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Monday, July 04, 2016

The Magnificent Calle Crisologo of Vigan City at Night

The Philippines is a very rich country in terms of natural wonders and cultural sites. Named as one of the New Seven Wonder Cities of the world, Vigan City gives us Filipinos pride with its rich cultures and gateways to our history. One of the most famous is its endearing Calle Crisologo.
A district well known for its Spanish style houses that are still standing throughout time, it is a mirror of what Vigan City way back as a major trade place in the North during and before the Spanish Colonial Era.

Calle Crisologo in Vigan City is where we will find Spanish Colonial type houses. 

Long ago, Filipinos in the northern part of the Philippines trade products, mainly from Chinese traders in the island surrounded by rivers. When the Spaniards came, the city became more financially flourished because of the Manila Acapulco trade. No wonder why the houses on the street were elegant and sturdy as what we were appreciating today. Built with strong bricks on the roof and high quality woods and classy architecture, those houses are indeed the treasures that connect us to the past.

Filipinos have been taking care and restoring these treasured heritage buildings.

Every corner will give you feels of the remnants of what wasVigan City like centuries ago.

Walking at this street feels like being transported in the past.

This is my favorite shot. The image of the lamp with its yellow glowing light gives such a surreal feeling.

Bright Lights.

Black and White.

My first time in Vigan City started on night time. A friend who happens to live nearby served as my guide in exploring the gem of the north. Seeing those houses with bright yellow wonderful lamp lights and posts gave me amazement, that surreal feeling that once upon a time, our forefathers used to live and trade in that area. As a history junkie myself, I cannot help but to picture in my mind that I was transported by a time machine to the time we were still a colony of Spain, when life is still simple.

This is where ladies in terno used to stare way back or maybe still are, who knows?

Those times when Roman Catholicism ruled and shaped the only Christian country in Southeast Asia back then.

Woods. Lots of woods.

Some houses were transformed into inns, souvenir shops, museums, restaurants and cafes. They give a lot of historical feels unlike modern establishments in other cities.

Horses souvenirs.

Souvenirs can be bought from Shirts to bags and key chains.

This wooden figurines would make a good additions to your collections and home decors.

Want some antiques?

Look at those bricks!

My shots were taken mostly at night time because we were so busy buying souvenirs strolling at daytime. The place is perfectly romantic at night with all the lights synchronising with darkness and serenity although there were active cafes and restaurants all over. Daytime is the best time to take portrait pictures because the houses were in real full colors. Shopping goodies, souvenir items like printed shirts, key chains, riding a kalesa and buying food specialties like Bagnets, kakanins and sweets is a must do at day.

Selfie with the horsey!

The wooden door.

The feels.

with Karen, Kath and Ralph.

My amiga Karen who had served as my tour guide. Their family's home had been my staycation. What a good and kindhearted family.

My friend pretty friend Krystine.

with a Kalesa.

For Filipinos and tourists, this heritage site is an interesting place to add on your travel bucket list. Not only will you learn more about culture but also experience and feel what living in our country had been like centuries ago.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

2013 Wow Korea Supporters Orientation

The country where art, music and beautiful scene and people live - KOREA. Nowadays, Filipinos patronize the country's culture and beauty through it's media (K-Pop music and Korean drama series) and these aspects makes us curious about what other wonderful things the country is having like more of their food, technology and beautiful nature and cultural sites found in this country of cute and talented people rich in history.

Korea Tourism Organization Manila was established to promote Korea as a leisure destination among Filipinos who dream of getting a chance to step their feet on the amazing land someday and to discover what more wonders it could give as a very beautiful and rich country.

Last October 10, 2013 at the Korean Wave Hall of the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines, K-Pop fans/ Korea Supporters were gathered to be appointed as Wow Korea Supporters at the 2013 Wow Korea Supporters Orientation. Their aim is to promote the country's tourism and culture within the best of their passion and love for the country. Among the lucky chosen ones was my dear friend, Grachelle Valencia aka Ylla who loves the country as though as it was her alter ego nationality. Here are some of the photos from the event, all credited to her and KTO as well. More great works and good job to the Wow Korea Supporters. Aja! --faf

You can Visit Korea Tourism Organization Manila Office at 26th Flr Tower 2 The Enterprise Center 6766 Ayala Avenue cor. Paseo de Roxas, Makati City.

Ther Facebook Fanpage:

Photo By: Grachelle Valencia

Photo By: Grachelle Valencia

Photo By: Grachelle Valencia

Photo By: Grachelle Valencia

Photo By: Grachelle Valencia

Monday, April 01, 2013

Cavite and its top ranked Tourism

History, Nature and Adventure – these are the three things that sum up the historical capital of the Philippines’ tourism. Cavite indeed is the home of important milestones of the country’s rich history from being the birthplace of national independence to its rich bouquets of cultural festivities and remarkable contribution to revolution during the Spanish era. Its name is derived from “kalawit” which means “hook” in relation to the peninsula hooking the Manila Bay. The province is indeed the closest to the NCR (National Capital Region) in the South making it the most accessible tourism spot to those who want to unwind in just a nick of time without hassle of traveling several hours. With its preserved forests and wildlife, surely everybody will enjoy nature while having break from the busy and stressful workplaces for a while.

According to NSO (National Statistics Office), Cavite ranked second place after NCR (National Capital Region) in terms of domestic visitors. With all its scenic nature and historical sites, no wonder why 7 million tourists visited the province last year in only just a six month period time.

Posted here are pictures of Cavite's rich and breathtaking wonders, reasons why you should visit and experience the province. -faf

Disclaimer: I do not own these pictures but you can click them to visit the site of where I got them from. Also, I included credits of their own respective web addresses for you to visit if you want to read more stuff and information about the province's rich and marvelous tourism.


Photo Credits: [No copyright Infringement Intended]
Aguinaldo Shrine (Kawit, Cavite)

Photo Credits: [No Copyright Infringement Intended]
Bonifacio Trial and Execution Shine (Maragondon, Cavite)

Photo Credits: [No Copyright Infringement Intended]
Battle of Zapote Bridge (Bacoor, Cavite)

Photo Credits: Wikimedia [No Copyright Infringement Intended]
Battle of Alapan Monument (Imus, Cavite)


Photo By: [No Copyright Infringement Intended] 
Tagaytay Ridge

Photo By: [No Copyright Infringement Intended]
Taal Lake and Volcano


Photo Credits: [No Copyright Infringement Intended]
Mt. Pico de Loro

Photo From: [No Copyright Infringement Intended]
Malibiclibic Falls (Ternate)

Photo Credits: [No Copyright Infringement Intended]
Balite Falls (Amadeo)

Photo By: [No Copyright Infringement Intended]
Mt. Palay Palay (Ternate)


Photo Credits: Island Cove Philippines Website
Island Cove Resort (Kawit)

Photo Credits: [No Copyright Infringement Intended]

Puerto Azul Beach Resort (Ternate)

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