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Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Caldo Caffee Najran

Caldo Cafe Najran is located somewhere in King Faisal Road, Najran City. It is a Cafe that offers a wide menu of specialty coffee, pastas, drinks and sweets. The ambiance of the place is serene so you will have a good stay for coffee meetings with friends to celebrating dinners for special occasions.

We have tried their Carbonara Pasta, Shrimp Dynamite, Spring Rolls and Wraps which I could say did not disappoint and very tasty. My friends and me enjoyed the place with all the relaxing lightings as well as works of art on the walls. I have not tried their coffee yet because we went there for a Birthday Dinner last time so it is a must to try next visit.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

[Food] Murtabak a.k.a Muttabaq

As an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) here in an Arab country for two years, I experienced new things within a different culture from my motherland. One of those was the food and right now will feature one of my favorites, the Murtabak, also called Muttabaq from the word “folded” in Arabic.
This delicious traditional street food is said to be originated from Saudi Arabia and Yemen and then spread by Indian traders to Asia, the reason that aside from the Middle East, is it also popular in South East countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Muttabaq stuffed with herbs.

Being part of everyday dish on the said countries, its popularity among people resembles culture. Flavors and ingredients of this food vary from vegetarian, meaty and sweet in some countries.
There were two kinds of Muttabaq that I had the chance to taste here. First is the one with herbs and minced beef inside, from what I have learned, it is covered with egg and flour coat. Then the other one is the egg and cheese type. Both are delectable especially when sprinkled with lemon juice extract to enhance the flavor. Well, we all could benefit from protein, carbohydrates and vitamins from the herbs and is perfect to eat on breakfast, lunch or even snack time. -FAF

Stuffed with cheese and eggs.