beacs, that could be the reason why Star Cinema had chosen her for the role. The other female character in the story is a stabber for the agonist role was played by Mario's phenomenal "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love" leading lady, Bai Fern Pimchanok. Her character in the story as the leading man's ex-girlfriend isn't that hateful at all for me.

So what is my favorite part? The scene where Marcus’ mother talked to him after Joey left Thailand made the most impact to me. In that, there explained why she became tough on caring for his career and how it relates to his father who left them. Life is really not perfect and it is full of choices. What we choose would decide our future and it will make us who we are. From being a weakling at first, Joey now emerged into a strong woman who can accept things as they are with a degree of rationalization of why things are unfair and that we have to sacrifice something for the sake of what we want to become.
It’s balloon-flying ending scene gave justice to the theme as Marcus had this balloon on hand for a wish that he would win Joey again then boom!, the happy expected ever after happened. -faf

Diected By: Rory Quintos
Produced By: Star Cinema
Written By: Enrico Santos and Vanessa Valdez
Main Cast: Mario Maurer, Erich Gonzales, Baifern Pimchanok

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