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Friday, February 15, 2013

Dream K-POP Fantasy Concert [Philippines]

A dream and a fantasy together- last January 19, 2013, six awesome KPOP groups fell in the grounds of SM Mall of Asia Open Grounds like shooting stars as they conquer the land and the hearts of their Filipino fans in a dreamy fantastic concert organized by PULP. Six KPOP Groups: Girls’ Generation (SNSD), Exo-M, Exo-K, Infinite, U-Kiss, Tahiti and Tasty.

Cheerful and energetic KPOP fans waited and gathered before the concert not minding how long they will stand and the heat. Truly, their adrenaline rush powered them mixed by their frenzy. Extreme happiness embraced the crowd. Even male fans were filled with glee as their presence was inspired by the sexy and pretty members of SNSD, imagine that? Loving KPOP is not just for teens or young adults because there were also adults and parents who watched and sang together with their children. The prices of the tickets were expensive and took time for some fans to earn and save but seeing their faces and smiles, they were more precious than what they have paid. Though there are language barriers, I could therefore say that music could really bind us all.

Here are some pictures taken by my friend who watched:

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