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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ecowarriors/ Batang Rizal Tree Planting at Taiyak Hills, Rizal Laguna with Chris Tiu and the Tiunatics

Taiyak Hill the World Banner. [Photo By: Grachelle Valencia]
The future depends on what we are going to act and provide in our present. Today, our dear mother earth faces abuse and disrespect as our modern time requires more and more resources with the ever evolving technology and human knowledge. Imagine a world without trees? Look at that devastation made by floods that killed thousands of people and destroyed people’s basic needs. We get what we give and as Mother Nature gives us these valuable things of vitality, she also gives back what we gave like those pollution, illegal logging and chemical irritants. The youth of today should realize this importance and act or else we are the ones who will suffer for a payback.

Pictorial with the participants before the event. [Photo By: Christine Viaje]

Climbing has never been this fun! [Photo By: Christine Viaje]

Me and my co-admins/ best of friends! [Photo By: Stephanie Denise Credo]

Last June 12, 2012, Ecowarriors Philippines’ ambassadors, basketball heartthrob/TV host/ Entrepreneur Mr. Chris Tiu and Journalist, Doc Nielsen Donato together with the members of Batang Rizal (Laguna) Organization (BRO) all over Region-IV and Mr. Tiu’s loyal supporters, the Tiunatics participated in a tree planting event in which they would plant Mahogany trees along Taiyak Hills at Brgy. Tala, Rizal, Laguna.

Mr. Chris Tiu with the Tiunatics, Batang Rizal members and the soldiers. [Photo By: Chen Maigue]

Jolly and gorgeus Mr. Chris Tiu. [Photo By: Chen Maigue]

Co-Tiunatics = Friends. [Photo By: Me]

Taiyak Hill the World. [Photo By: Christine Viaje]

The launch of DENR's new themesong "Punongkahoy". [Photo By: Me]

Also within that same event, the song “Punongkahoy” was launched as the theme song of National Greening Program of DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources).

Welcome sign of Taiyak Hill Nature and Adventure Park. [Photo By: Grachelle Valencia]

Heading to plant trees! [Photo By: Christine Viaje]

Excited to plant trees. Look at those precious smiles! [Photo By: Me]

Baby Mahogany trees waiting to be planted. [Photo By: Me]

My dear friend Anna plowing the soil. [Photo By: Me]

Looking for more holes! [Photo By: Me]

Mr. Chris Tiu and Doc Nielsen together plowing for their advocacy. [Photo By: Christine Viaje]

That is one cool guy! [Photo By: Christine Viaje]

Photo By: Rebecca Talactac

Being one of the participants, I found it very challenging because I am really not used into climbing high mountainous landmarks which made us real tired and exhausted but seeing those nature views from the top greened by trees and grass with the cute blue sky eased the physical exhaustion. Appreciating nature yielded such an amazing feel thinking how God hands gave us this wonderful gift and fear what will happen in the future if we continue to pollute and cut those sturdy trees. Planting trees with friends and out dearest idol is the most happiest and memorable outreach we did so far. One of my friends said that we should visit the trees someday when we became old and see how tall they have become.

Lunch with Mr. Chris Tiu on our table. [Photo By: Peachy Octavo]

Yummy pizza! [Photo By: Me]

The Greenwich staff. [Photo By: Me]

Group picture with the Tiunatics. [Photo By: Grachelle Valencia]

After the event on the hills, we headed to Greenwich, San Pablo branch for a lunch while Mr. Chris Tiu tried to sit on every table greeting and asking how we are doing, such a very nice guy indeed. Being a fan has always fulfilling because it was his third outreach activity with us after a day with the kids at Baseco and building homes in Pasig. In behalf of my co-Tiunatics and co-Admins of his Official Tiunatics twitter, group and fanpage, we would like to send our deepest gratitude for making us part of various worthwhile, fun and heart fulfilling activities.

On our way home! I love my friends! [Photo By: Me]

These laughs are priceless! [Photo By: Rebecca Talcatac]

We all parted with smiles and happy hearts. Looking forward for more fulfilling activities like this. -faf