Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Finding Peace in Solitude: Me-Time

Humans are social beings. Aside from our basic physiological needs, we human beings long acceptance and affection. In a fast-paced modern world where Social Media is dominating, our social lives plus the pressure in our jobs to survive may lead to mental and emotional health risks. Increased exposure to these factors may have us acquire toxic effects in our psychological health. Having a breather is a need to refresh our minds and emotions in order to have a good coping and protect our overall wellness.

Solitude is defined as the state of being alone. Some may confuse this to loneliness but it is a choice while loneliness is a deprivation of human affection leading to being sad. After a hard day at work when all that you do is have conversations to different kinds of people and deal with so much pressures, not only your body is exhausted but also your mind. As much as possible you have to take some time for yourself away from social media and stressful connections for a while.

Being alone could help you reflect on things and situations you were handling in your everyday life. It will allow you have a clear viewpoint on how you are doing each day as well as possible solutions on things that are hard and causing you to be anxious.

When you have a “ME-TIME” for yourself, you can be able to control your emotions. May it be too much sadness, anger or joy. Intense emotions could lead to negative effects and may harm us in our judgements to people and situations. An allotted time to breathe could make us calm down our nerves. In that way we could attain the wisdom to act ourselves to what might be the consequences of our actions.

Solitude can bring us inner peace. It could make us achieve calmness and freedom from worries resulting to healthy mindset and emotions. Let us make it a goal to maintain our peace of mind no matter how stressful and toxic our world we live in.

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