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Friday, May 11, 2012

Super Junior Choi Siwon and Lee Dong Hae's EDSA-Guadalupe BENCH Billboards

Combination photo of the four huge billboards.

A picture paints a thousand words and a billboard could melt a thousand hearts!- Just recently, thousand of Filipino ELFs (Everlasting Friends), the enthusiastic Super Junior fans which is Korea’s most famous boyband went in such frenzy staring and taking pictures as well as videos of their biases, the heartrobs Lee Dong Hae and Choi Si Won. In response to the ELFs’ constant support and love for the Korean cuties, the biggest clothing brand here in the Philippines have given the opportunity to get them closer to their Pinoy fans with advocacies to save mother earth.

That area at EDSA Guadalupe-Boni overlooking the Pasig River had been a home of Bench’s famous huge billboards in a way that it is located in a national prime road where commuters from north and south of Luzon exchange their ways. Former billboards gained so much attention because of their size and motorists tend to focus on them while on the road that it is considered to be an indicator of fame when a certain celebrity had his face on such giant billboards.

I and my ELF friend got a glimpse on a night time. We saw lots of ELFs there indicating we are not alone and it is so much happy seeing them exchanging smiles while taking pictures of their idols overlooking the Pasig River. My favorite one was that of Dong Hae wearing that green “Sorry Sorry” shirt, he looks like a doll and that of Siwon wearing a combination of grey and red top in the right.

Isn't the Pasig River looks endearing on a typical night will all these billboards? :)
Pasig River may look polluted and dirty in some way but for the ELFs, it is such an enjoyment just sitting in there enjoying the visage of their well loved Super Junior biases.

Filipina ELFs enthusiastically taking pictures of their beloved biases.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Coke 100 Years [Coke-Bench Fashion Show]

Coca-cola, the most famous soft drink brand in the world celebrated its 100 years in the Philippines with a fabulous fashion show in collaboration with Bench, the top global clothing line in the country held on Ayala Mall Trinoma in January 28, 2012. It was indeed overwhelming to get a VIP seat as one of the supporters of one of the most celebrated young matinee idol, Enchong Dee. His fans club Enchong Dee World was very warm and amazing just like their/our idol. Thanks to a friend for pulling me.

The event started with flashing of great Coke TV Advertisements on screen e.g The Truck of Happiness, “The OFW Project” and one of the most endearing ad I ever watched in my whole life, “The 100 Year Old Man’s Secret to Happiness”. The brand has been a part of Filipinos daily life as it is indeed the No. 1 soft drink in the country and also famous for producing such TV creative advertisements like those I have mentioned earlier.

Hosted by MYX VJs Chino and Bianca, the event showcased captivating performances by UE Pep squad, Philippine All Stars and the main event then the fashion show featuring specialized Bench apparel for Coca-Cola called “Coca-Cola originals by Bench”. Shining on the ramp were promising teen stars like Enzo Pineda, Roco Nacino, Steven Silva, and David Chua.

Of course the jewels of the event, Coke’s four main endorsers, the two gorgeous young ladies of Philippine TV, Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes, girl magnet, Joseph Marco and the reason why I had the chance to experience the event, the very humble, gorgeous and down to earth, Enchong Dee who surprised everyone by doing somersault in the air making his girl admirers berserk.

Indeed, it was a night of fashion, surprises and happiness which also happens to be the main theme. The red and white torrents of confetti added warmth to the night. Happiness feel all over made the event super awesome. -faf

Photo Credits: Karen Feaster