Friday, October 16, 2020

What does heartbreak make you?


Every one of us went into a phase where we got our hearts broken. It felt like the end of the world and too much despair dominated our heads as if it will stay forever. Be it a puppy love from adolescent days or a long-term relationship, we could not avoid having the pain of losing someone we love through different reasons and situations. Some may take months to move on and some may linger for years. As long as you have a strong will to move on, how hard the process of coping, believe that in the end, all these will come beautifully. You will wake up someday not feeling the pain anymore and that you transformed into a stronger and better person that you were before. Cry all you want. Do not deprive yourself of expressing all those emotional struggles. Make it sure that in the end, you will stand up with maturity. Keep yourself from being exhausted by your emotions or they will consume you. Focus on the bright side of things. There is a saying that “How can you love others if you do not love yourself first?”

I am not a love expert or a counselor. As a person who felt love and had undergone a series of heartbreaks in the past, here are the things I learned throughout the process. Yes, heartbreak is devastating, hence, on a positive note; it could have a beneficial effect on you as a person not just in your future love life but also in your viewpoint about life in the whole. If handled properly, moving forward from a heartbreak is beautiful. These are the seven things that heartbreak could make you in the process.

 It makes you gain wisdom from your mistakes. Loving the wrong person, being in a situation gone wrong would make you wiser next time you will enter a new relationship. That time, you will learn how to handle things to avoid some mistakes from happening again so are the consequences of your choices. There might be something in your previous relationships that caused it to fail. Those lessons you had will guide you to a more mature and stable relationship in the future.

It makes you emotionally strong. After having a hard blow of the sufferings and sleepless nights of crying in agony, one day you will wake up like nothing had happened and the memories of the past can no longer hurt you. Going through a though time will make you a stronger person that could not be easily shaken and handle your emotions well enough.

It makes you empty to make yourself complete again. Heartbreak is a loss and at times, we feel like life is incomplete with that lost romance. We were blinded that we cannot do anything at all anymore. After you heal all those wounds, the void it left would be filled with fresh and new memories, a better tomorrow and adventures that are waiting for you to enjoy.

It makes you open your eyes to the reality of life. Life is not like in the movies or fairytales as what we were always seeing on television series and movies. Not all couples who love each other live happily ever after in the end. Sometimes, love is not enough to face the realities of life. It is about wise decisions. In our teens, we used to dream about our future first dates or weddings with the person we love and desire but life is more than that as we begin to enter adulthood. There were rough roads ahead for us to overcome.

It makes you independent in your choices. The pain of loss teaches you to be there and handle yourself well. No one could really help you heal but yourself. There should be a motivation to stand up, do something about your goals in life. Please remember that we are the ones who are writing our destiny. Do not let heartbreak destroy you; life has so much more to offer.

It makes you discover more about yourself. Sadness and loneliness are the common emotional effects of heartbreak. Recovery from it must allow you to discover the world around you, especially yourself. Discovery of the things you like, passions, hobbies and goals will make your life meaningful. In addition, there are discoveries of your emotions and attitudes that you can reflect to improve and nurture.

It makes you pave way to meet new people. Being single again will make a way for you to know and meet more people by making friends or exchanging meaningful conversations. Through them, you can acquire new knowledge about everything. Just enjoy socializing. Who knows you will meet someone whom will make your heart happy again. Go on dates, have fun. Life is short to be lonely.



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