Friday, July 19, 2013

Voluminous Weakness

Voluminous Weakness

--Flordeliz Fullo

In this new door I entered, there is a large mighty tree
It has strong built with colorful leaves of wisdom
I was a savage little grass flower sprouted as you see
The shades of that tree supported me giving me freedom.

In a world of new things I am not sure I could survive
There you are giving me a hand making me feel alive
Your wisdom waters my tiny stem to firmly stand
You might be mixed up but you are a gem of the land

Day by day your extravagance weakens me
Those strong branches of you feel so hard to climb on
Stubborn, I am, for I feel nearly lost to losing on your shade
I want to feel you sway again but I am faint and afraid

Please forgive me for this flaccidness in me
It might not matter to you but now you matter to me the most
This tension of conflicting battles deep inside
I am still tugging these clashing things I have to set aside.

Meeting you once in a lifetime made me learn
You are one of the strongest and brightest trees of your kind
Thankful, I am to have witness your wit and charm

My apology for everything, this waywardness made me blind.

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