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Monday, January 30, 2012

Dream High (Korean Series Review)

Dream High, a Korean series produced by the country’s top television network, KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) in 2011. With all its contagious freshness and being infused into the K-Pop world it then conquered the youth, adults as well other nationalities. My friend recommended her DVD set to me and assured me that after I experienced watching this K-drama, I will appreciate K-Pop and K-Pop artists more so is the chance to get addicted to the genre. After giving it a try, my heart absorbed the essence of its music, characters, plot and the settings. The actors, who happened to be also mostly popular K-Pop stars, impressed my senses to the highest level. Six young people with different struggles and weaknesses endured fate by continuously dreaming within each of their goals met by chance and bonded with friendship with the help of their significant others.


1. The patience to wait for your turn as you strive and be stronger to face a brighter tomorrow. [Dream High Group]

2. Love endures all. Being in love could inspire even the most troubled person to rise again and follow his dreams. [Song Sam Dong, Hyun Shi Hyuk]

3. True friendship remains no matter what. Storms and terrible conflicts may seem to ruin, real friends stays at the end of the day. [Go Hye Mi, Yoon Baek Hee]

4. Being a star isn’t all about being attractive. [Kim Pil Sook]

5. If you want something, you should really work hard no matter how hard for you will surely reap your happiness in the end. [Song Sam Dong, Kim Pil Sook]

6. Your weakness could be your strength. Your disability is just a challenge. [Song Sam Dong]

7. No matter how strict or inconsiderable parents might seem, deep inside their hearts, they love their children so much. [Hyun Shi Hyuk, Yoon Baek Hee]

8. Prejudice is a thing for shallow minded people. [Go Hye Mi]

9. Life is like a comic book, you can choose who your character is and how will you end your story. [Go Hye Mi, Song Sam Dong]

10. No one is inferior. Sometimes, people just need someone or something to awaken your real talent and capabilities. [Yoon Baek Hee, Song Sam Dong]

11. You don’t need to be with famous people to shine and show your qualities. Being with someone you are comfortable with will unleash your heart and keep you comfortable. [Jason]


Go Hye Mi: Suzy of Miss A
Song Sam Dong: Kim So-Hyun
Hyun Si Hyuk: Taecyeon of 2PM
Yoon Baek Hee: Ham Eun Jung of T-ara
Jason: Wooyoung of 2PM
Kim Pil Sook: IU

I fully recommend this series to those young people who have talents but not so confident because of their weaknesses. You have my assurance that after you experienced this rich story and absorbed the values, it might become your inspiration to persevere.

Filipino fans should be really excited as this will air on ABS-CBN anytime this 2012.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

KPOP Nation '11

The continuously spreading South Korean Pop Music genre, popularly known as K-Pop and its youth culture has not only reached countries in the Pacific Rim but in South East as well including the Philippines. Filipino K-Pop fans were so enthusiastic that they support their idols in every step of the way.

As a person so curious on how K-Pop fans feel and why are they always into extreme frenzy and bliss, I decided to attend the biggest KPOP event of this year –KPOP Nation 2011.My first time in KPOP world was indeed super fun and glad to have my friend Grachelle with her friend to accompany and guide me all throughout the event.

At first I felt quite awkward and out of place because I haven’t heard their idols’ albums or songs and don’t even know what their names are, shame on me! The event was not all about music. There were also fashion booths selling accessories, head dresses, and more cute merchandise all inspired by K-Pop Culture.

Entertaining and mood boosters were those dancers and contestants looking like Korean popstars showcasing their talents in special performances, contests and various tributes for their K-Pop idols. Announcements were announced which made the crowd of youth ecstatic and euphoric.

Popular Personalities who attended K-Pop Nation 2011:

1. Alodia Gosiengfiao (Cosplay goddess, TV Host, product endorser, pianist and gamer)
2. Mikko Gusi -Host (Youth Leader, environmentalist, and cosplayer)
3. Mayumi -Host (Solo artist, singer, and song writer)
4. Dasuri (JYP trainee and choreographer of K-Pop groups in South Korea)
5. Ashley Gosiengfiao (Cosplayer and photographer)