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Friday, February 22, 2013

Milo Best Graduates for Milo TV Commercial 2013

"Champions are not born, they are raised."

"Champions are not born, they are raised." [Photo By: Milo Philippines]

Early this year, the leading chocolate energy drink for youth and adults in the country, Milo Philippines launched their newest TVC featuring Milo BEST Graduates (From Milo Basketball Clinic during the past years with their respective caring and loving mothers as they share what they have on raising their successful children within the field of basketball. They are Chris Tiu (1992), Keifer Ravena (1997) and Prince Carlos (2006).

Chris Tiu by Mrs. Lianne Tiu. [Photo by: Milo Philippines]

The Phenom Kiefer Ravena. [Photo By: Milo Philippines]

Prince Carlos. [Photo By: Milo Philippines]

As said by the slogan, I agree that the foundation of a person is his childhood and how we were raised on these stages will reflect what we would become in the future. These three dynamic and lovely moms indeed are currently having their trophies on hand which is seeing their kids grew up well, competitive and excellent in their fields especially in sports. As for Milo, a child with enough energy and nutrients is an energetic and smart. -faf

Two of the greatest Ateneo Blue Eagles and their moms. [Photo screenshot by: Official TIUnatics]

Chris Tiu and his mommy Lianne BTS. [Photo By: Ms. Cheryl Tiu]

Friday, February 01, 2013

Alodia Gosiengfiao's iBilib Guesting :)

Alodia with Chris Tiu, Bea Binene, James and Roadfill with the Calet Boys in her guesting as iBilib co-host. [Photo By: Anna Karanina Alfonso]

There are three celebrities in the Philippines who I truly love and admire and two them were Chris Tiu, the all-around man (basketball player, TV host, entrepreneur, products ambassador, environment/hunger/charity advocate and amateur pianist) and Alodia Gosiengfiao (cosplay queen, artist, blogger, amateur pianist, photographer and TV personality). Well they have these similarities as they were both from Chinese blood lines, Ateneo Alumni, pianists and persons of style.

Alodia's fansign for me. :)
It was always a little dream for me to see them together maybe in an event, a picture and had been crossing fingers that Alodia would guest in one of Chris’ TV shows. My wish was granted a week ago when Alodia guested as a co-host in Chris’ top rated science-experiments themed show “iBilib: Featuring the Wonders of Horus”, a Japanese franchise show popular to students and kids. In every episode, a female guest would wear costumes so as to say, cosplay costumes. People wonder what it would be if the Philippines’ cosplay queen would guest in the show. It has been a request of many fans for so long.
At the guesting, Alodia wore her Doll Heart Hong Kong costume on an episode with Bea Binene and her cute Neko cosplay costume in the second episode with Julie Ann San Jose.

Sad to say, I didn’t make it at the taping because I am working outside the country right now but glad that my friends requested Alodia to have a fansign for me. The episodes were to be aired on February 03, 2013 and February 10, 2013. -faf

Friday, January 25, 2013

PBA Rookie Draft 2012

The newly drafted PBA Players. [Photo Banny Bravante for AKTV-on-IBC13, No copyright infringement intended.]
The country’s professional basketball league Phillipine Basketball Association (PBA) held their Rookie Draft Event 2012 last August 19, 2012 at Robinson’s Place Manila. Players, coaches, PBA officials and hundreds of PBA fans gathered to witness the unveiling of new promising players which would soon grace the court with their exceptional playing skills.


Most awaited and talked about draftee Chris Tiu picked by Rain or Shine Elastopainters. [Photo By: No Copyright Infringement Intended]

TIU-natics. Super proud of their idol. [Photo By: Flordeliz Fullo (Me)]

Chris Tiu talking and taking pictures with his supporters after his first dinner as a PBA Player. [Photo By: Flordeliz Fullo for OfficialTIU]

 Among the top amateurs waiting to be picked were June Mar Fajardo from University of Cebu and was selected by Petron Blaze Boosters being to number one overall pick; Calvin Abueva with his beast-in-the-court image from San Sebastian College-R claimed the second spot as a new member of the Milk Republic –Alaska Aces. Also, all eyes in that evening were glued the former king Ateneo king eagle, Smart Gilas 1 former team captain, GMA TV host, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Christopher John Tiu who did not only conquer the hearts of girls but also the basketball world as well with him trending on twitter when he filed his application for drafting on August 13, 2012 which was also the last day of filing. Tiu landed on the 7th spot and was selected by Rain or Shine Elastopainters.

With my buddies. Hah! Our feet never got tired of standing there for hours! [Photo By: Flordeliz Fullo (Me)

 This year’s draft was indeed exciting because these players were seen with passion in the sport that basketball analyst, players and fans experienced some kind excitement of what these players could bring and exhibit this year. Our friends never missed the chance to witness this event and though we stood there for many hours within a congested environment of different people who also went there to see the players, it was indeed bliss to hear Chris being picked with pride as we supported him since his Ateneo Blue Eagle days. There were great UAAP players too who had been a part of our basketball-fangirling world since then. -FAF

Here is the list of all draftees with their corresponding teams:

First round
1. Petron Blaze – June Mar Fajardo
2. Alaska – Calvin Abueva
3. Petron Blaze – Alex Mallari
4. Meralco – Cliff Hodge
5. Barako Bull – Aldrech Ramos
6. Ginebra – Chris Ellis
7. Rain or Shine – Chris Tiu
8. Ginebra – Keith Jensen
9. GlobalPort (from B-MEG) – Vic Manuel
10. GlobalPort – Jason Deutchmann

Second round

1. Air 21 – Yousef Taha
2. Barako Bull (from B-MEG) – Dave Marcelo
3. B-MEG – Jewel Ponferrada
4. GlobalPort – AJ Mandani
5. Barako Bull – Lester Alvarez
6. Barako Bull – Emman Monfort
7. Meralco (from Rain or Shine) – Kelly Nabong
8. Barako Bull – Woody Co
9. Alaska – Ralph Reyes
10. Talk ‘n Text – Jaypee Belencion

Third Round
1. Air 21 – Simon Atkins
2. Alaska – Karl Matthew Dehesa
3. Barako Bull – Ryan Boado
4. Meralco – Janus Lozada
5. Petron– Mark Sarangay
6. GlobalPort – Mark Acosta
7. Rain or Shine – Bacon Austria
8. Ginebra – Jerick Canada
9. B-MEG – Gian Chiu
10. Talk ‘N Text- Jason Escueta

Fourth Round
1. Alaska – Passed
2. Air 21 – Passed
3. Barako Bull – Kokoy Hermosisima
4. Meralco – Erick Suigitan
5. Petron – Passed
6. GlobalPort – Jan Colina
7. Rain or Shine – Jewel Palomique
8. Ginebra – Paul Zamar
9. B-MEG – Ramon Mabayo
10. Talk ‘N Text – Passed

Fifth Round
1. Air 21 – Passed
2. Alaska – Passed
3. Barako Bull – Passed
4. Meralco – Passed
5. Petron – Passed
6. GlobalPort – VJ Serios
7. Rain or Shine – Passed
8. Ginebra – JR Buensuceso
9. B-MEG – Passed
10. Talk ‘N Text – Passed

Sixth Round
1. Ginebra – Elliot


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ecowarriors/ Batang Rizal Tree Planting at Taiyak Hills, Rizal Laguna with Chris Tiu and the Tiunatics

Taiyak Hill the World Banner. [Photo By: Grachelle Valencia]
The future depends on what we are going to act and provide in our present. Today, our dear mother earth faces abuse and disrespect as our modern time requires more and more resources with the ever evolving technology and human knowledge. Imagine a world without trees? Look at that devastation made by floods that killed thousands of people and destroyed people’s basic needs. We get what we give and as Mother Nature gives us these valuable things of vitality, she also gives back what we gave like those pollution, illegal logging and chemical irritants. The youth of today should realize this importance and act or else we are the ones who will suffer for a payback.

Pictorial with the participants before the event. [Photo By: Christine Viaje]

Climbing has never been this fun! [Photo By: Christine Viaje]

Me and my co-admins/ best of friends! [Photo By: Stephanie Denise Credo]

Last June 12, 2012, Ecowarriors Philippines’ ambassadors, basketball heartthrob/TV host/ Entrepreneur Mr. Chris Tiu and Journalist, Doc Nielsen Donato together with the members of Batang Rizal (Laguna) Organization (BRO) all over Region-IV and Mr. Tiu’s loyal supporters, the Tiunatics participated in a tree planting event in which they would plant Mahogany trees along Taiyak Hills at Brgy. Tala, Rizal, Laguna.

Mr. Chris Tiu with the Tiunatics, Batang Rizal members and the soldiers. [Photo By: Chen Maigue]

Jolly and gorgeus Mr. Chris Tiu. [Photo By: Chen Maigue]

Co-Tiunatics = Friends. [Photo By: Me]

Taiyak Hill the World. [Photo By: Christine Viaje]

The launch of DENR's new themesong "Punongkahoy". [Photo By: Me]

Also within that same event, the song “Punongkahoy” was launched as the theme song of National Greening Program of DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources).

Welcome sign of Taiyak Hill Nature and Adventure Park. [Photo By: Grachelle Valencia]

Heading to plant trees! [Photo By: Christine Viaje]

Excited to plant trees. Look at those precious smiles! [Photo By: Me]

Baby Mahogany trees waiting to be planted. [Photo By: Me]

My dear friend Anna plowing the soil. [Photo By: Me]

Looking for more holes! [Photo By: Me]

Mr. Chris Tiu and Doc Nielsen together plowing for their advocacy. [Photo By: Christine Viaje]

That is one cool guy! [Photo By: Christine Viaje]

Photo By: Rebecca Talactac

Being one of the participants, I found it very challenging because I am really not used into climbing high mountainous landmarks which made us real tired and exhausted but seeing those nature views from the top greened by trees and grass with the cute blue sky eased the physical exhaustion. Appreciating nature yielded such an amazing feel thinking how God hands gave us this wonderful gift and fear what will happen in the future if we continue to pollute and cut those sturdy trees. Planting trees with friends and out dearest idol is the most happiest and memorable outreach we did so far. One of my friends said that we should visit the trees someday when we became old and see how tall they have become.

Lunch with Mr. Chris Tiu on our table. [Photo By: Peachy Octavo]

Yummy pizza! [Photo By: Me]

The Greenwich staff. [Photo By: Me]

Group picture with the Tiunatics. [Photo By: Grachelle Valencia]

After the event on the hills, we headed to Greenwich, San Pablo branch for a lunch while Mr. Chris Tiu tried to sit on every table greeting and asking how we are doing, such a very nice guy indeed. Being a fan has always fulfilling because it was his third outreach activity with us after a day with the kids at Baseco and building homes in Pasig. In behalf of my co-Tiunatics and co-Admins of his Official Tiunatics twitter, group and fanpage, we would like to send our deepest gratitude for making us part of various worthwhile, fun and heart fulfilling activities.

On our way home! I love my friends! [Photo By: Me]

These laughs are priceless! [Photo By: Rebecca Talcatac]

We all parted with smiles and happy hearts. Looking forward for more fulfilling activities like this. -faf

Friday, April 20, 2012

iBILIB: Wonders of Horus Taping

iBILIB Wonders of Horus (Philippines) is a weekly show featuring magical science experiments and trivia on how bizarre things happen like magic correlating them with science. A popular show in Japan, GMA Network got the Philippine franchise airing it every Saturday in primetime with Chris Tiu, Moymoy Palaboy and Isabelle Daza as hosts. The TV show was super entertaining and informative and very well recommended for students and kids.

Being invited to watch their taping was indeed a privilege. Thank you to the show's director Mr. Rico Gutierrez for allowing us through our friend Trisha. We are very grateful for such experience seeing Chris live doing hosting on for a rated TV show. The staff were warm, cheerful and very energetic as well as the gorgeous hosts. One word: SURREAL.

Photo Credits:

Trisha Pontillano
Arien Lopez
Karen Feaster


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chris Tiu's "Boy Pickup" Bubble Gang Segment Guesting as Boy Chicha January 27, 2012

Chris Tiu, one of the most celebrated basketball player, TV host, entrepreneur, product endorser and a youth role model captured the TV screens for another surprise. He guested on the most popular gag show in the country, Bubble Gang of GMA Kapuso Network on a famous segment lead mainly by Ogie Alcasid and Michael V. called Boy Pickup.

The theme is rap battle and each week, casts and guest exhibits their pickup lines and too bad for them, Boy Pickup played by Ogie Alcasid is always on the win. It was indeed a different and feel good moment for the Tiunatics watching their idol producing cool pickup lines and it trended on Twitter for the whole day after the said episode.

These were the pickup lines by Chris Tiu as Boy Chicha:

Birthday ka ba?
Dahil habang papalapit ka na e-excite ako.

Parang wala ako sa sarili ko...
Kasi nasayo na ako

Abs ka ba?
Dahil magpapakahirap ako makuha lang kita

Matalino ka ba talaga?
Kasi kung matalino ka talaga, sige nga sagutin mo na ako


Photo By: Official Tiunatics
Video By: GMA-7 as recorded by Dan C. Rivera