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Friday, January 25, 2013

World Vision 12-Hour Famine 2012

Hunger fighters before the program. [Photo By: World Vision Famine PH Fanpage]
You will never know how it feels to have others’ shoes fully if you are not going to wear them. Some of the world’s children including ours suffer malnutrition and other health problems due to hunger. The face of them today is a clear reflection of what tomorrow would become so it will depend on us of what future we are going to establish with our concerns and actions in the present. Hunger is also a cause of death which could be prevented if we would just act and help each other hand and hand to protect our children from its claws.

The beautiful Ms. Tippy Dos Santos gracing the stage. [Photo By 12-Hour Famine Fanpage]

My 12-Hour Famine flag! [Photo By Flordeliz Fullo (Me)]

World Vision 12 Hour Famine is one of the biggest youth movements for hunger in the Philippines by World Vision which is a huge non-profit international organization that helps communities, children and refugees motivated by Christian faith. The movement’s main goal is to encourage the pinoy youth to be hard on hunger while raising funds and provide awareness to help feed starving children in the country. Famine 2012 is now the third in the Philippines since the campaign started last 2010. In other country there is 30-Hour, 24 Famine. It was held at Skydome, SM North EDSA last September 29, 2012 with the presence of WV staff, volunteers, notable celebrities, sponsors and most of all, those young people who had chosen to spend their time not eating food to get hungry to feel what other children are going through and to learn how can they help in diminishing to eradicating it.

Gloc 9 singing his rap songs which elevated the mood in the dome. [Photo By Grachelle Valencia]

Slater Young enjoying the activities. [Photo By 12-Hour Famine Fanpage]

Handsome Kaya-FC players. [Photo By 12-Hour Famine Fanpage]

Tweeting our thoughts to be seen in the screen, [Photo By Flordeliz Fullo (Me)]

Energetic Ms. Nikki Gil gracing the stage which her  singing prowess and superb hosting. [Photo By 12 Hour Famine Fanpage]
This was my second time and just the same as last year, it was blasted. We experienced hunger of course but the fun and learning filled our hearts. I admire those celebrity ambassadors who spent their time with us, the hunger fighters and shared their talents not just in entertaining us but helping us in widening our awareness. Also, those world vision volunteers should be considered as heroes for their heart and dedication to help improve and build hunger free communities for our future. It was always a pleasure joining this kind of advocacy and we should thank God that he gives His mighty hands in this form to reach out and feed the hungry. -faf

Posing at 12-Hour Famine glam wall. The two cardboard kids were so cute! [Photo by Flodeliz Fullo (Me)]

Being hungry had never felt this good! [Photo By Flordeliz Fullo (Me)]