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Friday, May 25, 2012

PENSHOPPE LIVE with Ian Somerhalder at SM Mall of Asia May 24, 2012

"Thank you Manila for a most surreal day!Look at this pic of me&6,000 of my new friends in The Philippines.Whao" -Ian Somerhalder  [The photo Ian  Somerhalder posted on Twitter via Twitpic:]

 Recently, a scorching fiery hot vampire rocked the Filipina girls making the top clothing brand, Penshoppe trend worldwide for days. Welcoming the newest addition to the Penshoppe All Stars has never been this frantic and so much to say. Yes, Damon Salvatorre of the famous TV series “The Vampire Diaries” himself – Ian Somerhalder.

After his environment inspired photo shoot in our country’s wonderland, Palawan, Penshoppe have given a chance to his fans to see him in person and experience his magically sizzling presence last May 24 at SM Mall of Asia. The influx of girls going high and screaming like there is no tomorrow dominated the blissful air

Before the vampire arrives. [Photo By: Anna Karanina Alfonso]

Filipino Fans going insane! Oh my !!!that's a huge crowd indeed! [Photo By: Haw Santiago on SM Mall of Asia Official Fanpage]
 "I will be back here. I'll go to all 7,107 islands of the Philippines!" said he in an article by [click this link for citation]

Ian Somerhalder on the seat! [Photo By: Anna Karanina Alfonso]

Damon Salvatorre enjoying his warm Filipino Fans. [Photo By: Anna Karanina Alfonso]

After the event, he tweeted, “Trying to tweet pic of today in Manila!Amazing time,thanks Philippines for your love,screams and smiles-I'll try to send pic from Singapore!”

Can't measure the width of their smiles! [Photo By: SM Mall of Asia Official Facebook Fanpage]

Ian Somerhalder is the third member of the Penshoppe All Stars who visited the Philippines next to Ed Westwick and Mario Maurer. Dear Damon, Please come back soon! ---faf

The vampire up close with his killer blue eyes to die for! [Photo By: SM Mall of Asia Official Fanpage]
Photo Credits:

Anna Karanina Alfonso (my dear friend)
Haw Santiago in SM Mall of Asia's Official Facebook Fanpage (with no copyright infringement intended)
Mr. Ian Somerhalder's tweet via Twitpic (