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[Sports] A List of 10 Most Attractive Women's Volleyball Players ofUAAP Season 77 (2014-2015)

What makes a woman attractive? It may be the looks, charisma or being smart but what more when we see them play?

Since then, Men’s Basketball used to be the only mainstream and much anticipated sports event in the Philippines as well as in collegiate sports. People were in such frenzy whenever they support their Alma matters or just their favorite players.  These past few years, Women’s volleyball slowly is becoming main stream. Last year’s Season 76 was indeed very historic due to the intense excitement we had seeing very enthusiastic and passionate girls play their best for their thirst to become champions, we fell in love with them for that and volleyball rose to become the next big thing in Philippine sports. A game that requires speed, strength and mental toughness, these women captivated our hearts winning our support and admiration whenever they battle in between the net.

In this article is my list of ten incredible young volleyball ladies whom we love and admire. Forgive me for the order, they were all the best. We may have different rankings based on our personal favorites. Peace be with everybody! *smiles*

Court Nickname: Nicole
SCHOOL (TEAM): University of the Philippines (Lady Maroons)
POSITION: Open Spiker

Photo By Arvin Lim for ABS-CBN Sports [No Copyright Infringement Intended]

The great thing to describe the Maroons is that they were a fighter no matter what the results or difficulties they were facing. A known great scorer and fatal attacker, Nicole never fails to make us see how strong and smart she is, aspects that make her attractive.

Court Nickname: Kim
SCHOOL (Team): De La Salle University (Lady Spikers)
POSITION: Middle Blocker

Photo By: [No Copyright Infringement Intended]

Aside from her cutie pie mysterious chinky eyed serious stare, this charmer is an achiever since her junior days. She was UAAP Season 73’s junior MVP.  More charming and attractive when in serious mode for me, a kind of aura with intense enigma and at the end of the day, our eyes would thirst to see her more.

Court Nickname: Mela
SCHOOL (Team): University of Sto. Tomas (Lady Tigresses)
POSITION: Open hitter

Photo Credits to the owner. No Copyright Infringement Intended. [Sorry owner, just found this without watermark. Thank you.]

Almost all of us get easily attracted to meztiza girls but morena girls they say could nail their sex appeal on us. There is no wonder why Mela is one of the most popular Tigress nowadays. This kalog but sweetheart kind of a darling transitioned into a cultured young woman from baby fats. In between her sophistication as a student as part of her reputable school and pang masa Filipina beauty, we will miss her in yellow and black when her college days end.

Court Nickname: Bea
SCHOOL (Team): Ateneo de Manila University (Lady Eagles)
POSITION: Middle Blocker

Photo Credits to Arvin Lim. [No Copyright Infringement Intended]

At this very moment, I am claiming that Bea, the most promising rookie of all will become the next volleyball superstar in the future. As part of the team where all hearts are strong, there is talent and greatness in her might.

Court Nickname: Jaja
SCHOOL (Team): National University (Lady Bulldogs)
POSITION: Middle Hitter

Photo Credits to MB Sports Digest [No Copyright Infringement Intended]

Statuesque with towering height, we see her gentle ness and enjoying aura inside the court, a very lovely lady indeed with a bulldog’s drive.

Court Nickname: Alyssa/ Aly
Moniker: Volleyball Phenom
SCHOOL (Team): Ateneo de Manila University (Lady Eagles)
POSITION: Outside Hitter

Photo By Ramil Basical for Yahoo! Sports Philippines [No Copyright Infringement Intended].

What is the best word to describe Aly? Phenomenal. This young woman is undoubtedly the current face of Philippine collegiate Volleyball and we would expect her to be in the whole Philippines in the future. Highly gifted and passionate, we will never ever forget when she led her equally heartstrong fellow Lady Eagles to victory last season. A name dominating almost all individual awards tally and talk of the town in terms of her sport, an academically excellent student in her school and an always humble smiling face, who wouldn’t love Aly?

Court Nickname: Amanda
POSITION: Outside Hitter
SCHOOL (Team): Adamson University (Lady Falcons)

Photo Credits to MB Sports Digest [No Copyright Infringement Intended]

The kind of look that we always see in movies due to her “princess like beauty”, imagine a princess inside the arena spiking hard and running fast? Well, we are not in a storybook, it is just Amanda’s charm bewitching us. Charming eyes and glowing skin, aren’t we on a daydream?

Court Nickname: Mika
POSITION: Middle Blocker
Moniker: Taft Tower
SCHOOL (Team): De La Salle University (Lady Spikers)

Photo Credits to Ms. Tin Pe Benito and [No Copyright Infringement Intended]

Immeasurable charisma, strong personality, rosy white skin plus deadly blockings are just some of the factors why this Ms. Taft Tower since her rookie days has won the toasts of collegiate volleyball enthusiasts. Her charm is natural and without efforts, she could turn heads. The simplicity and genuineness in Mika make us adore her more and more.

Court Nickname: Denden
SCHOOL (Team): Ateneo de Manila University (Lady Eagles)

Photo Credits to [No Copyright Infringement Intended[

They say that you couldn’t have it all. When we think of Denden, surely we will doubt that thought. Athleticism? She’s the best digger and receiver in town. Brains? This gal is a BS Biology student aspiring to become a doctor someday. Attitude? She is Confident and heart-strong. Beauty? Need I say more? Oh  Denden, ikaw na!!!

Court Nickname: Ara
Moniker: Aramazing, Taft Talent
POSITION: Open Hitter
SCHOOL: De La Salle University (Lady Spikers)

Photo Credits to The Score of ABS-CBN Sports. [No Copyright Infringement Intended]

Photo Credits to Scooper Ong and [No Copyright Infringement Intended]

Many of you may expect someone like Mika or Denden to top the list but I am sorry for not being sorry. Please give me this moment to explain. Back in season 74, we saw this sweet humble rookie playing like a pro, no wonder she won the ROY from the start of her playing years. Her greatness today had been expected by some of us in the past and is not surprising as her hits on the court. We remember how cute and sweet she smiles on her braces back when she was younger to a very captivating sexy smile she gives us today and whenever that happens, our hearts melt in chaos of kilig and faster heartbreats. To add, her humility and quiet but excellent qualities are exceptional. She may be different compared to some of the girls in this list in terms of her outlook and preferences but my reason of why she topped my list is that she has this thing of capturing the hearts and attentions of not just boys but girls as well. Whenever I browse the comments of her Instagram posts, statements of admiration and even sexual identity crisis were all that I see and I can’t blame them. That is one thing that makes her exceptional among other girls.

Some aspects of being a winner, requires hardwork, dedication and learning but seeing Ara? SHE WAS BORN TO PLAY. Her form when giving those deadly spikes and service aces leaves us always gaping and asking “Is she human?” She has this strong sex appeal that just gives justice to her famous moniker “Aramazing.” --FAF


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  3. I rarely watch UAAP volleyball though i used to find #5, 2 and 1 attractive the most. Somehow, their looks accompanied with their exceptional talent in the court? They really deserved to be there.

    1. Yes. 5, 2 and 1 were all iconic and excellent nowadays :)

  4. Some of these ladies can become beauty queens or commercial models. :)

    1. In fact Alyssa (#5) and Mika (#2) were always seen on Billboards and groceries because of their endorments :)

  5. I'm a fan of Denden and Mika. They're cool and gorgeous at the same time. They do well inside the court too.

  6. I I'm not really familiar with these gorgeous girls, but I think I saw some of them on GGV. :) Pretty girls with amazing talents ^^

  7. I am not familiar with these players, but I definitely envy their discipline and dedication. I tried doing volleyball, but it didn't work.

  8. Go ALysa Valdez! :) She looks pretty in her outfit :)