Monday, October 19, 2020

The Beauty in a Heartbreak


That was years ago when I was in my bed weeping out of extreme sadness the whole night. I felt so empty of the truth that slapped me so hard. The person I loved the most cannot give me back the same feeling I had. It was like being lost in the middle of nowhere with no sense of direction. Love is truly an amazing feeling hence in reality, the more intense it is, the more risks of having to feel the same intensity of pain in return. Still, life have to keep on going no matter what. The capability to feel different kinds of emotions is what makes us humans unique. To have experienced attraction and intense emotion for another person is a gift. The joy of seeing his/her smile feels like magic. We must put in our minds what reality is teaching us, that not all love felt are requited. Not all love are given back in return.

I believe that broken things are beautiful. Those storms of extreme desperation will subside. There would surely be a rainbow of happiness that will follow in the end. The saying goes “It is better to have loved and lost than to have never love at all”, tells us that experiencing love, whether to lose it or not is a blessing. It shapes us how we see life and appreciate its existence. I understand how hard it is at first but overtime, you will emerge as a stronger person ready to face more of life’s challenges. Diamonds have undergone extreme heat and pressure to form into the hardest minerals of significant value.

In this journey, we call life, not everything is about joy or attaining what we want or fulfilling our desires in an instant. There were times when we should learn to let go of things that are not meant for us. Sometimes have to feel the pain to accept that things do not go our own ways. I hope this blog will help you find the good in what you were going through. This bumpy road in life gives us lessons that we will find out in the right time.

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