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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dealing with Unexpected Love

There were billions of people in the planet. Every day, as we do the activities of our daily living, we see different kinds of persons like those we bump in the train as we go to work, vendors in the sidewalks, and party people in the bar or those souls in the cyberworld aiming to fulfil their thirsty hearts in search for companions or future partners. In every, they say someone will come someday who will capture our hearts, the person whom we will feel that very complex emotion caused by attraction and chemical reactions, could bring us in the state of euphoria and intense pains as well; that thing we call love.

The questions are: Do we have the choice to choose who? Is there a right love for all of us? Could we stop love from happening from the beginning? Indeed, love is mysterious, we will never know when, where or who.  Having a heartbreak is not a joke. It may come into a scenario when we are not prepared. Many stumble, fall into a deep black hole of emptiness or the worse, depression.

First Question: “Do we have the choice to choose who to love?”

My answer to this is a big “NO”.  As a Bisexual, love does have no label. You could say that you were raised into a very philosophic, religious environment with teachings of the ideal and morally right way to love but never could
 you predict who you are going to be attracted in the future.

In another scenario, we can choose to learn to love somebody but we could not really stop our hearts from feeling that intense emotion for someone. Believe me, not all marriages are perfect. Once you have met your true love, time and situations might separate you apart, but for a lifetime that one person will remain inside you.

Is there an ideal person? As someone who is single, once in our lives we create these hopes of an ideal partner we were praying for every single night. Some pray for a prince charming, which will make them feel like a princess. Others wish for someone compatible with their mental capabilities and passions. As for myself, I always pray for someone who is passionate as me in terms of my hobbies and interests. Like “Lord, bigyan mo naman ako ng partner na mahilig magsulat o yung may alam sa photography. Ok din yung mahilig mag travel, kahit hindi ganun ka-attractive pwede na sa akin basta matalino.”  In reality, love is a feeling we will just feel no matter who the person is. Believe me, even the ugliest person in the world, if that emotional reaction will come, we could never stop it.

Third, the most complicated one: Can we not feel love for a person who is in a relationship or married? They say love is a choice but really? Some of us right now condemn people who choose to have relationship with taken ones. We often judge affairs and other women without looking at their scenarios. Not all of us are the same. Some are so weak enough to run away from love. When you are in love, nothing is right or wrong; sometimes we will do everything, never mind the dangers, the people for the person we love. At times, we have no choice, love came and conquered us.

Second Question: Is there a right love for all of us?

My answer is YES. That so-called “right love” is not someone who checks us 24/7, neither the one who could give us the moon and stars nor the one who could cross the seven seas for us. The right love is the person we feel complete with. He is the person that could make us feel secured, happy and contented without doubts. The person is right when we see ourselves fulfilled by his presence, by that we would not look away no matter what happens and when we do, either not by choice, should we question ourselves “Is this still right?”. Love is right when you see yourself with that person in the future, no one else.

Third Question: Could we stop love from happening in the beginning?

NO. Well, I charge it to experience. No matter how you condition yourself and say “Hindi ako maiinlove. No way.”  It will come to you like a thief in the night, then you will wake up one day, your heart is beating fast and you are lost. No matter how you say to yourself that you are not ready or hard hearted, if it will come, it will.

We never could control love. All we can do is handle it in a way that we won’t let it consume us, change us or make us attached from our selves. Loving someone would bring us happiness and inevitably, heartaches as well. In the end of the day, we have the choice what to do to manage ourselves. Not all love does have happy endings but I believe that verse in 1 Corinthians 13:8 “Love never fails.” We may not end to be together with the one we love with that once in a lifetime person, whom will be I our hearts for a lifetime, but true love won’t ever fail and if it does, it is not love at all.

If ever you are in a situation where you feel broken or being bugged by an unexpected love, just always remember that God put us where we are now because He has a purpose. We may never know it by now, but I do believe someday, in the right time and place, He will. He gave us these people we love for a certain purpose. Heartbreaks are inescapable, but prayers help. Surrendering our hearts and the future to God is the best thing to do. Lately, someone told me “Why does fate give us these people? There is probably a reason.” Being lost and confused are normal, what I have learned today is that you should understand that not all things go in perfect place we want them to be but we could create our own place where things may go well because we value them. These people who came by were blessings, no matter how they came from or who they are. Their status or situations should not hinder us to know and feel the love we have for them. There goes that old saying by Alfred Tennyson “Better to have loved than never have loved at all.”


Monday, October 17, 2011


Flordeliz Fullo

Here in the middle of nowhere a heart is longing;
Searching for unseen things and repressed dreaming;
For those kind of memories were painful yet endearing,
Fearing of knowing things left my heart wandering.

My love for you came unexpected but I embraced it;
Unrequited forever will be though at times I still had hopes.
You were my shallow bliss in this obscure world we sit.
Beat by beat my heart summons tears with this reverie I grope.

Everyday, every hour and every minute there were sparks and sears.
Should I blame you for feeling this way all these years?
Seems like endless momentum this ghost inside me re-appears.
Like the stars, the visage of your smiles and laughs always endear.

Nothing left of being intrepid hoping you’ll feel the same way.
I just want to stop this heartache and be happy someday;
To keep you as a friend forever as I want my heart to lay,
Near or far, here in my heart forever you will stay.