Friday, July 19, 2013

Turning Back

Running in the middle of nowhere
Not knowing the direction, I am lost.
Seeing those enchanted stars yet no one is there
Oblivion and strange emptiness in everywhere

In this forever-like and exhausting journey of escape
Sudden impulses and temptation of looking back with gape
Destroying tiny fragments I tried to glue
Shattering my heart once more to becoming blue

This waywardness from weaknesses protrudes my desires
In spite of my other protesting convulsive sides
Seeing him not knowing me anymore with bliss

This old person in me gnaws in twist.

About The Poem:

Once in our lives, we become stupid never minding our pride, we look back into things which had make us happy. We are fools of our own confinement because we have loved and as tragic as things may seem, we will never forget that moment in our lives when we gave everything. Turning back is difficult, they say only strong people are those who won't look back but maybe it is our hearts. Recently, I tried to look back and I saw the world which I am not existing anymore, the world that became my world once, it shattered me. From that moment, I promised myself to never ever look back and continue running along this rocky journey. Soon I will find happiness, I decided to just keep on running even my feet are sore and my breath is short, maybe someday, someday, God will give me what I deserve or the one meant for me.

--Flordeliz Fullo

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