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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Long Beach, San Vicente Palawan: The Longest White Beach in the Philippines


The serene shore of the Long Beach in the afternoon.

Having visited some popular shores in the Philippines, the Long Beach found in San Vicente Palawan was one of my lifetime favorites. The province is renowned for its world class tourism showcasing the very famous El-Nido, Coron, the luxurious Amanpulo or the far Balabac but this beach has a lot to offer just like the other beaches of the province. My visit last 2018 was unforgettable. I was invited as one of the bloggers to feature the very first Palawan International Film Festival spearheaded by our very own Director Dante Nico Garcia, the head behind the world class film Ploning. The festival not only gave us a glimpse of the movie entries but also of nature unspoiled in the quiet town of San Vicente. We reached the town after more than three hours from the provincial capital of Puerto Princesa via private van. Another method is through plane as San Vicente has its own airport catering direct flights for different airlines.

Look at those gorgeous colors of the sand and the sea.

The great Long Beach of San Vicente Palawan is the longest white sand beach in the Philippines. The sand is not as total white like Boracay’s, it is more of light beige and the texture is fine just like in some islands in El-Nido. It is one of the most promising tourist destinations that are predicted to rival the mainstream beaches in the Philippines although deep inside me, I hope that it could be preserved just as it is because of its virginity to commercial tourism and that its local residents will continue to take care of the beach for generations to come. The beachfront of 14.7 kilometers spans in four barangays that you can tour by a motorcycle or a car, those barangays are Poblacion, New Agutaya, San Isidro and Alimanguan.

This is me falling in love at the first sight of the beach!

Strolling through the expanse of the long beach gives you a relaxing vibe that could release all your stress and worries if you want to refresh your mental health and take a break as there are no huge crowds along the area. Those coconut trees along the Rocky Mountains surrounding the sea are just so divine and truly worth the travel. The sea is perfect as waves were high the afternoon. The color of the beach water is greenish blue turquoise, an eye candy for beach lovers.

Tropical vibes!

If you plan for more adventures to do in the town, you can try Island Hopping in Port Barton and nearby Islands and visit Bato ni Ningning, the landmark that will give you a full view of the long beach up high.

Look at those waves!

Sunset at GaStation. #InternationalPalawanFilmFestival

Priceless Sunset.


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Rijal Almaa Royal Heritage Village in Asir Region, Saudi Arabia

Rijal Almaa, also known as Royal Heritage Village is a historical tourism destination located in Asir Region, Saudi Arabia. It is 45 km far from the regional capital Abha. Rich in historical significance, the village consists of 60 tall buildings made from clay, wood and stone that are conserved for today’s generation. It is also a landmark connecting passage to other provinces and cities like Gizan, Makkah, Madinah and the country of Yemen. The architectural designs of the old fortresses are so unique as well as its historical significance being a center of trace during the ancient times. It is so photogenic that it will give off great pictures for your social media and learn about history at the same time.

Also found inside the village is a museum that exhibits a collection of interesting archeological pieces like ancient manuscripts, tools, clothing and weapons. Feeding your history geek self is a library inside the complex showcasing a huge variety of religious manuscripts.

Last 2007, Rijal Almaa was given the Prince Sultan Bin Salman Award for Urban Heritage. It has been announced that the government is on application for the site to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Truly, an important tourist spot to visit in Saudi Arabia.

Photo Credits to Ms. Rachelle Jane Lagura and Ms. Arnella Bontong.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Visiting Al-Soudah National Park in Abha

Al Soudah National Part is a part of a tourism village in Abha, Asir Region in Saudi Arabia. A vast place surrounded by huge mountain ranges you will enjoy sightseeing if you want a good joyride. Some do trekking and mountaineering within the terrains. Visitors enjoy the cool and humid climate due to its high altitude, a perfect summer destination.

We left Abha, City at evening then arrived on the mountains before twilight. We were amused by the geographical mountain structures surrounding the place with all the Juniper trees. Those rocky roads gave wonder on how they were formed.  It feels like a slow roller coaster ride while the sunset was approaching. There were fogs all over. One thing I love were the baboons, a huge number of these monkeys were playing and running around the edges of the mountainsides. Be sure to lock up your car window of they might go inside. You can bring bananas if you consider feeding them.

I advise you to visit the place before sunrise so that you can enjoy a clear view of the mountains as well as appreciate the setting sun. Truly, Al Soudah is a wonderful attraction worth visiting.

Photo Credits to Ms. Mei-Ye Madarimot and Ms. Rachelle Lagura.

Saturday, December 05, 2020

Four Words to describe Boracay’s Famous Sunset

It is no surprise that from the discovery of Boracay Island in the 70s to being a multi-awarded world-class destination, the island’s fame rose to the pedestal putting the biodiversity and its environment at risk from overcrowding of tourists. After its six months rehabilitation last 2018, it remains glorious as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Who would not be captivated of its powdery white sand, clear waters and one of a kind sunset? As we had this Paraw (double outrigger sailboats) Sailing Tour, I dared to take hold of my camera along with the heavy flashes of water as we sail in the middle of the sea. There would be no exact definitive word to describe the feeling of facing the sunset while you are in a boat but here are the five words I could give after witnessing this majestic nature spectacle.

UNIQUE. They say that Boracay’s Sunsets are not the same day after day. This might be literally true; hence, in my four days stay in the island watching sunsets every dawn, there are different forms. In the first day, it was fiery red orange while in the second day it was yellowish-pink and so on. It was like looking on a different artwork day after day.

ENCHANTING. Watching the beautiful Boracay Sunset makes you feel like you were being enchanted by Mother Nature. There is some kind of a magical feeling making you feel like you were in a different world.

BREATHTAKING. The moment the sun start to set is a show like no other. It will surely take your breath away.

PHOTOGENIC. For sure you want to put your memories on photos. Taking photos of the sunset in Boracay does not need to you to out on filters. The natural colors of the sky is enough to put away picture-editing tools to enhance it. It is must in your travel goals to take good photos of you with the island’s sunset when visiting.


I have been blessed to have taken good shots while we are on a Paraw. I was a beginner in using a DSLR back then but here are the settings:

Camera: Canon 600D

Lense: 35-55 mm

ISO: 400

Aperture: f5-22

Shutter Speed: 1/200 sec

Boracay Station 1

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Bonding with Friends at Bowling Town Najran


A night out with friends would be so much fun with cool activities that are challenging and fun at the side time. This was the first time we had bowling on a night out. Hitting the target pins. The more pins, the better or should we say, all pins. Bowling town is an amusement center located in Al-Faysaliyah Najran. They also offer other activities aside from bowling with a bar inside for having drinks and relaxation. I highly recommend trying this activity with your group of friends, the more the merrier. First, you need to pay out like 15 SAR each to register then form a group of four players for one lane. Then your names will be on a screen showing your records of strikes. Play your heart out and cheer for your friends. A must try for everyone.

Monday, October 05, 2020

Buddha Head in Growing Banyan Tree Roots - Wat Mahathat

The Head of the Buddha Statue Sitting inside the Banyan Tree Roots.

All destinations have these unforgettable sites tourists wish to have a glimpse of when they travel. Exploring Thailand would not be complete without visiting the famous Buddha Head statue sitting on a growing Banyan Tree Roots. It is found in Ayutthaya in an ancient temple called Wat Mahathat. From Bangkok, we traveled North by 80 Kilometers, almost 30 minutes by a bus provided by our tour agent.

Seeing the Buddha gave us to awe, different from just looking on photographs. The Buddha’s head encapsulated in the tree gives a sense of mystery of how it happened to be there. There were countless versions on the internet. Looking directly at the Buddha felt like it has some live aura in it that I can’t explain.

Security Guards were very strict in watching over the Banyan Tree with the head statue. They asked us to pay respect by wearing clothes not showing the knees and shoulders for women and long pants for men. The area is very sacred that as a tourist, we must show respect in every way we could. For taking pictures, our tour guide courteously asked us to be in a praying position.

One of the highlights of the tour was when our guide, through microphone gave us an account of the ancient city. Ayutthaya was the capital of Siam (the former name of Thailand). Back then, it was a very prosperous city famous in all Southeast Asia and to the world. The city was rich in agriculture, trade, and culture. Gold items were found everywhere from temples to jewelries of its citizens that in stories, gold were found inside the head of each Buddha statues that the Burmese took advantage of them when the war took place during the 1700s. The invading Burmese army burned and stole everything they saw. The Buddha head in the Banyan Tree Roots of Wat Mahathat was said to have been stolen by a thief but because of its weight, he decided to abandon it and take it back after some time. Over time, the Banyan Tree beside the head statue grew to encapsulate it. The mystery of how the face of the Buddha was kept intact by the growing roots is still a mystery to some but believers attributed it as one great phenomenon relating to their faith that we need to respect and treasure. I could say that my visit to Thailand gave me fulfillment seeing this as one of my favorites sites in the country.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Karting Race at Happy Land Najran


Happy Land is an amusement center in Najran, which offers a variety of activities from child friendly games to Kart Racing. It was our first time to try their Kart Racing session and it did not disappoint to enjoy the activity.

First, you will have to register your e-mail address, name and take a photo for reference. Your name will show up in your pass that you will present at the start of the race, also for reference at the screen after completing the activity. You will then proceed to cashier to pay. We paid SAR 49 for each person for a 15 minutes race. Then the friendly staff members will guide you to the Changing Room where they will lend you helmets and gloves you will use in racing. After preparing, you will then present your pass as you enter the circuit area. The staff will orient you on how to drive your Kart, the colors and functions of the pedals as well as adjust your seats for your safety and comfort in driving then the rest will follow.

For a first time Kart Racer, I found the session amusing and very enjoyable having done the activity with friends. The staff were accommodating our needs especially whenever I bumped and trapped into the circuit lanes, they were always present to assist your needs and supportive in taking your photos and videos also! Perfect for group of friends wanting to unwind and break free from stress.

Photo 2 and 5 Credits to Angel Bon Gumban

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Five Things About Al Ukhdud Historical Site in Najran


1.     Situated in the Southern part of Najran City. A fence and an entrance gate surround the place for the visitors. The visitor must submit a valid ID to one the guards before entering the site.

2.    The name “Al Ukhdud” translates to “ditch” or “groove.” In year 523 B.C.E, it was told in history that thousand of Christians were burned because they refused to renounce their faith to Judaism ordered by a Jewish king.

3.     Al Ukhdud is mentioned in the Holy Book of Qu’ran Chapter 85:1-10: “By the sky containing great stars, and by the promised day and by the witness and what is witnessed, cursed were the companions of the trench, containing the fire full of fuel. When they were sitting near it and they, to what they were doing against the believers, were witnesses. And they resented them not because they believed in Allah, the Exalted in might, the Praiseworthy. To whom belongs the dominion of heavens and earth. And Allah, over all things is witness. Indeed, those who have tortured the burning men and burning women and then have not repented will have the punishment of Hell, and they will have the punishment of the Burning Fire.

4.    The place was once a part of Yemen then in 1934 it became a part of the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

5.    Home to artifacts and important historical and archaeological discoveries not just for the whole kingdom but for all Arabian Peninsula as well. On the walls were old carvings of manuscripts and drawings of animals and symbols dating back from Byzantine, Umayyad and Abbasid periods. There were relics of ancient houses and a mosque as evidenced by blocks and pebbles in the area.

Friday, August 17, 2018

[Travel]: A stay in Cabana Republic - Puerto Princesa

A leisure travel to Puerto Princesa, one of the most peaceful and largest cities in the Philippines will surely give travelers an awesome experience from backpackers to those who are just wanting a peaceful stay. From museums, beautiful beaches and savory food escapades, the city have so much to offer.

The view alone is relaxing.


Take a dip.


Staying in the capital city of Palawan would not be complete without choosing a good place to stay. Foreign backpackers always search for affordability with quality while local tourist want a stay to maximize relaxation experience within the amenities a place could provide the guests.

Good morning!

Jacuzzi is also a good option.

Cabana Republic offers a peaceful ambiance perfect for those travelers who wants to take a rest after doing an island hopping or city tour. The place does have a well lit, super clean and classically designed rooms, one with a Jacuzzi so the night is yours. There were large swimming area along with a garden. Cabanas were ample with cashew trees and lush green plans.

With the accommodating co-owner and admin. 

Wines and spirits.

Here are more information about Cabana Republic:

1. It is situated Brgy. San Jose, Puerto Princesa City (20 minutes from the airport, 2.2 km from Honda Bay, Palawan Museum is 6 kms. from the area).

2. Rooms are non-smoking.

3. There is a free Wi-Fi connection.

4. Shuttle service is available. Just contact the property prior.

5. They have an Instagram-worthy restaurant and a mini bar.

6. Cabana Republic is accessible on major booking/travel sites like Agoda, Booking and Tripadvisor.