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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Why the world admires Overseas Filipino Workers?

Filipinos are known great employees or workers that is why we are scattered all over the world working in different jobs making us heroes of our nation by  increasing the economic growth of our country through remittances. In the past three years, the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) reported that there were estimated of more than 10 million Filipinos working overseas. There is a sum of more than US$20 billion amount of remittances from Overseas Filipino Workers in 2011. In the midst of poverty and calamities, OFWs sacrificed leaving their motherland just to provide more income and sustain their families in the Philippines. As they say, in almost every country, there were Filipinos working and we might feel a little homesick but for sure there were kababayans scattered everywhere.

So what are the qualities we Filipinos do possess that make us a huge part of a work force abroad? From the in demand health care professionals, engineers, seafarers, teachers to domestic helpers, we are considered modern day heroes and a great pride for our country. Here are some of the qualities we Pinoys have.

1. COMPASSION:  In everything we do, we Pinoys consider the situation of others. Our professional healthcare providers like doctors, nurses and caregivers work compassionately and take care of our patients in a very compassionate way with love and genuine care like they were our family members. We treat our co-workers with consideration and a ready hand to help in times of need and hardships.

2. GLOBAL COMPETITIVENESS: There is no doubt that we Filipinos are globally competitive. We work excellently in different fields, reason why no wonder we are in demand. Pinoys have talents, skills and intelligence making us gives quality services to our employers.

3. HARDWORK AND DEDICATION: We Pinoys work hard and value our commitment in every job we do. Filipinos go to work with passion no matter how stressful the situations are and finish their assigned tasks as needed resulting in productivity.

4. HUMILITY: As workers, we Pinoys could reach out and have good relations with all kinds of people no matter the age, race and status. We also could handle criticisms in a good way and be assertive to others with respect with and down-to-earth personalities.

5. LOYALTY: When Filipinos commit to something or someone, they will hold that as they were supposed to. Being devoted to work and to our employers is such a priceless quality we Pinoys do possess. Our loyalty is immeasurable that is why we tend to gain the trust of our institution, co-workers and superiors. -FAF